Saturday, 7 December 2013

11th Hour Winter Fashion List - Blazers versus Women’s Leather Jacket

What’s more important – Fashion class or being yourself? Both will reflect what stride you take your life to. So are you passionate about colour blending or don’t want to get noticed?

Life Saving Tip - With Christmas fashion picking up stay away from sombre notes and mood defying styles. You must be getting into the Christmas holiday mode now. So start over, make 2014 a great start. Colourise it passionately.

Keeping yourself reserved for blazers or would you add a little shimmer with genuine leather. Blazers do stand out at corporate meetings – but hey, aren’t we in the holidays’ mood already?

So pack up some fine leather jackets for sale – but what to pick up first? Going red is a fresh option which opens up to more colour blending which we’ll touch upon later. So if you’re looking for boyfriend jackets then keep reading – right we’re just concerned how to make the women adorable.

Adorable Sense 1st? - a pack of rich coloured denims in bright blues and in slim-fit options will be an appetiser. The black with a touch of gold is premium touch for the sophisticated but that again reserves us ladies to blazers with golden fold, now which sounds formal and fortunate? Seems but that is not the essence we’re concerned right now. Not for many.

To get to the exciting part – mix the women’s red leather jacket with brighter notes – pinks will just take you back to the teens era. Remember those younger times? Playful, attitude-less and just very freshly colourful.

Colour Combinations That Will not Fail You or Troll You
- Breaking up from Tweed Jacket? – Mix calmed maroon and self-defining burgundy. Burgundy is the fresh countryside colour – the feel free colour which invites more sociable invites. Head to a private club party in red + burgundy, Red + Yellow tan, Red + Bright blue – the difference is the essence that’ll get picked up with your persona.

Winter leather jackets are just the image and reflections of the mood in the white icy background.

Wouldn’t that make your Christmas a little different? Affordable Christmas fashion of the 11th hour shouldn’t end up in repentance. Or does it?

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