Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Movie Fashion Review - Rubric of Debris – Gravity and Straight Cut Jacket

Lots of debris and lots of dizziness and a gripping Sci-Fi storyline of 2 astronauts surviving a space-craft explosion in space and left to tackle the survival’s next phase which is near to impossible in space is the gripping adventure highlighting the high-risk and high-fatality-possibilities of space ventures.

Even though technology advancements have gained considerable assurances but chances and odds can turn up against anyone at any moment.

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play the leads while they grapple with out-of-life situation to come out alive. Two astronauts are left to fight for each other and understand each other while make plans to come out alive in one piece to tell the story.

Gravity is a glimmer of new ray of hope in the line of Sci-Fi films which are dominated by the already-so-colourful and technology gravy-full movies like Hulk, Avengers, Iron-Man and what not.

Gravity is about the senses springing to action to find out the route and hint to survival. Without Oxygen, but how is it possible? Simple, you just take a break from the movie studio.

But nonetheless, the storyline, the action, the cinematography, the stunts, the technological prowess all stand in symmetry to give Gravity a fine score of making 2013 the year of Gravity.

What’s HOT in Fashion?

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Black combines the best with cobra print hats. Now that was with a pinch of salt.

What are you wearing with black today?

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