Friday, 10 January 2014

How to Mix Colour Combinations in Fashion – Finesse Styling Tips

Colouring combinations are natural best to wear and show around. You’re stepping out as a star and not as a colour palette which is just a collection of rainbow waiting to be painted.

Trying on every other colour just all the time isn’t a good option which could label you as a fashion amateur open to every experiment which is so WRONG..!!

Stylist or Simplicity – so are you looking to get the stylist makeover or do you want to keep it simple? If you’re open to mixing colour, diligently and intelligently, you must know the colour wheel which identifies the colour family.

Rule # 1 – Analogous Colour Scheme – mix a family of colours together. Like Blue with Violet-Blue (Purple Blue) and Purple.

Orange with Red-Orange and Yellow-Orange.

Fashion Tip – make sure the colours complement each other instead of killing each other.

Men’s Styling – Mix and match lightly hued orange toned or orange-yellow toned trousers with Orange designer branded leather men’s bomber jacket on sale. Off-white and black are natural best to mix and blend with any other colour, only if you desire to keep it simple and single-toned. Black and White are universal colours.

Rule # 2 – Mixing Complementary Colours – Mix colours which are totally the opposite of another on the colour wheel. Like Blue with orange, Violet (purple) with yellow.

Men’s Styling – Mixing bright blue with Italian designer men’s orange bomber navy pilot leather jacket from UK will come out very neatly.

REMEMBER that REAL men’s trouser tips just fall over the edge of the shoe and doesn’t fold over. Real men never falter when it comes to suiting.

Rule # 3 – the T shaped Colour formation – Violet, yellow and red-orange make a T formation on the colour wheel. Men’s Fashion shopping list should have these combinations. Either mix the shirts with trousers and designer leather jackets on sale or mix the ties with shirts with men’s bomber leather jackets on sale. Idea is to match the best persona and colours together.

Valentine’s Day Fashion Tip – make sure the colours combinations are bright enough to catch attention but not too much to make it impossible to digest.

More to come to design you as original YOU..!!

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