Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Remembering Bob Dylan –Trendy Fashion Outfit for Motorbike Riders

Synopsis – legend, the music, the icon of the 60’s, trends of the 60’s, fashion of the 60’s
Ride Them ‘On – remembering the age of rock, ceaselessly unending and the long road called life. Bob Dylan is just one name that strikes back and today we’re offering something very unusual. Bob Dylan motorbike leather jacket – pure leather treat for the boys taking the long road of life.
Genuine leather jacket made to grow on you and explain your persona to the world. Feel eclectic and diversified.
My passion with leather is just not commercial but of sentimental as only leather gives you the special connect. A tribute to the prince of country music laid in black with silver lining. That is what life is about -creating glory out of hope.
Experience Nature - Why Bob Dylan – the living legend who produced a genre which grew into a cult to be remembered. Country music just delivers that fresh energy and enthusiasm. Just imagine, wearing your helmet, in white stripes – you stop by the roadside and have a vast countryside open before you with swinging and dancing foliage and paddy fields or overgrown natural orange yellow green grass swerving and dancing smoothly here and there. The brush of the breeze and your figure clinging motorbike leather jacket while you puff away the smoke which travels with the breeze to the farthest miles to touch those dancing grass – the experience will be natural and unique.
Bring back the 60’s – Vintage fashion leather jacket is back and in style. The fashion trend of 60’s will always remain trendy and unique in flavour, standing out.

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