Monday, 30 December 2013

How To Look Like a Boss of Draft Day and What’s Out of the Furnace

2016 seems very promising for Hollywood but let’s look what’s in store for us in 2014. Draft Day is probably Kevin Kostner’s better performance we will have a look at after so many of his flops coming through like the most-expensive-of-its-time ‘Waterworld’ which wasn’t impressive at all.

Now Kevin plays a manager of a football team and has to recruit the best breed, get the sponsors based on the breed and ensure his bosses are happy with the profits, the game and the audience that has to be entertained. But he has to invent and invest in the tact of entertaining the marketers, the investors to get the interest in the boys who still have to be found out and recruited. Mix and match and make money is the theme at the cost of wits, credibility and lots of credibility and a job everyone’s tweeting about, at least Kevin’s mother does.

So what it is like to dress up like a gentleman..? Like Kevin who has everything up at stakes – impeccable, fine, elegant and that which touches the epitome of class and upper taste of the elite club of men.

Out Of the Furnace – as it seems, starring with Christian Bale, Forest Whitaker carries a lot of promise as the other cast too is quite promising about a story of a war veteran who runs from end to end to make a meaningful life after having served his country but find himself at odds with life. He runs into a league of a community of misfits or hardened goons who are up against each other to survive.

Cinema of 2014 is promising with action, intelligence, victories, secrets, Pandora boxes and lots of neat gruelling and convincing scripts.

Fashion Trend – of 2014 – A neat, impressively cut and designed but cheap dark brown leather bomber jacket for men is just a the item that will take everyone off-guard. Made in the UK which comes with a class, the brown leather bomber jacket on sale will give you a look of Andy Garcia if you’re not the Kevin Costner type. Match it with tweed styled trousers in darker greys.

Best stuff lined up for 2014.

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