Friday, 10 January 2014

Movie & Fashion Review - Lone Survivor & Cobra Commander Leather Jacket

Imagine, being alone, you’re low on diet with no support of a backup and a dwindling supplies of bullets and ammo necessary to keep you alive and kicking. Environment so hostile, anything will bite but the dust.

The chill factor is always more obtrusive and we’re in the middle of Afghanistan and waiting for miracles to happen where water too is unremarkably scant.

This is a story of patriotism, nationalism and dying spirit of surviving the odds in Afghanistan where attack is easier than defence. Being pushed to the wall with nerve-wrenching wreck of emotions and mind escaping the strategy mind-set, the alternates are losing ground fast.

Valour, chivalry, injury and soul piercing war of no purpose. With the relentless Taliban on the trail – life escapes your spirit as fast as a blind bullet exits the barrel. Uncertainty grips your creativity senses.

This is Lone Survivor. The storyline shares the background that of Behind Enemy Lines as war looms in the region. Question is how the designs are faked to enable an escape. Lone Survivor features Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana. How far one can go to discount valour for life?

How long?

Fashion Sense – if you’re a military enthusiast, settle for a designer class pure leather genuine men’s bomber jacket on sale or if you’re feeling flimsy from the fashion end – Jacket tribute to Paul Walker is the best apparel you’ll carry around and get the favour of the luck.

Movie Prediction is – 83% for cast and background score of demonic demographics.

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