Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What to Wear With Elegant yet Affordable Pure Leather Hooded Jacket

Out of ideas and 2014 is just about to begin and it must’ve in Japan already. Winter’s just got new chilly teeth which transform into jaws in the night. Full moon or no moon, the season’s getting ruthless and we feel to tuck in the warmer blanket layers to feel that softer warmth.

The same warmth comes across neatly in this affordable and smart black leather hooded jacket for women, which stays warmer in the killing freeze. Lined up with cool stuff and yet the designer leather jacket from REVEL is just the punch you’ll pack up at winters.

What Goes 2nd Best with Hooded Leather Jacket For Women

Woollen essentials – Maxis for that fun loving look.Denims and woollen sweaters if you’re living in Norway and wishing for the sun to come out and praise your attire.

2nd Option – Long styled free-flowing pink skirts in floral prints will work best if you’re staying inside and enjoying the hot cup of frothy coffee or enjoying your new year’s eve at the restaurant bar with a cosy fireplace all fired up and country music just enlivening the surrounding. The sweet melody and trance colour combination of pink raising the allure of pure leather hooded jacket for men. Elegance has to come simple.

Thick yet elegant piece of a Sweater – in matching blend with smooth running will just perfectly match the occasion.

All covered up – just don’t forget some mittens and a woollen cap to conclude the fashion show.

Happy New Year..!!

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