Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tips on Looking Smart And Fabulous with Star Trek Leather Trench Coat

Formal Dressing-Drape on a sombre look, pick up a leather briefcase and an expensive mont-blanc ink pen shining just above your wrinkle-free white striped executive class shirt.
That’s the first part to see that you’re looking to enter into the executive club. Pick up the Star Trek Leather Trench coat from UK Leather factory to grace over the light grey executive, single press suit to give you the president’s touch. The leather trench coat is a perfect uniform for the formal meetings and showing up for the evening formal reunion of business tycoons.
The Star Trek leather jacket gives a combination of greater business authoritative personality – one who seeks perfection in every cut and stitched angles. The pure leather affair with the Star Trek leather jacket is not to be taken too seriously – the leather trench coat for men will also blend well with semi-formal getup that of the Matrix series.
If you’re a serious gamer, a programmer, an entrepreneur, a start-up tech guru – the Star Trek trench coat is a solid gear to express youthful pursuit of success.
What Goes with Star Trek Into Darkness Leather Jacket and Trench Coat
Informal Dressing-What perfectly fits well is your attitude and higher resolve. The squared firm face and the firmer resolve with a gritty face look. The hard gelled hairstyle and a suave debonair look with a star trek leather jacket will accompany with a grey striped suit worn with a white shirt and blended well with a brown woollen tie and light brown leather shoes to carve the magical aura around you.
Look effective and flamboyant when you mix the Star Trek leather jacket with a pair of faded blue jeans with a pair of light brown Caterpillar work boots. Get a Dockers Stone Twill Limited Edition Officer’s Shirt which will perfect work well with the other equipment for a very fabulous winter look. Try it on with Star Trek Trench coat for men and send us your picture for us to feature it in our UK Leather Factory Facebook fan page.

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