Thursday, 6 March 2014

What Makes a Man Live a Fashion Trend – HOT TIPS – Sporty Action All the Way

Life is once – so dwelling in ordinary shouldn’t be the real man’s show. Put up with the best is what every man wishes.

Fashion sense and fashion budget go opposites. Isn’t it – WRONG? Smart planning giveth a man the best he must have. Every male has a distinct nature.

Fashion styling and clothing requires that keen eye.

Today’s post is just exactly what men do really want to keep themselves in, look younger even when the silver lining is starting to show around.

Looking Your Best – BUDGET <$500 – keep a pair of straight-cut denim jeans – which don’t go heated up in the summers. But straight fit jeans are just the best man’s choice. Neat and a bit faded like Stone Age denims will be deal breaker. Make the competition drool.

INGREDIENTS – Straight fit denim jeans in rich royal blue with faded texture here and there will give you the coffee club mix and comfort looks. Perfect for a hunk. Deep royal blue is just naturally the family of denims. Custom made jeans should be on top of your list.

Jackets – smart collection will keep you in the buzz. Light-weight and lesser loaded best leather jackets on sale are the perfect fit. The one featured here is Slim-fit leather jackets for sale online from UK Leather Factory. As the name suggests, so is the quality. Foreign and international. Make it a signature for yourself to have a niche wardrobe collection – your competition will stand cringing and whimpering more often. Keep an eye always on the competition and stay ahead.

Shoes – wingtips with no more comments. Brown shaded wingtips are just the darling outfit you will add to yourself and thank me for it. Brown is sensible and so rich looking – black is good but black is ordinary traditional.

REMEMBER – go untraditional.

Now is this combination putting up well? Formal and casual mix-up is trendy and quite wearable.

Try it on and send pictures to – would post your pictures here.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Men’s Fashion SPECIAL EDITION – Biker Leather Jackets + Edgy Catchy Looks

Leather Biker Jackets are the necessary artillery for the boys. Travelling, exploring, adventuring, window shopping, hitch-hiking North of Bahamas, sports leather biker jackets are the cool stuff boys must have handy.

First, it arouses attention, catches the eyes, shifts the focus.

What Fits well with White – white is supreme, over the top and regal if cared well. Or they’ll notice the dirt before you’re in the picture. So special care is a must. No rolling and no laundry. Respect white and you’ll see white shining regally. Roll it, toss it, disrespect it and you’re done with white, then it’ll be grey leather jacket for you.


With white, natural blend is black. Not pitch black, but something from the grungy side will just equalize it much better. Plain black will go fine but run of the mill combination is not the idea we’re falling for. Isn’t it boys?

1st Choice – Public Choice Awards – superman inspired grungy designed T-Shirt. Awesome, is just a word. Experience is galactic. Black with a blazing red effect of Superman flying. The magical combination will be in the least just impressive given the contrast of Red + Black + overall white.

2nd Best – Public Awards – Rare hence a clear winner. Superman Logo styled Grungy T-shirt with an arrogant showcasing of high-throttle engines. A must favourite for the bikers. Already in black, the combination will be a hit as the grungy stronger impression of throttle is a crowd puller.

Just imagine..!! Outshine the competition with neat and slick varsity fashion combination.