Monday, 23 December 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Catching A Glimpse

Jennifer Lawrence is what once Renee Zellweger was in her prime time - Sophisticated talented but simplified in innocent beauty. Renee was class, Jennifer is the newest breed but equally impressive but a little lower than Renee – that genre altogether carried a suave flurry of precisely timed talented. Now they pull it will supreme graphics

Hunger Games: Catching Fire is just another hitting-the-chord masterful play of graphics with a bold storyline based on emotions and politics, survival instincts and battle for the loved ones. One far side seeks convalescence of the royal repute which could fall in tatters and hence risk the very fabric of polity for which Jennifer will have to be eliminated while a smaller innocuous lobby has to save her, behind which the community and humanity seeks refuge and hence the uprising.

Supreme graphics, expression delivery and remarkable essence of emotions from both ends – solidly held over by Sutherland who plays the king himself. The king has to adorn and adopt the role of a King to deliver – anything lesser than that will just kill the opportunity. Sutherland is adroit enough to do justice to the role and hence the whole film stands powerfully impressive with his act.

Watching a movie like Hunger Games is always a treat at the cinema or the very emotional touch is absent. Like 300, which again can be felt deeply before the wide-screen, nothing comes near the experience. Of the emotions.

I give 4.7/5 to Hunger Games or perhaps 4.0 for the places and locations which seems a little odder than what one expects from Hunger Games. Futuristic tough seems a little
overplayed here.

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