Monday, 30 December 2013

How To Look Like a Boss of Draft Day and What’s Out of the Furnace

2016 seems very promising for Hollywood but let’s look what’s in store for us in 2014. Draft Day is probably Kevin Kostner’s better performance we will have a look at after so many of his flops coming through like the most-expensive-of-its-time ‘Waterworld’ which wasn’t impressive at all.

Now Kevin plays a manager of a football team and has to recruit the best breed, get the sponsors based on the breed and ensure his bosses are happy with the profits, the game and the audience that has to be entertained. But he has to invent and invest in the tact of entertaining the marketers, the investors to get the interest in the boys who still have to be found out and recruited. Mix and match and make money is the theme at the cost of wits, credibility and lots of credibility and a job everyone’s tweeting about, at least Kevin’s mother does.

So what it is like to dress up like a gentleman..? Like Kevin who has everything up at stakes – impeccable, fine, elegant and that which touches the epitome of class and upper taste of the elite club of men.

Out Of the Furnace – as it seems, starring with Christian Bale, Forest Whitaker carries a lot of promise as the other cast too is quite promising about a story of a war veteran who runs from end to end to make a meaningful life after having served his country but find himself at odds with life. He runs into a league of a community of misfits or hardened goons who are up against each other to survive.

Cinema of 2014 is promising with action, intelligence, victories, secrets, Pandora boxes and lots of neat gruelling and convincing scripts.

Fashion Trend – of 2014 – A neat, impressively cut and designed but cheap dark brown leather bomber jacket for men is just a the item that will take everyone off-guard. Made in the UK which comes with a class, the brown leather bomber jacket on sale will give you a look of Andy Garcia if you’re not the Kevin Costner type. Match it with tweed styled trousers in darker greys.

Best stuff lined up for 2014.

Crispy Intelligent Fashion and Movie Review – Don Jon and Winter Wear

Don Jon is definitely going to be a treat for the newly wed and young couples who are struggling to find new ways to woo and convince their partners of the long-lasting bond, if it is so.

Don Jon is simply the classic choices we carry and follow with us and around us every day.

Boys will be boys. They have their routines, habits and bad habits. So do girls, but that is the 180 degree world.

Where do we connect then? At the bars, meet-ups, conferences, parks. So Don Jon is about a guy who can hitch, pitch and ditch almost every chick he lays his eyes on. But then, he gets stuck with this intelligent and apt raw beauty queen, Scarlett Johansson, who is witty yet emotionally connected with the fiction world of cinema. While Don Jon, the great Don is epically and insidiously addicted to ‘Porn’, which is a definite turn off for the girls.

Now Scarlett finds out this addiction and then the story elevates – what goes next will be revealed on 31st, December – but it should be a great start to Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is himself the Don Jon and the director and writer. Premiering as a director and protagonist needs quite the guts. He but carries that flair of Al Pacino’s facial expressions and the aura of Heath Ledger. Who knows, we have a legacy being weaved together here. 2014 shall be a great start to Joseph, I hope.

So if you’re dating Joseph or Scarlett – then I have something in store for you guys – designer pure black leather motorcycle jacket for men on sale of UK. Pure and original leather passion will keep you warm and entertained.

Cheap Sons of Anarchy Leather jacket on sale is special for men who keep their cool and trust their blind side.

While the ladies can be warm and dashingly impressive in the cheap fur leather coat for women on sale of UK. The fur will make you look like rich president’s collection for your wardrobe. Look rich and command elegance.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Disneyfication of Saving Mr. Banks – Untold True Story of Making Fame

True stories have a magic of attraction with the honesty, and Saving Mr. Banks has all the necessary ingredients for the corporate bosses to show humility in business deals is what Saving Mr. Banks is.

2 parties are emotionally connected – Mr. Walt Disney has a promise to his daughter to make a film of her favourite novel, Mary Poppins and the authoress of the same novel, the unnerved Emma Thompson, is not so approving of the theme that surrounds the making of the film.

As the movie progresses – Walt tries and tries even more to convince the incorrigible Travers (Emma) to allow him the right which she so continually disapproves. Emma is stubborn and adamant due to a reason Walt finally discovers to make Travers relent to his idea and make her walk down the memory lane on his lines with a movie finally made.

Putting together 2 distant and nearly opposite characters – blending an artsy flick like Saving Mr. Banks is indeed reflective of how corporate leaders should conduct themselves to clinch deals – be huggable, playful and always experiment with the unrelenting stride of never giving up – a characteristic which has made Disney really Disney.

A great movie to watch – how Emma is taken through her past and her connection with her mother and father is revisited to make her emotionally connected makes the movie special and a learning experience.

Cinema Attire of the Week – Sweet Reunion with the Retro Sentiments

Connect with the retro-oriented movie and play around like a young chubby mid-30’s man in this comfortable yet noticeable trendy brown leather bomber jacket on sale. Coming from the UK – the cheap bomber jacket on sale is a treat for men looking to display their finesse in suiting and taste.

Wear decency and enjoy the sentimentality of Saving Mr. Banks.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Frozen Movie and Cinema Fashion Apparel – Hot or Not

Frozen is an epic animation adventure set in the background of a fairy tale.

At first, I keep away from Christmas animated classics as the ending is always traditional– Happy Go Merry and Happily Ever After.

So better to keep to something like serials and likes of Prison Break but Frozen is epic and  giddy in the start while the characters look for ways to unlock the mystery of the spell casted on a kingdom to stay in ice-age covered in ice. Speaking of white ice always reminisces of Christmas stories ending with Santa Claus – but this is not the reason Frozen got to break records.

Family bonding and a family under a spell is the theme of the story. A sister runs away from the society for having extraordinary skill of turning everything into ice and hence gets casted away. Her sister upon reaching the age, sets off to look for her sister who lives abandoned in her empire which is turned to ice.

Now to turn back and return back with the sister and bring summer to the place again with a touch of spring, the cast has to go away while the family has to work out the bonding again. Curses, promises, motivation and some fabulous mix of music composition of what is Frozen. A theme play which keeps the viewer glued for some holy good reason and leaving without criticism is a good earning for Frozen which is set in just icy background. With a little peck of action the movie is just right to spend an evening together for a one-time family movie.

This week’s cinema going attire is this – Brentwood black leather biker jacket for men. A cheap and affordable genuine leather jacket from the UK is just another wardrobe collection to look sophisticated and fashion savvy.

Mix with denims and trousers and neat looking boots – for that international look and feel. Get global, get to the movies.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Catching A Glimpse

Jennifer Lawrence is what once Renee Zellweger was in her prime time - Sophisticated talented but simplified in innocent beauty. Renee was class, Jennifer is the newest breed but equally impressive but a little lower than Renee – that genre altogether carried a suave flurry of precisely timed talented. Now they pull it will supreme graphics

Hunger Games: Catching Fire is just another hitting-the-chord masterful play of graphics with a bold storyline based on emotions and politics, survival instincts and battle for the loved ones. One far side seeks convalescence of the royal repute which could fall in tatters and hence risk the very fabric of polity for which Jennifer will have to be eliminated while a smaller innocuous lobby has to save her, behind which the community and humanity seeks refuge and hence the uprising.

Supreme graphics, expression delivery and remarkable essence of emotions from both ends – solidly held over by Sutherland who plays the king himself. The king has to adorn and adopt the role of a King to deliver – anything lesser than that will just kill the opportunity. Sutherland is adroit enough to do justice to the role and hence the whole film stands powerfully impressive with his act.

Watching a movie like Hunger Games is always a treat at the cinema or the very emotional touch is absent. Like 300, which again can be felt deeply before the wide-screen, nothing comes near the experience. Of the emotions.

I give 4.7/5 to Hunger Games or perhaps 4.0 for the places and locations which seems a little odder than what one expects from Hunger Games. Futuristic tough seems a little
overplayed here.

What are you Wearing today to the Cinema?

Add a little expensive but rich looking flavour and pamper yourself in your group of friends to look adorable and highly-glamorous. A surprise touch of fur in the fur leather jacket for women is simply an opulent and arrogant fashion statement.

So are you going extraordinary tonight with a touch of little musky fragrance too..?

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Prediction on MOVIE ‘HER’ and Style Tips for Cinema Fashion

‘HER’ is eccentricity about someone’s mind who is already coming from a profession that is surreal – that which involves creativity. Sometimes, we as people get into this silly things of daily life which we could bizarre for ourselves if we get exposed.
Addiction to the Game-box and X-Box and Play Station – yet we contort the fact and blame it ‘negatively’ as ‘addiction’. HER is beautifully delivered by Joacquin Phoenix who himself has a sublime character appeal.
He falls in love with his super-computer manager or guardian, which is an operating system, which is artificially intelligent but keen to learn from experiences of humans including emotions – the very learning and teaching experiences and personal exchange of thoughts binds both together and Joacquin falls in love with something virtual, which is not present.
An everyday incident and dilemma – we love our IPhones, the sms, the emails yet we haven’t scraped that emotion. HER delivers on the same frequency. Though I would remotely connect it with ‘You’ve Got Mail’ when internet was dawning – the duo of Tom Hanks and the lady was a natural love and internet was just a passage. Artificial Intelligence of Steven Spielberg seemed too far-fetched but not anymore. Serendipity was another good Christmas movie featuring John Cusack where love is anonymous but real. The very theme of emotions finding and connecting emotions is the underlying essence of the movie here in – HER.
Sounds crazy for sure. Man falling in love with a ‘computer’..? Not gay, not Lesbian, not homosexual, is it Bit-exual..?
So if you’re lining up to get cosier for love and get a dose of supreme feeling – get this bikerleather jacket for women from REVEL Leather of UK, for that very peppered up lady waiting to party on Christmas. After movie you’re partying right..?
And by the way, that super computer in ‘HER’ is vocalised by none other the ravishing, all-white and ever-brimming Scarlett Johansson. Keep your fingers crossed, you are sure going to fall in love that day. This prediction will work ‘serendipitously’.

Cheers X

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dress Up like Leonardo Di Caprio this Christmas – Wolf of the Wall-Street and 47-Ronin – Review

Celebration, merriness and lots of money with trickster or just smart-plain street-smartness – Wolf of the Wall Street is reading the tickers and between the lines of the tickers and picking up on the sentiments of the filthy rich to get them and their agents more rich. Making space when its already taken up and jam-packed.

When you earn, nobody notices but when it is blowing the roof – somebody will have to blow the whistle.

Putting the trailer together – getting a team assembled with a kick-ass strategy to just make money from thin air is not only an art but keeping in trend and in style to keep the affluent thinking and on the toes.

The story is about an already well-off stock market broker who want to blow the roof and make it in the news for all the good and bad and just any reason. The Wolf (Leonardo) seems to pick up some nice gentle brains to do the crazy business of earning white money which seems blacker.

Releasing on December 25 along with 47 Ronin which seems promising as well but again inclines toward fiction-action based script which needs ultra-powerful theme, plot and direction which should be impeccable with majestic and remarkable array of graphic interwoven with Keanu Reeves delivery.

A story based on vengeance, past’s pain and murder – a team which is set against a behemoth of an unseen monolithic force of the evil – a traditional run-of-the-mill but with new graphics, scenery and action flicks will make it an edge of the seat movie to watch.

PREDICTION - As per me – I rate the Wolf better for those who are willing to set things right in 2014 including their bank balances. A must-see. 4.3 / 5 rating from my side.

47-Ronin is a different league for the action-thirsty audience who have to be prepped up for the 300 releasing March 2014.

Stylish Display –get this 100% first genuine leather jacket on Sale from UK Leather Factory with a combination of tweed trousers and loafers to look cool and calm just like a stock broker.

Hercules is a cheap genuine leather jacket going for $225 – not a bad deal for a stock broker student.

Bring it a little brown to add with vanilla or camel coloured trousers and light-brown shaded loafers. That’ll make you look Leonardo for sure. Navy belts will just kill the audience.

Looking to kill with looks this December, men..?

What to Wear to Watch The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

As Hollywood gains more critical themes to launch from fictional dimension – Hunger Games is just the nemesis of the un-ordinary truth based movies we see around.

Based on a powerfully gripping novel – Hunger Games is reminiscing of the Victorian practise of testing humans against humans with their skills to survive and kill.

A street borne intelligent girl is chosen or volunteers to save a life of another for a gruelling round of game where elimination means certain instant death.

Hunger Games deliver performance, story, the pinnacle of direction and the powerful characters symbolised very neatly by Jennifer Lawrence (who has just wowed many a males with her looks and hair locks) and Robert Sunderland (President Snow) – an edge of the seat movie which doesn’t veneer to let boredom creep in.
Remarkable cast and the story gets the twist – the winner, Jennifer, tours all the districts after winning the last title, as a national practise and President Snow wants the rebellion which has resultantly started with her
victory, to be subdued with Jennifer’s explicit allegiance to the President which on the contrary could risk her family’s life.

My Style for the Cinema - The storyline is perfectly engineered like that of Peter Jackson’s LOTR franchise – a must see movie on how people have to compromise achievements for the love of their own.

As Christmas draws in near, I’ll pick ladies black leather jacket on SALE from Revel Leather – to look as authentic as Jennifer Lawrence. The genuine rich black leather jacket for women is on SALE at a neat $185 – which is not an expensive bargain for the million dollar attention.

Mesh plus fitted jeans in rich blue and a rich looking strappy Faux Woollen high-heeled boots – which gives the same Hunger Games feel the moment you walk in. Though high-heels might not fit in the cinema – but a penthouse party will definitely register you as a luxe collector of fashion and taste.

Enjoying the celebrity feel already? Stay tuned for more movie reviews – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wolf of the Wall Street is just around the corner. Switch the styles for December 24th.

Feeling opulent already?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fast and the Furious – Franchise Never Ended, Faces Do

What indeed will spin around for F&F’s future?

Speculations are abound about the future of Fast and the Furious franchise which might or might not end  the road for it with the passage of Paul Walker, the co-lead as the mantelpiece is shared with Vin Diesel (Dominic Torreto) and Dwayne Johnson.

Empires don’t die, people just fade away. So won’t Fast and the Furious – to keep the spirit alive, the spirit of Paul Walker himself.
The 7th title will be released and it could feature or will feature Jason Statham – yes the very muscular and action-loving hero and a famous driver.

Racing around, strategies, masterplans, money-heist or getting the girl released are just becoming run-of-the-mill stories. Weaving out something novel and eclectic keeps the money till ticking and clanking. Keep the change.

So what’s next in the Fast and Furious Franchise?

Hip-hop, action packed manoeuvres, more car boost, prison breaks, lots of money, Latin American slums and secret hideouts and slicker suiting and boot of the villains for men to drool. Reminds me of Bane’s designer leather jacket for men – a class people noticed and made a crazy wardrobe.

So predicting Fast and Furious – this time it could be airborne tactic with military touch. Involving the terrorists is always a nice spicy suspense to add in more flavour.

Only this time – it could be protecting the family and going solo in search of justice or vengeance or ransom money. All we can do is join the dots, which again is quite early to say.

Paul Walker will be remembered from the league of champion drivers who set a generation of driving and motorcar sports industry. UK Leather Factory is commemorating his passage with fast and furious leather jacket on special sale offer.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Dating Tips - Christmas Shopping and Celebrative Mood – Ride the Sentiments

Settle for something dazzling – looks matter when you’re available, single and never experimented with your taste-buds.

So what are you starting with? 

Christmas, indeed – so pack up a pair of Levi’s denims for sure, a pack of very impressive Tres chic  set of perfumes starting with Armani, Givenchy brands but never the celebrity brands. But I’ll settle for something like Sabatini’s perfumery for ladies – packed with ingenuity and raw essence of amber at the base while the upper notes consists of spicy and juicy raspberry mixed with pepper. Enough to get the meeting on from the very instant.

Pick up pure leather – the very smell and scent of genuine leather reaches, breaches and conquers the sensuous feelings of everyone in your range. Killing with looks and scents is just the right kind of a business in the evenings.

Settle for a business meet or grab a racing biker leather jacket for men as showcased here – red-outlined stripes for minimalistic decoration but packing a good stock of attention grabbing elements. 
Perfumery + genuine leather + Italian leather jacket type UK leather jackets which don’t miss a point neither allow any flaw. How would you look if anything in the scheme is outlawed or flawed.

Have we missed anything? Indeed your intelligence – pack up some peanuts magazine to take along some punch-lines from Garfield, Peanuts or Archie’s. Humour grabs attention.

Black biker leather jackets for men are a supreme gentleman’s deal. Grab a pizza and have fun around. You’ll have noticeable improvement. And real men and gentleman don’t hit women folks.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

11th Hour Winter Fashion List - Blazers versus Women’s Leather Jacket

What’s more important – Fashion class or being yourself? Both will reflect what stride you take your life to. So are you passionate about colour blending or don’t want to get noticed?

Life Saving Tip - With Christmas fashion picking up stay away from sombre notes and mood defying styles. You must be getting into the Christmas holiday mode now. So start over, make 2014 a great start. Colourise it passionately.

Keeping yourself reserved for blazers or would you add a little shimmer with genuine leather. Blazers do stand out at corporate meetings – but hey, aren’t we in the holidays’ mood already?

So pack up some fine leather jackets for sale – but what to pick up first? Going red is a fresh option which opens up to more colour blending which we’ll touch upon later. So if you’re looking for boyfriend jackets then keep reading – right we’re just concerned how to make the women adorable.

Adorable Sense 1st? - a pack of rich coloured denims in bright blues and in slim-fit options will be an appetiser. The black with a touch of gold is premium touch for the sophisticated but that again reserves us ladies to blazers with golden fold, now which sounds formal and fortunate? Seems but that is not the essence we’re concerned right now. Not for many.

To get to the exciting part – mix the women’s red leather jacket with brighter notes – pinks will just take you back to the teens era. Remember those younger times? Playful, attitude-less and just very freshly colourful.

Colour Combinations That Will not Fail You or Troll You
- Breaking up from Tweed Jacket? – Mix calmed maroon and self-defining burgundy. Burgundy is the fresh countryside colour – the feel free colour which invites more sociable invites. Head to a private club party in red + burgundy, Red + Yellow tan, Red + Bright blue – the difference is the essence that’ll get picked up with your persona.

Winter leather jackets are just the image and reflections of the mood in the white icy background.

Wouldn’t that make your Christmas a little different? Affordable Christmas fashion of the 11th hour shouldn’t end up in repentance. Or does it?

If you’re looking for fine premium quality but affordable leather jackets for sale – UK Leather Factory has a fine reputation for making fine quality and designer leather jackets for both men and women.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Crank Up the Pistons – Christmas Fashion Tips for Men – Go Cheap Fly High

Wardrobe Overhaul - Christmas season around the corner and the wardrobe needs a bit of reshuffling. Feeling late or just starting out. No frets the list is just getting prepped up.
Shopping List for January to March – Q1
1. A versatile rich-looking suit which can go without the coat if its really expensive. Instead you can also add this Hercules distressed leather jacket that fits the combination. Check photo of the 3 piece-suit which goes along quite well with the trousers. A longer coat will just not justify you or rather it will show it is kind of borrowed.

2. A little bit of trench coat is a perfect companion on-board, allowing you to go almost everywhere without missing much of the trendy lines. Be the weather on your end or not, the trench coat is a must-have collection.
3. Brown Wingtips – wear to the corporate meeting or wear with denims when you’re off the clock. Classy professional and shows the upper attitude you are bound to carry around. Brown shows more personality than black plus the aging of brown is more elegant.

4. Fresh looking cotton white corporate shirts are just the best way to ask your boss for a raise. Wear one and head to his office.
5. A decent and elegant Business Bag – nothing goes without a business bag. Carry to the meetings or the long trips – it is bound to get noticed and get you the upgrade men so wish dearly.

So get your wardrobe cranked up with these primary must-haves, rest of the details will follow suit. There are a total 14 of them.
DON’T FORGET to check out the sneaky smart Superman slim-fit leather jacket from UK Leather Factory – genuine quality leather, with rare fine finish. All for Christmas.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Get 6-Pack Abs for New Year - Lionel Messi (Tribute) Outfit – Get Sporty

Get the sports outfit for this winter with lots of red punching boots and bags in your room to start getting ready for the new year resolve.
Tribute Lionel Messi leather jacket is just the perfect gear to take a run and walk around the silent neighbourhood while you practise those moves to get the cuts above your waist – the six-pack absoulate.
Pure genuine leather jacket only loves good physique. Not the trash cans, made full with junk foods and lots of TV viewing at late hours. NO, Never..!!
How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Tip # 1 - train, train and strain your muscles to the extreme.
Tip # 2- Love the pain, fall in love with the excruciating pain where your muscles define the body tone all on its in just 31 days. YES, 31 days is just the time you need for those packs to show up.
Otherwise, the leather jacket will look saggy and retarded.
Tip # 3 – Push up in 50’s, start with the 20’s first – your body wants it to be killed and pressed and dressed neatly. The powerful thing in your body is always the resolve first. Nothing can push you forward than you yourself alone.
Tip # 4 – Crunches in 70’s. Yes, crunch baby crunch. As many you want. Keep the crunches coming in and hit you hard on the Abs. Then run baby run.
Tip # 5 – PLANKING – that will crush your soul to shattering pieces. But when you recollect yourself, you’re good to go and feel the difference in just under 7 days.
Tip # 6 – Keep pushing yourself to train for the next 30 days. Keep adding more number to the to the tips everyday as you pass each day.
Tip # 7 – contribute, congratulate and salute yourself every day.
Once you’re done – make a transition from FAUX leather to genuine leather jacket – now it’ll do good to you and do lots of fame in the town.
Post pictures if you’re looking for celebrity shot on social media.
The poster is on UK Leather Factory – featuring Arthur Ashe Tribute Leather Jacket in blazing orange.
Get going boys – December’s running out. Santa won’t wait. Keep the Abs rolling in..!!

Remembering Bob Dylan –Trendy Fashion Outfit for Motorbike Riders

Synopsis – legend, the music, the icon of the 60’s, trends of the 60’s, fashion of the 60’s
Ride Them ‘On – remembering the age of rock, ceaselessly unending and the long road called life. Bob Dylan is just one name that strikes back and today we’re offering something very unusual. Bob Dylan motorbike leather jacket – pure leather treat for the boys taking the long road of life.
Genuine leather jacket made to grow on you and explain your persona to the world. Feel eclectic and diversified.
My passion with leather is just not commercial but of sentimental as only leather gives you the special connect. A tribute to the prince of country music laid in black with silver lining. That is what life is about -creating glory out of hope.
Experience Nature - Why Bob Dylan – the living legend who produced a genre which grew into a cult to be remembered. Country music just delivers that fresh energy and enthusiasm. Just imagine, wearing your helmet, in white stripes – you stop by the roadside and have a vast countryside open before you with swinging and dancing foliage and paddy fields or overgrown natural orange yellow green grass swerving and dancing smoothly here and there. The brush of the breeze and your figure clinging motorbike leather jacket while you puff away the smoke which travels with the breeze to the farthest miles to touch those dancing grass – the experience will be natural and unique.
Bring back the 60’s – Vintage fashion leather jacket is back and in style. The fashion trend of 60’s will always remain trendy and unique in flavour, standing out.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter Men’s Shopping List – Dwayne Johnson Leather Jacket

Winter Classic Collection – so men, boding 2013 farewell and you need the classic touch for the wardrobe. How about stepping out in stylish cohort draped in fine apparel, making a fine impact as you carry along the aura?
Winter’s classic or winner’s very own classic – catch up with a tennis tournament and this outfit combination will stand out very finely. Fine and carrying a solid impact – Hollywood celebrity Dwayne Johnson distressed leather jacket for men is an elegant show in the house. Rock the party like the The ROCK..!!
Made from genuine leather, the gentleman’s posture is finely etched in the unique smooth-flowing design of the Hollywood celebrity tribute distressed leather jacket.
Killer Combination, Mixing Style with Brains – what works well with a dark brown distressed leather jacket is pleated off-white formal trousers which work best with the dark brown. Both consolidate each of these – dark brown lifting up the off-white quite well while the off-white complements the dark brown.
Feels aristocratic? – Not leaving out the shoes – the pointed black casual shoes with a slim look are just the killer effect every man would want to wear to the club classic event.
So Why Dwayne Johnson – well the towering figure with an unforgettable contagious smile – starring in equally impactful Hollywood flicks makes him the best figure to follow while he dresses up.
So dress like a star to leave a trail of envy behind you. Feeling pampered boys..?
Conclude your dressing with a stone grey-wash muffler with a pair of some impeccable large black shades. Pick up Police, that’ll put you in a commanding position. So where are you wearing your dress code today – aboard the executive dinner or are you attending a county golf tournament..?
Trader’s Look – carry the enormous weight of aristocratic style around and trade your way to higher profits.
So what are you trading today – looks or your impression..?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How to Get Gentlemen Look – Cheap Affordable Men Fashion Tips

Just imagine – you have a pink 1960’s Cadillac all made and brushed up and cleaned nicely to look that president’s own car. Vintage look and driveway along the coastline – a gentleman’s fine pick of a vacation plan and hideout.
Pick any city to roam around in winters.
Just the Correct Apparel – featuring the very plush and artistically designed Michael Phelps dark brown distressed leather jacket made simply for men who carry a perfect stature and attitude. The President’s look.
Pure genuine leather crafted upon with real meaning of stylish fervour will give you the gentleman’s finer performance. Elevate your standard this Christmas.
MIX and MATCH – navy trousers in worsteds charcoal grey print will be magical and opulent with your style. Simply that will put you in centre of attention at any gathering. Make sure the evenings are marked as unique with your stylish experiment.
Mix a pink fresh shirt cotton with crispy touch and look – something that displays brighter and subdued note will be preferable.
Brown distressed leather jacket will work best with dark brown or cherry brown formal shoes. Slick and neat. The President’s cut.
Dark Tan Reddish Brown Shoes (or Black) – the Club pick of formal shoes, the wingtip oxford shoes are a flattery of the entire attire description. It is just like the prince graduated and ready for Cinderella. Very pampering. Neat and sober, comes down pretty balanced without losing the touch of elegance and richness which should be just about you.
Feeling just the right combination that speaks so well about you at the events and dinner galas, you will instantly get picked up for the next conversation and the business deal waiting to be signed off at the coffee table.
Paint the town with the blemish of the archetype fashion model. Add some shades, which should match style and extreme filthy rich opulence.
Who knows and who is checking what your bank balance it – appearances count and appearances kill.
So who are you killing tonight with your looks?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

How To Look Like Bane of Dark Knight Rises – Tips on Winter Men’s Fashion

Bane– the towering Tom Hardy in Dark Knight is dominating throughout, making a surreal Batman series look even more dramatic.
Rich-looking but Cheap Leather Jacket - Beauty is indeed eye-catching with Bane Leather jacket made of genuine high-quality leather.
Suede Leather Style Winter Boots – the sexy pair of suede-leather boots from Armani is just a fine treat and spoiler for the Bane Leather Jacket. UK Leather Factory recommends suede leather boots which perfectly match your style and sense.
Urban Cowboy Style - Deep brown, lush feel of suede-leather with Armani logo embossed so richly – you’ll come out astonishing like a hefty boss out of his limousine. Just imagine.
No need to mix the Bane mask which is unnatural in our daily lives but this combination will just make many fall over and trip on the pavement when you step out with dark brown shades.
FIRE TRAIL - Already feeling perked up and warmed up? Indeed when you walk around the pathways, you’ll pick up the instant attention. So instant, you’ll feel like being invited for a hot hot coffee. You’ll be leaving the fire trail behind you.
Feeling it..? Feel the weather, the shades, the suede-leather boots and the Bane leather jacket talking rich about your aura. Aura, that will be built in solid-confidence. Walking tall, walking big.
SOLID STEEL Uniform Vs. Wannabe – the industrial look of a rebel Bane Leather Jacket gives is a supremo achieved in just purely genuine leather. Faux leather can’t achieve but a wannabe look. That’s like replacing the logo on the scooter with Ferrari’s that doesn’t make it look one.
Get industrial which is only possible in originality. Originality is just a separate league in men’s fashion.
Check out more on Bane Leather Jacket from UK Leather Factory’s Facebook page and UK Leather website
Boys, are you looking Rebellious this Winter then..??

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mila Kunis Designer Wear – Winter Fashion Tweaks and Tips

Time for a makeover ladies – Mila Kunis is fashion icon for ladies in fashion world. Smart and intelligent as Mila Kunis - Slim-fit light brown motorbike leather jacket inspired from and dedicated to Mila Kunis.
Shades & Trousers - The smart and trendy casual is here to stay and not to fade out. But remember, combine the best parts and pieces – shock the audience with large shades and equally balancing straight trousers, denims or long pencil skirt in pitch black.
Idea – is to give the slim fit look to yourself so make sure you’re shedding off that little extra fat. Get vegetables for 10 days before the Christmas gig is on.
So the best part is this – neat pencil skirts in black and contrasted with light candy-pink scarfs around the neck. How’s the combo here? The light brown shade then compensates the both blending well with toned down area for the pink addition.
VANILLA MAGIC - A light pale off-white scarf or vanilla brown scarf will be magical. The brown will elevate with the pale vanilla. The pale vanilla will not rob the scheme and spirit of the slim-fit brown motorbike leather jacket
DENIMS - #2 Choice – mix denims but then again, denims fit everywhere making these as versatile but volatile simultaneously. The monotone of mixing denims everytime isn’t just the right ingredient for any fashion expert.
Mix Vanilla base in trousers and in eye shades. No other colour really fits and blends well with vanilla but black.
FORMULA is – Brown + Vanilla + Black and then Vanilla Eye Shade again.
Got the idea? Chemical formula too will make you a ROCKSTAR
A little about the inner shirt – make it simple this winter. Embroidered loose prints will work best to work the colour synchronously. This shirt is from Modnique – very unique.
Nobody will miss the attention.
Or do you want to miss the attention yet again, ladies?
ALTERNATE – is this Fur Leather Jacket for Women neatly woven by hand from UK Leather Factory, classy jazz for me – a class that exceeds all other standards. Mixing sober colours will keep the message intact and you will look rich class.
Feeling rich already ladies?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Motor-Biking Season is ON Ladies – Get the Fashion Statement Race Around

Enter Mila Jovovich and the demons halt in Resident Evil. Yes, the same Mila Jovovich, the blue eyed mistress who kills with her looks.
Dedicated to her bravery and outward boldness – Mila Jovovich has a rich scheme wardrobe that I am revealing today.
Light brown distressed motorbike leather jacket is a unique flavour of sports, fashion, trend and outdoor adventure. Pick up the trendy short-sized, not yet mini, distressed motorbike leather jacket and pair it up with fitting jeans in dark blue or faded dark blues or simply pitch-black jeans and you’ll look like the ramp model.
Party-Time Styling – pick up light-pink glossy lipstick to wear on with a plush scarf around your neck.
Secondly get a pair of dusty coloured jeans or light brown faded jeans to match the occasion. The pink has to rise ladies, so keep the other things simple but not so much that pink gets dissolved for that matter. Too much of attention and pink goes down, too less of balancing and pink fades away again.
Make the apparel direct the outerwear to your pinkish gloss. That’s the magic and idea. What’s more – pink will resemble the calming winters heading down to Christmas.
Pick up some fair faux-fir high-heeled leather boots to give you enough boost to walk the confidence. Make sure the fir boots are high-heeled and match well with the jacket – preferably in light brown tone will set the best uniform in town.
Ride and Shine in fur. Complete fur is rich luxury experience.
So are you wearing pink or the light brown today?