Friday, 27 September 2013

Tips on How to Convert G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Leather Jacket For Men to Rider's Leather Jacket

The mayhem and the chaos of GI Joe is what makes it a watchable flick. Without action the movie might just go quite shadowy.
Although I’ve just had a glimpse of the characters, the brutal, the benevolent and the procrastinating ones lingering in the middle who are coerced, invited and pushed and pulled to fight the demons who have just taken over the centre stage. The good guys chase the bad till the end until the white house is spared and the world is fresh again to begin a new life. Very cosmetic indeed.
But the apparel is no doubt something we’ve been looking for. The Cobra (villain) adorns a full-length leather trench coat costume which seems like a furnace worker uniform. So we’ll refine it better than Hollywood. The GI Joe Cobra leather costume from UK Leather Factory is my favourite pick for today.
1st - Equipment Cobra Demands - Out of the furnace, we bring it on the road on a heavy bike like the green Yamaha (shown besides) which uplifts the black moody dark costume from pessimism. It does a great job there. Grace the road, lift the moods.
2nd – Crumpled Cargo Pants – a little of crumply looking dirty green cargo pants will do quite a lot of informal favour to the serious looking costume. Get dark dirty green pants or army-camouflaged designed cargo pants with some army steel toed boots (shown in picture) but I don’t recommend those heavy muscular boots. Bikers look good in racing shoes and boots. Simply a turn-on.
3rd Combination – Biker Boots – now some raving biker boots for the racing practise and these black do commend the overall apparel selection. Boots are complete personality check. The perfect ones I dug out are these black Diora biker boots with some silver lining by the edges of the boots which just pick up the whole theme quite well and smoothly. The curves on Diora are simply adorable.
So how’s the colour combination working out for you? What do you think is a better combination? To check out on more finest leather picks do visit UK Leather Factory website for finest leather jackets and accessories.
In my next instalment I will add more on what helmet will suit the Cobra Leather Jacket costume.
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Thursday, 26 September 2013

What Fashion combination Rises with Bright Blue Biker Leather Jacket for Women

If you're thinking leather and blue - go for bright blue biker’s leather jacket for women from UK Leather Factory which hugs you all over and now the best designer clothing combination for leather is the next question.
1st Combination – Sombre and Fresh Look – colour tone which depict life, ecstasy and eclectic moods like attending to a horse world-cup in a royale fashion – the best artsy way to blend the bright blue is to go for a wide range of colours populating your wardrobe.
A colour palette for Blue Leather Jacket for Women – pink establishes itself quite well over blue. The combination offers multiple shades around your personality. The pink navy crepe shirt with button fronts adds to the glitzy sobriety to the outwear, without compromising on your personality values. The blue and pink combination will create a lively yet sober outlook for you. Suitable for the outdoors while shopping and for the semi-formal business meetings over a coffee.

2nd Combination Killer Combination – the iconic fashion style in designer clothing comes with experimenting. The secret code to stylish raving fashion is bright colours. Blue is such a natural colour element that blends well with darker yet lively palettes. The second combination is much better and out favourite at UK Leather Factory.
Mix dark purple trousers, like shown here, with pink shirt shown above and see yourself getting noticed as a fashion star. Now wait for the 3rd combination which will feature our favourite soap-serial star. The name’s still a suspense. Or you can try mixing the pink and blue combination with a lighter purple of lavender print and colour will be a magical combination.
As you read this blog, you’re already a league ahead of your peers to adorn the killer designer clothing print with the biker blue leather jacket for women. The colour blend for you will be a spiritual reconnect with life and happiness. But wait a minute – are you going barefooted for that envy-creating walk or the evening’s out.
3rd Combination – Don’t Forget the Happy Pumps - Now comes the footwear that you will thank me for. For that million dollar business deal, the above combination will just overthrow your client open jawed with these orange pumps (shown besides). Imagine yourself walking across the boardroom and all eyes fixed on your selective and rare couture.
The spirits will be thanking you and so will your boss for looking more gracious than Julia Roberts.
Once you’re done picking up the energy of the boardroom, you head down to the nearest museums or just take an evening out at a shopping mall and get an instant buzz about you. Try on these pumps instead and feel the rush and observe the ladies making you a topic around.
Easy tips to be an evening’s star.
Now our star pick for this blog is Sarah Jessica Parker with her killer colour combination which made us jump on our heels and sent us in hallucination.
To know more about pure leather and combination do check out UK Leather Factory website for some rare leather jacket collection for women and men.
I’m sure, you’ll fall off for a while. For a sneak peek, check out the Facebook Fan page of UK Leather Factory to win more deals happening occasionally.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What to Wear with Fur Collar Leather Jacket for Women

As Christmas draws in close, it is time to change the wardrobe with a stylish addition with elegance, flair and confident persona every lady wants to be seen and known for.
What works well with Fur Leather Coat Jacket for Women
The fur leather coat jacket is made out of pure excellence and genuine cowhide leather to give you the eternal softer feeling while you go around London, Paris, Vienna. The fur leather coat is designed to show your brand and fashion collection – perfection and esteem working together to blend softness yet a powerful impression.
Light Pink Skirts - The fur leather jacket from UK Leather Factory is made in limited edition numbers with handpicked leather for extra beauty and sophistication. To work well, the fur leather jacket must be mixed with pink long-flowing satin knee-long skirt and white cotton shirt which loosely grips the jacket from within – displaying a sheer posture of a confident bright lady.
Pleated Black Trousers - Or, you can also mix well with cotton-twill trousers, with pleats, in bolder colours or checked-twills trousers too will weave a unique blend of smart but casual outfit.
Pumps and Clutch Bag - A glossy pair of pumps (pink and black) and crocodile printed leather clutch bag will complete the selection. The elite class look will adorn your personality – the evening outfit will be a glowing elegance for everyone to notice. Enter a hall of executive and you shall be treated as a royal.
Ambassador’s Style - The ambassador’s style pick can be made better – with a set of off-white uniform which will include blue cotton shirt in darker tone, aptly defined well by a pair of dirty-green khakis or floral printed skirt mixed with brighter colour shirts in turquoise and emerald tones.
Women of Elite Class – ladies who are planning a foreign visit and have a business trip on the cards, will find the fur leather jacket for women a special treatment awaiting them. Get your best limousines and best prepared cuisines to serve your business meetings well – show the ulterior and sleeker intellect part of your personality with well prepared presentations to win that million dollar deal.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tips on Looking Smart And Fabulous with Star Trek Leather Trench Coat

Formal Dressing-Drape on a sombre look, pick up a leather briefcase and an expensive mont-blanc ink pen shining just above your wrinkle-free white striped executive class shirt.
That’s the first part to see that you’re looking to enter into the executive club. Pick up the Star Trek Leather Trench coat from UK Leather factory to grace over the light grey executive, single press suit to give you the president’s touch. The leather trench coat is a perfect uniform for the formal meetings and showing up for the evening formal reunion of business tycoons.
The Star Trek leather jacket gives a combination of greater business authoritative personality – one who seeks perfection in every cut and stitched angles. The pure leather affair with the Star Trek leather jacket is not to be taken too seriously – the leather trench coat for men will also blend well with semi-formal getup that of the Matrix series.
If you’re a serious gamer, a programmer, an entrepreneur, a start-up tech guru – the Star Trek trench coat is a solid gear to express youthful pursuit of success.
What Goes with Star Trek Into Darkness Leather Jacket and Trench Coat
Informal Dressing-What perfectly fits well is your attitude and higher resolve. The squared firm face and the firmer resolve with a gritty face look. The hard gelled hairstyle and a suave debonair look with a star trek leather jacket will accompany with a grey striped suit worn with a white shirt and blended well with a brown woollen tie and light brown leather shoes to carve the magical aura around you.
Look effective and flamboyant when you mix the Star Trek leather jacket with a pair of faded blue jeans with a pair of light brown Caterpillar work boots. Get a Dockers Stone Twill Limited Edition Officer’s Shirt which will perfect work well with the other equipment for a very fabulous winter look. Try it on with Star Trek Trench coat for men and send us your picture for us to feature it in our UK Leather Factory Facebook fan page.

Monday, 23 September 2013

How to Have a Michael Jackson Look with Thriller Leather Jacket

The legend of Pop returns. The King of Music industry has come back. This time with the signature Thriller leather jacket is back again from UK leather factory in its original specifications.

The magician of break dancing casted a spell of mesmerising the dancing industry – spurring generations to follow his lead, his moves and his fashion have attained a pinnacle into eternity.

The magician of break dancing casted a spell of mesmerising the dancing industry – spurring generations to follow his lead, his moves and his fashion have attained a pinnacle into eternity.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller series leather jacket is about gaining attention, following the priceless legacy and creating an effect of long lasting fan following. The Michael Jackson Thriller leather jacket is for creating waves at musical shows and dance parties.

How to be impressive in Thriller Leather Jacket

Foremost, mix the leather jacket with either a pitch black leather jeans red matching sneakers or red matching leather trousers. All red equipment including a red leather belt will be ideal for a slim fit physique to control the movements and synchronising the break dancing moves.

The red leather jacket from UK Leather Factory is a durable wearing gear for the sporty looking guys who would love to adventure in mobility and on the dance                                                    floor.  

Wear a little of MJ Thriller Leather Jacket with time and develop wrinkles to have the natural look which can be achieved by getting the red leather jacket wet and moist while you wear it. With time, the leather jacket will adjust with your body to give that very much needed leather touch which will be in place with your physique settling quite well.

Add-ons for the Thriller Leather Jacket
To give a superior look to the leather jacket, learn the famed dance moves of the King of Pop and do justice with the Thriller jacket. The dance floor will look amazing with your iconic presentation. Step into the world of becoming heroes and surprise the world with your legendary and classic dancing moves.

Drop Some Pounds

Shed some pounds to resemble the looks of the King of Pop and you’ll experience how the red leather jacket from Thriller series will outshine your performance and gain you the respect.

Dance to the moves of the legend, rock the world of the stars..!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to Look Like a Hero in Sheriff Longmire Leather Jacket – Fashion Advice from REVEL (Fine Leather Co.)

Rugged, bold and brave – the Longmire leather jacket from UK Leather Factory is complete. The officer’s lifestyle, the commanding authority spread in the wilderness. Experience the extreme lifestyle in rugged leather made for the occasion. 

Get the senior’s impression with Longmire leather jacket. Made to last, the rip and curl and twist of the leather will further enhance the looks as it grows old on you. The worn looks of leather always win the rugged feel the leather so much deserves.

But do you deserve the Longmire Leather jacket..? Are you really made for the Longmire Leather Jacket season..? Do you prefer the rough terrain over your own comfort zone..? If you’re running the show from the wild-side, Longmire leather jacket is made to roughen up and toughen up. Love the wilderness, embrace the wild side.

What Blends Well with Longmire Leather Jacket (Part-1) – long sleeved dark toned shirts like navy blue crimpled cotton shirt and a pair of original Levi’s jeans will pack the show. Pick up an extra pair of Light Brown Leather Boots  and a cowhide leather belt will complete the endurance show. Pick up the combination and head to an equestrian show and glamorise the presence around you. 

What Mixes well with Longmire Leather Jacket (Part 2) - Or take a Wrangler jeep and head to the mountains to seek roughed terrain in the hunting season. A drizzle will bring marvel to the Longmire leather coat from a higher note. Mix a blue or red checked shirt and be seen yourself as a formal officer at evening’s work. A pitch black shirt will enter the sobriety mode and that leather coat will adjust smoothly with the colour blend.
Physical Features - Ideal is stonehearted face with a stub, a bearded face, well built forearms and a bit of hairy structure will be best nomination for the Longmire leather jacket. Mix the bold colours well. Darker shades come out more glaringly from beneath. The brownish tan colour of the Longmire leather jacket gives a fresher look to the overall personality. A cowboy hat is a perfect jewel to complete the signature attire.

Do’s and Don’ts of Longmire Leather Jacket (Part 3) – never wear the Longmire leather jacket to a party, if it is a formal anniversary of Apple. Bachelor parties or team celebrations too will require cautious treading. If the setting is a club with a bar, the sitting will support the long leather coat.

Business meetings will never welcome Longmire leather jacket; unless of course it is an on-site engineer’s meeting held at the construction site. The more dust the leather jacket collects, the better for growing the rugged looks it so much deserves. Fabrics age with time, leather grows with experience.

The Longmire leather jacket is exclusively produced and available at UK Leather in various sizes and great prices – for better fashion combinations, keep checking the fashion commentary from UK Leather Keep ahead of the times.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

3 Special and Limited-Collection Leather Jackets For Women to Show-Off This Fall

It’s the much awaited fall season – shake the wardrobe as it’s the time to disco with leather collection. Pick the favourite bold colours in leather and style yourself to a star. What to pick is what UK Leather Factory experts’ rundown on 5 chosen styles. Lighter on the pocket, while highly-stylish on you with your favourite leather coat or jacket for women. So get ready and geared up for this fall season.

1.     Leather Motorbike Jacket for Women tops the list – available in various designs and colours to get jazzy, UK Leather already has it on a discounted offer – whites, bold colours, or bright blue shades. The season is all about getting colourful and spreading the energy of the colours in the monochromatic season.

Get a pair of stretchable slim-fit Levi’s Jeans in faded blue or navy blue and mix it with pure leather coat, like UK leather factory’s Gloria, which is supple pure cowhide leather. Soft to the touch and faded off-white will just add to versatility. Get glorified in pure leather.

2.     Add some more charisma while choosing the shape of the leather jacket – the ideal is rave favourite nowadays for ladies is Jennifer Morrison’s Women Slim-fit leather jacket, which hugs the physique and you can pair the red glossy colour of the leather jacket with a white woollen shawl to give a waterfall look over the jacket for an exquisite colour combination. Get a killer wardrobe. A white shawl, straight grey or off-white trousers or jeans, t-shirt or a open-button blue shirt beneath.

3.     If you’re new to the leather jacket club – throw yourself in the standard black leather biker jacket worn by none other than but Jessica Alba in Dark Angel. So how about reliving the fast-pace movie experience on your own?

You will wear this plush biker leather jacket to pieces if given the chance.

Affordable, stylish, rave and modern outlook is available in wider range at UK Leather Factory’s website –