Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Thing about Navy – How to Get that Sexy Look with Navy

The signature colour of bold men – Navy. Be it a suit, or just the jacket, the magical flow and touch of a navy picks up a man from the crowd instantly, noticeable miles away.

The thing about Navy is the style and appeal that it brings forward – the colour that blends with all the colour hues, makes it a perfect match for every combination lying in your wardrobes. Business suits for men are a priceless collection and connection men would want to make. 

Businessman’s Touch - Just imagine, you’re a businessman, given the gigantic task of rebuilding a dilapidated and unpopulated industrial town and you are walking in the middle of it in the afternoon in one of navy business suits collection and that is captured neatly, with a grey white background in grungy mode while you are centred in navy blue business suits collection.

Universal SEX Appeal - A universally loved hue in men’s style – UK Leather Factory is sharing some fashion tips for men to groom well and decently that puts the competition into a defensive mode.
Navy blue gets a versatile touch in blending with unique design and texture – its necessary to learn and unlearn older methods of showing up shoddy in the traditional colours. 
Cast the old colours to the island where Tom Hanks was self-exiled for 4 years – making him lose his wife. Similarly shoddy colours take away your business and girlfriends from you.

STYLE TIP - New Trend – is being picked up everywhere with the tagline, ‘all Navy Everything’, dominated by the colour – giving a monochromatic change to your overall looks. The palette is not broken up with a contrasting sky-blue, cobalt or aqua or turquoise. The secret is ALL NAVY EVERYTHING.
Challenge – is mixing up the different shades of ALL navy together to get that sharp and neatly chic look – which altogether is a learning experience. Sophistication requires an insight how you want to be perceived.

Subtle – keeping things simple and straight – remember well that fit, texture and palette have to balance each other – separating you from the rest of the masses. After all mens navy blue jackets and suits are not the only things in this world to get you that dream deal and dream girl – read on.
STYLE TIP – Adding Texture – different fabrics with a detail of contrast demands care.

Mix Navy flannel trousers with Oxford cloth shirt, or you could look more intricately sophisticated with raw denim jeans, plus a classic nicely fitting jumper, an astounding retouched tweed jacket and silk polka dot silk scarf. That’ll keep many wondering and on the toes. 
This combination will land you on instagram’s favourite hot personality of the week.

REFINED Touch – to get the level of sophistication, keep navy close to all other combination – the casual in which look very subtle and advanced, which result in a very chic and comfortable and unbeatable look.

You hit the jack pot with a neat varsity jacket + navy chinos with navy knitted polos – pack a punch right into the block hole of your competitors.

Occasions – overly monochromatic is not suggested for the daylight rendezvous or even the offices. Casual evening wear makes the monochromatic season and combination ideal.

Brown and Navy – the combinations hits a home run all the time – the blend and marriage is quite natural – either you introduce the brown in the belt, the buttons of the blazer / coat, even brown shoes, just complement and heighten the neat edgy resounding impression navy will display to the opposite person. 
The remarkable impact will be long-lasting.

Even a watch strap can do magic wonders if it is in brown shade mixed with navy domination.

UK Leather Factory produces some of the finest custom made leather jackets of your choice and styles to suit your position, needs and occasion. UK Leather Factory supports men styling at their best, all the time. 
Mastering bespoke leather jackets to adjust with your navy combination is the finesse of UK Leather Factory for 2 decades.

If you’re looking for a neat combination – talk to one of our designers and you’ll come out a gentleman.

Uk leather Factory

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Why Would You Wear a Leather Jacket?

If you’re young, suave, youthful and want to get attractive – investing in a leather jacket tells much about you – you’re picky about style and makeovers. Plus, luxury best leather jackets are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Why would you want to style – firstly, impress. The crowd, the public, or your neighbor will give you the stage. But will you perform? Only if you’re running for the public office, would you consider styling in style.

If you want to look your sexy best – pure leather just gives you the neat and smart look. Pure leather speaks the royal language. The instant you step into a hotel or a coffee bar – a best leather jacket puts you in the different club.

A club of a different men’s fashion – for example if you wear UK Leather Factory’s Bane (Tom Hardy) Leather jacket – that will instantly put your crowd to notice you almost immediately. Firstly, it is different, untraditional and unique in its show.
So you put up a neat show of men’s style and taste.

Experimenting is necessary. One, who experiments, looks a different league, all the time. Give and put up a competition to your competition. Who are you competing today?

Monday, 7 April 2014

Seek the Wonders of Canada Travel – Winnipeg is about Events and Surprises

If you love polar bears and so do your children, travel to Winnipeg to experience world’s best exhibit of polar bears. Winnipeg is just isn’t white and polar bears, Bison Safari Park will give you the up close and personal experience to see the wondrous Bison herds roaming around FortWhyte Alive.

FACTS: Located in the Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg is home to multicultural races and ethnicities. 7th largest city of Canada – Winnipeg is a city to travel to. But before you decide what to do in Winnipeg, make sure you have plenty of time and boss’s internet is not working until you’re away.

Winnipeg is home to all-time great events like Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Winnipeg Ballet – hence Winnipeg enjoys the name of being the cultural cradle of Canada.

ATTRACTIONS: While you bask in the city of Winnipeg and enjoy the fine dining – Winnipeg is home to –

  • The Forks
  • Assiniboine Park
  • Manitoba Museum
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Manitoba Legislative Building
  • FortWhyte Alive
  • Oak Hammock Marsh
  • Manitoba Children’s Museum
  • Club Regent Casino
  • McPhillips Station Casino
  • St. Boniface
  • Western Canada Aviation Museum
  • Exchange District

How to Get to Winnipeg – EASY
Located in the center of Canada, internationalized route give frequent passage to international airlines.

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport + St. Andrews Airport are the major airports to access Winnipeg. 1300+ kilometers from Calgary in Alberta to the West, Winnipeg is not a difficult city to miss by.
Major airlines touch upon James Armstrong Richardson International, bringing 3.4 million passengers annually, with daily frequency of 120 flights.

Rail and Bus routes too are easily accessible to Winnipeg.

What to Wear in Winnipeg – this city is sure cold enough to push you inside. But nothing to worry about – get customized and bespoke designer leather jackets that’ll keep you warm provided those are 100% genuine leather jackets.

Fine layering will not be necessary or parkas would be if you’re travelling in summers to Winnipeg. Get logwoods in plenty if you’re not feeling safe.

What To Do When Vacationing in Iceland

Iceland – nature’s very own white necklace - The treeless country of Iceland, yes no one tree can be found there, so forget shades and embrace the hot springs in the icy cold Iceland. The Scandinavian country has much to offer if you’ve marked Iceland on the list.

Explore, hike, ride a bike, go on a Land-Rover and be a lover of pure ecstatic and untouched, still, nature of Iceland. Opening up to the tourist side of the commerce – Iceland may well be one of the most frequented places in the coming times, if markets don’t crash and the world-cup in Brazil is not delayed.

How To Get to Iceland - Though the Island is cornered somewhere towards the north and covered mostly in ice, 3 international airlines manage to Iceland. Seasonal air flights are offered by other airlines – regular ones are easy to book. So get your backpack set and get ready to spend some pollution-less nights of Iceland.

Schengen Advantage - Schengen Countries are exempt from procuring the visas. Others pay cash and trust God. Visas are not difficult to procure.

What To Do in Iceland – Hiking, Biking, Riding and walking. Taking a taxi is expensive. So book a car and ride around Iceland. Hire a tent and go hitchhiking. Icelandic people are not so keen in giving a lift to hitchhikers. Buses are expensive too.

Get maps and understand the villages names and hilltops – go selfie. Get instagram and post videos. You may well become the brand ambassador for Iceland. Who knows.

Secondly, get to see the Whale-watching spree. The Elding Whale Watching is a sensation anyone would want to invest in. Iceland is just one of those untouched nature’s beauty where many places, just around the capital, still remain untouched by man, still today.

Natural Swimming Pools – unwind relax and submerge in Iceland’s very own hot water springs, boiling at neat 40 degrees, to give you the nature’s spas to treat you regally. With abundant hot water springs to be found, one thing is, Scandinavian countries have public bathrooms, open for all. Make sure to dip in the warmer swimming pools of Reykjavík, where natural water used for heating the buildings is casted away, though pure and clean, into the sea, forming a natural lagoon to take a quick swim.

Meet the Puffins, Eat the Puffins – the bird is offered as a delicacy in Iceland. When whale watching – make sure to spot these, which are found in plenty of places. Not everyone would find it so pleasing to the palettes but trying it will be an experience to share.

What to Wear in Iceland – lots of warmer clothes. Include one or two best leather jackets preferably custom made leather biker jackets to keep you warm and make you look trendier for the pictures you’ll snap at places around.

Iceland is a country where angels descended and rested – then engineered the rest of the world. Serene, cold and very artistically impressive in its beauty – Iceland reserves some of the best secrets one would only wonder in fantasy world. A MUST SEE.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Best Places to Visit Before You Go to Jail

If you’ve been ever involved in illegal takeovers or drug cartels and your calculator says, you still have time before the cops run out of cash and scamper around to find and lay their hands on – you better plan something quick and fast and use that black-to-white money at some good place.

If you had something in Crimea to do with Putin & Co, better let it stay in Vegas and head off to the most pleasant surprises that await you in Europe and elsewhere.

Here is a list of places that you shouldn’t miss – and if you’re accompanying your better half, the travelling experience will be rejoicing.

Best Places to Visit – MADAGASCAR

Mark this place, the 4th largest island of the world, on your calendar – which offers the otherworldly surprises kept in good secrecy, still, for you to wander and explore this hospitable island off Africa.
Before the travel agents dot and pinpoint this place, ensure you’ve already touched upon the serenity of this country.


Travelling to the farthest end in sight is Caribbean islands of Dominican Republic, the land of sun, the shores, the sand and quite a lot of surfing. Expect the sun tans to greet you early on – but who cares and notices you in the flip-flops you’ll wear around.


Explore the Istanbul tradition, which is already inundated with tourists and packs and travel agents. Head off to the south-west and south-east of Turkey to explore fine dining, old remains of city of Mardin and Midyat. 
Enjoy and relish the lip-licking flavours of Gaziantep, while you don’t forget to visit the historical ruins of Göbekli Tepe near Sanliurfa. Experience Kurdish touch in these places, experience the novel and fresh unexplored culture of the Kurds. Be the first ones to accomplish it.


If you’re planning a budget trip anywhere in Europe – make sure Slovakia is the next destination for you. Covered in nature’s best scenery, a country which is shedding off the perception of being nasty in the past. Part of the EU zone, Slovakia is now focusing the tourism sector of its industry – who knows you’ll be princely treated in East of Europe.

Budget vacations or planned lavish holiday hideouts – the choices are just so much more – REVEL Leather wants to unearth some of the best possibilities for its customers to experience and be memorable.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What to Wear in Outer Space, and get Famous?

Let’s go untraditional and cast out the naval outer space uniform in all white. That’s all for Sandra and George. Remember Gravity? Outer space means, it should look and sound like eclectic and eccentric.

You would be doing this to get more followers on social sphere. Get the point?

Starting with something novel and new around here – we have this best leather jackets section featuring the women’s distressed leather biker jackets on sale online.

Made from pure 100% genuine leather –enough to keep your warmer out there if you’re too far away, or getting farther away from the sun.

Speaking from Maroon, before that, you must make sure you have a twitter account to get you the fame you’re looking for.

The Maroon leather biker jackets on sale online edition is a special $255 treat from REVEL Leather. Next comes in light dubbed pink, NOT baby pink that’ll go with maroon. Elevate the maroon style with peachy pink.
Skirts and flowing skirts will look on the other level of gorgeousness.

The combination works neatly. The outer space experience will be out of this world – minus the oxygen supply that you’ll have to purchase from NASA directly. Expect a discount if oxygen is in oversupply.

Well if you’re not getting a chance yet to explore the moon – try out the best leather jackets (the maroon distressed leather biker jackets) at an evening meet-up or at a party or at a dinner.

Or you could try taking your bike and friends and spend a little adventure exploring your newer outfits. Grungy and edgy in looks – the leather biker jacket is a perfect fit for rough use. Plus, it’ll not blast to blister in midair while in the outer space.

Speaking of genuine leather – REVEL Leather gets you the hand-picked selected quality best leather designer jackets for sale online. Shop once, get offers over and over.

Make sure your selfie in this outfit goes well on Twitter. Make it look tangy, it’ll flow flawlessly.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to Get the ‘Perfect’ Fitting – Measurement for Ladies and Men

Online shopping is safer, greater and growing dynamic every day – but if you’re looking to shop for perfumes and fashion styles, then online shopping lacks that inherent aesthetics to grip you in with the emotional touch to make you fall in love and push the cart button.

Dilemma #1 – What if your chosen apparel or fashion style best leather jackets will fit you or not? What if the size is too big and baggy that your local tramp will enjoy it or it is too small that your puppy will have a good one?

Either way, the fault lies with sizing and measurements.

Why you need ‘perfect’ measurements - UK Leather Factory experts know where the customers feel the pinch in taking the measurements. Tailoring and sizing go together and neither would be your career goals for the future. So let UK Leather Factory make it sound simple here – next time you’re shopping, you’ll have the ease and peace of mind.

How to Get Started for Getting Perfect Measurements – Grab a measuring tape and a friend to take your measurements. Self-help is not recommended as your body might not be at ease while you’re busy trying to get measurements.

Measurements should be taken while you’re easy and in perfectly fitting clothing.

Accurate measurements are possible standing straight up with arms relaxed to your side. When measuring, the tape should lay flat across your skin but shouldn’t get and feel pulled or pinched.

How to take Measurements – Height – This part is quite straightforward. Height, this must be remembered, refers to your height barefoot. Get yourself measured against a wall without shoes on.

Weight – Grab a weighing scale, no rocket science, step on it and you have the scales saying truth about you, can’t bribe the machines.

How would Females get their Measurements?

Bust: The measurement is fairly simple here. Measure from the fullest part of your bust, that’ll give you the fairly accurate size of your chest.

Waist: most people get this place wrong sometimes. They think with the length of their jeans or where their trousers fit and sit. For female measurements, you would want to measure around the smallest part of your waist. Which also means, taking the measurements around the belly button or an inch or two about it. To make it easier, look in the mirror and see where your stomach goes in or curves in the most and measure from there.

Hips: it is not the hip bone but around the largest part of your hips and bottoms where measurements seem fit and right to settle.

Inseam: starting just below the crotch right up to the ankle is the best way to measure this part.

Male Measurements

Neck: This is quite informative – starting about an inch above from where your neck connects with the shoulders, around the Adam’s apple. Instead of taking tight to skin measurement, place the index finger inside the tape, loosening the tape slightly, and then get the measurements of the neck.

Waist and Hips: Goes the same like that of the women’s measurements.

Chest: The measurement goes just under the armpits across and around the fullest part of your chest.

Sleeve: Starting from the middle of the lower part of the neck between the shoulders, hands places on the hip, run the tape over the shoulder, over the elbow all the way to the wrist.

Inseam: In briefs, measurements are taken from just below the crotch to the ankle.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

What Makes a Man Live a Fashion Trend – HOT TIPS – Sporty Action All the Way

Life is once – so dwelling in ordinary shouldn’t be the real man’s show. Put up with the best is what every man wishes.

Fashion sense and fashion budget go opposites. Isn’t it – WRONG? Smart planning giveth a man the best he must have. Every male has a distinct nature.

Fashion styling and clothing requires that keen eye.

Today’s post is just exactly what men do really want to keep themselves in, look younger even when the silver lining is starting to show around.

Looking Your Best – BUDGET <$500 – keep a pair of straight-cut denim jeans – which don’t go heated up in the summers. But straight fit jeans are just the best man’s choice. Neat and a bit faded like Stone Age denims will be deal breaker. Make the competition drool.

INGREDIENTS – Straight fit denim jeans in rich royal blue with faded texture here and there will give you the coffee club mix and comfort looks. Perfect for a hunk. Deep royal blue is just naturally the family of denims. Custom made jeans should be on top of your list.

Jackets – smart collection will keep you in the buzz. Light-weight and lesser loaded best leather jackets on sale are the perfect fit. The one featured here is Slim-fit leather jackets for sale online from UK Leather Factory. As the name suggests, so is the quality. Foreign and international. Make it a signature for yourself to have a niche wardrobe collection – your competition will stand cringing and whimpering more often. Keep an eye always on the competition and stay ahead.

Shoes – wingtips with no more comments. Brown shaded wingtips are just the darling outfit you will add to yourself and thank me for it. Brown is sensible and so rich looking – black is good but black is ordinary traditional.

REMEMBER – go untraditional.

Now is this combination putting up well? Formal and casual mix-up is trendy and quite wearable.

Try it on and send pictures to jessicaalvi03@gmail.com – would post your pictures here.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Men’s Fashion SPECIAL EDITION – Biker Leather Jackets + Edgy Catchy Looks

Leather Biker Jackets are the necessary artillery for the boys. Travelling, exploring, adventuring, window shopping, hitch-hiking North of Bahamas, sports leather biker jackets are the cool stuff boys must have handy.

First, it arouses attention, catches the eyes, shifts the focus.

What Fits well with White – white is supreme, over the top and regal if cared well. Or they’ll notice the dirt before you’re in the picture. So special care is a must. No rolling and no laundry. Respect white and you’ll see white shining regally. Roll it, toss it, disrespect it and you’re done with white, then it’ll be grey leather jacket for you.


With white, natural blend is black. Not pitch black, but something from the grungy side will just equalize it much better. Plain black will go fine but run of the mill combination is not the idea we’re falling for. Isn’t it boys?

1st Choice – Public Choice Awards – superman inspired grungy designed T-Shirt. Awesome, is just a word. Experience is galactic. Black with a blazing red effect of Superman flying. The magical combination will be in the least just impressive given the contrast of Red + Black + overall white.

2nd Best – Public Awards – Rare hence a clear winner. Superman Logo styled Grungy T-shirt with an arrogant showcasing of high-throttle engines. A must favourite for the bikers. Already in black, the combination will be a hit as the grungy stronger impression of throttle is a crowd puller.

Just imagine..!! Outshine the competition with neat and slick varsity fashion combination.

Friday, 28 February 2014

NEW Fashion – Men’s Fashion Styling UPGRADE for March 2014

Talk about taking a break – a mini-break without a Kit-Kat. This one will be unique and refreshing.

Grab a vintage motorcycle and grab some equipment to show off in your town or ride to the other town.

Take custom made leather biker jackets for men and combine it with superior material in denims and sports leather shoes. The arrangement will be classic. Grow the icon in your wardrobe.

The black leather biker jackets for men are pure rage of the road. Made from 100% genuine and premium quality leather, hand-finished to give you the PRO look – get real with real leather. Ageless quality of leather is durability and its essence of growing and adjusting with your body.

You’ll just leave Justin Bieber cringing and writhing in pain – get the surreal hero’s look that of a Matrix Reloaded Keanu Reeves.

Sport the biker jackets with ease and flow on your chopper. The vintage chopper will be great finger biting experience. Guaranteed..!!

Now what comes next to combine the best of the best – rusty coloured denims for sure. Pure leather is complemented better in rusty jeans. Get rusty and don’t get noticed for dirt.

Now’s its turn to turn to having a rave chopper – beast and silently sensuous rage of the road. Commanding, powerful and roaring all the way.

Grab the black theme and go the knight’s way. Rule the roads. Be the star. Start your engines..!!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

What to Wear with Black Tone Fashion Style

Go universal – black and white capture the moment – attention grabbing and yet very seasonal but silently overpowering.

Noticeable from far away, even the sharks can catch the combination.

So if you’re planning a trip – get the black and white to get more attention, curiosity and perhaps good discounts for the souvenirs you’ll collect apart from the secret photo session.

With this combination – you might get picked up in Paris Street for an amateur photo shoot. Who knows? Luck favours the pairs.

Black is serene, while white when paired with black is regal and loud. Black is mysterious while white explains the outward opposite of black. The relationship between black and white is poles apart yet so similar.

Black is deep while white is quite higher and welcoming.

Both on the extreme, total black and total white just edges off the spectrum, doesn’t work.

So work on this combination intelligently.

Alternately you can add a little darker green tone here over the white and black skirt – 3 toned colour combination will give a gleaning combination – mixing women’s leather jackets for sale online will best go-to option for ladies.

Olive green women’s leather jackets will be a natural winning piece to solve the puzzle of looking great.

If you’re figuring out what it’ll look like – go out and try it. The spring season is already blossoming, natural green leather jacket will just pamper you for the season. REVEL Leather Co. is a fine leather jacket making company – specialising in custom made women’s and men’s best leather jackets for online sale.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kiss of the Women’s Fashion Style – The Rule of Royal White

Situation #1 – you’re out of options and winter shopping is already done and displayed to your peers and colleagues.

Situation #2 – the stylish woman has already tried all the stuff in the wardrobe and it needs a serious overhaul.

Situation #3 – the budget’s squeezed and no friend is answering their phone to lend you to buy and try Armani

Situation #4 – you’re left with leftovers of last night’s party and some over $500 to spend either on food or your designer clothing.

Question – what should you spend on? Clothing or food..? Well you can live a week without food, 3 days without water. But clothing? Seriously, necessarily, what are you thinking?

Well food can be sponsored for 3 days – if you have 10 friends, you’re up for a month of food chain supply unhindered. Problem SOLVED..!!

Now what to do with that $500? – Grab the stylish woman leather jackets – pure 100% premium leather white zipper biker jackets for women. Class, elegance, added with a niche touch of sporty woman reflecting from the inside.

Dubbed white without the gloss adds grace – that’s the magical formula

What goes  best with a sporty biker jacket – pinks? Blue shades or bright blue slim-fit denims. Pure indulgence. Feel rich..!! Look even more richer and brighter.

Women’s Fashion Tip – add this little grungy style to your braided styled soft-white leather jacket. Pink workout trousers that leave you overall looking rejuvenated with hope and energy.

Grab your best sneakers and joggers in black or pinks to get the tone perfect.

Workout ready, impression priceless. Budget <$500.

How’s the deal?

REVEL Leather is a fine leather jacket company, making and stitching some of the finest and best leather jackets including vintage leather jackets and bomber navy leather jackets.

With supreme designer looks – you’re bound to stay ahead and above the crowd.

What’s your take – are you saving the $500 note bill or are you letting yourself to take the next day by storm in strong colours?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

High Fashion Style – Zipper Style Leather Jacket – Mix with Spring Pink

Just imagine you’re waiting to impress the town and you get your hands on designer made high-fashion style pure white leather biker jackets for women.

Pure white that dubs into off-white tone while you wear and tear it – the ageless aging of pure leather will indeed add the gloss and style as pure leather intelligently learns your body and adjusts to your physique for that natural looks. The slimmer part of the leather jacket is the best you will not regret.

Fashion Combination

Blues and reds are natural combinations so we don’t go over that – we are speaking of something spring pink in sporty trousers that will add some niche and panache to your overall look.

Neat and sporty pink sports trousers will give a proper balanced combination for your workout season.

Go to the cinema in this combination and get rave reviews and views.

Get on the best sneakers and comfortable ones for a sporty run around the town.

High Fashion pure leather white biker jacket is a fine treat for the casual biking experience.

Explore the sunsets, ride to the nearest hilltop, meditate, reflect and respond to the nature. Adore the beauty of nature while your pure leather white biker jacket will love you and stick on to you.

UK Leather Factory produces some of the finest and premium quality leather jackets on sale online. Featuring celebrity and slim-fit leather jackets for men and women – pure leather is a class of elegance and an investment that stays to define your fashion statement with time.

Leather grows graceful with time. Adore your pure leather defining your style.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

HOT Fashion Tips - What to Wear with Red Leather Jackets

Fashion Combination #1 – Wear H&M handbag with a leather skin finish (faux) don’t put the alligator in much trouble, they’re already too few and some of them on strict diet due to global warming and global cooling – fish shift with minimal overheads but crocs have to govern the rivers.

So a niche handbag in black will contrast with sexy red leather jackets will set the tone apart. Red and black are a  sensuous combination for the evening party wear.

Fashion Item #2 – Chinese Laundry red suede works best as it matches with the vintage leather jackets in red colour. Vintage in the sense as the outlook of the best leather jackets grows the vintage looks. And so will you when you out different and trendy.

Tip on Leather – Real pure leather ages and looks graceful. The lustre goes away, which reveal the exact elegance of pure leather. Hence keep leather separate in your budget and you’ll love the way you’ll walk around and get the attention.

Fashion Item #3 – Adorn yourself with a rave aqua green or turquoise stone or marble bracelet.

That just puts you in the focus. Nobody will steal their gazes when they talk to you. Turquoise over rich red leather jackets is indeed magical and exudes higher elegance of your fashion taste. Display and express your budget fashion taste that will not be forgotten that easily. Be the topic of the day and even weeks.

Feel the attention that you’ll win at the gatherings. Pick up that song tune and play it at the club house – grab the guitar and let the mood sway to your advantage.

Fashion Item #4 – planning an outing in the next city? Driving to the nearest bay port area or planning a weekend to saunter at the Florida beaches – don’t forget to carry a carpet Jaffar back-pack that’ll bring back your youthful days back and give you the kick of freedom and energy.

So let the mood get colourful bright and every young. Plan the holidays, take the break, travel, eat and take pictures.

What else is life for..? Saving..? Do it the next time..?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What is the Perfect Fashion Combination for Corporate Ladies?

The list isn’t long 

  • Custom Olive Green Leather Corporate Coats For Women
  • Off-White Denims
  • High-heeled Mild-Brown Leather shoes
  • Stilettos
  • Clutches – in Contrast or in matching, as per the season and mood

You’re free to choose the best blouse or shirt for yourself that goes finely mixing with the leather outfit and the shoes combination that you choose for yourself.

BUDGET (Spring Collection) – US$500-700. 

Natural Olive Deep Green genuine Leather coats for women have a class to exude and showcase your fashion sense.

The sensibility can be elevated with neat contrasts in whites, off-whites, and dusty coloured combinations.

If you’re still conjuring about the combinations – Google’s the best answer to get you going in such a meagre fashion shopping budget

Fashion Combination #1 – pairing up contrasted off-white slim-fit denim jeans is a perfect way to express your neat and sweet fashion sense.

Fashion Combination #2 – Dusty coloured denims and straight trousers will take your style much further.

Just imagine the streets of London, dusty coloured denims and custom olive green genuine leather coats for women will be magically classy item to show off. The confidence that you’ll grow will be instant and noticeable around you.

Get a red-Indian style leather back-pack or a corporate leather bag that’ll put you in the corporate mode right away.

Get on the touring mode, plan your holidays to Canada, Iceland or Greenland – you’re sure to mean and carry business along with you.

So what are you combining this spring season and what’s the best holiday spot to show off your natural merry looks?

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What Goes Best with Genuine Brown Belted Leather Coats for Men’s Style?

There’s no specific time to start styling and experimenting. One third of your budget should be kept aside to experiment with your closet and wardrobe or you’re lacking behind.

Same goes for business guys. Invest in yourself and see how deals are done and pretty fast. Experimenting leads you to stay happy and curious.

Girls Go For - So today we’re having this very custom made genuine Brown Belted Leather Coats for men of mid-40. It is time to look younger again and show the pride. Pride of display men live on this earth and girls love and drool for the crispy looking men.

Straight, smoothened, hand-finished and decorated with bright badges stitched on either side of the shoulder, which gives a pretty neat casual look to your overall.

OCCASION Fit – Long Drives, college re-union, hanging out with friends, meeting and age-old childhood friend (female) and reminiscing through the times. Look bold but not old. Get hold of yourself and start the makeover.

Budget – A little extra over $400 in your budget will get you a comfortable set of fashion combination if you’re looking forward to a versatile type of fashion set.

Fashion Set #1 

FIT FOR – outdoor adventurous drive and hiking expeditions. Head down to the downtown and revel in your fashion outfit.

Fashion Combination # 2 

With a neat crispy retro-hairdo, steal the show and get known as sophisticated hunk.
So what’s your style for today guys..? Neat and sophisticated or just casual statement..?

Monday, 17 February 2014

How to Mix Satin Jackets with Fashion Combination

Picking up a satin jacket is central to mixing it up with a revered fashion combination you’re so looking forward to. Picking up a satin celebrity jacket of Ryan Gosling from Drive movie requires special homework to do with your wardrobe.

Mixing white satin jacket from Drive movie of Ryan Gosling will give you the surreal experience and if not done right, will be bizarre, so special caution is needed.

Driver’s Outfit - Black always looks in one piece and in one place if mixed with darker blends. Pick up a grey cargo pant or a khaki trouser if you’re taking the black satin jacket to a cinema, evening party, a walk down the shopping lane or just dropping by the favourite coffee house.

Leader’s Black Connect - If you’re coaching a team, black satin will work superb. Being a project manager or a leader of the pack – black is supreme and royal to put you in that position of authority.

Black and grey go formal in your way to get that respect needed to get things moving forward. A light-pale dusty khaki will work best as well. For an office setting, though the scorpion embroidered back of the satin jacket might take away some of the formality – that is the necessary weapon for you to blend in semi-informally with people around.

Mix it with light brown dusty coloured formal shoes and you’ve just an orchestra of supreme fashion

combination. Seal the deal with light brown navy belt and you’ve just signed up for the evening dinner gala by the beachside.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fashion Blunders to Avoid At All Costs

What is TOTALLY NO – NO in the men’s fashion world? Wearing a class needs attention, a little bit of a budget and some very critical friends who can criticize every nook and corner of your persona. Your outfits say a lot about you.

Halloween Day is NOT Every day – mixing novelty ties and clothes seem to be too enticing for just anyone. But these varieties and combinations only work well in low-down parties and Halloween meet ups. Or are you still reminiscing the university days when everything was ‘just’ fine. 

Even Mark Zuckerberg now wears decently, though he is a famous drop out. So adapt the formals and semi-formals as the dress code. Casuals need some synchronization and a taste too that blends well with the surroundings which reflect sobriety and openness. So keep out the novelty ties and shirts. A very strong NO-NO.

Mixing the White Socks – with darker trousers are just obnoxious and take away the attention instantly from your face to your ankles. Take maximum effort to avoid your ankles being the focus of the show. Or put your ankles where your face is – how will that look? If you’re not Picasso, then it will be odd and odder. Mix neutrals then. Socks MUST NOT contrast with the trousers but should blend with the color of the trousers.

BIG SHOES – are best to squash lizards and cockroaches. Keep some for that but BIG SHOES have left the scene two decades ago.

Slim classic glossy and non-lustrous shoes are best wearable trendy nowadays. Adapt to the trend. Check twitter to know what’s on.

Jewelry – Men’s jewelry is necessarily the branded watch. Nothing less than that and nothing more. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and colorful rings are just not man’s best show. NEVER. Only if you’re competing Jazzy-B, only then you’re the junk fashion category and will not end up at the corporate parties. Better look like a clown than overdosed jewelry display shop.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Killer Combination Valentine’s Day Gifts – for HIM and HER

Preparing for Valentine’s Evening candlelight dinner? This is the classy outerwear that’ll capture her senses and win her in the first impression.

First impression wins right? Wrong. This is just the first step to being the stalwart with a fine sense of fashion but what about the finer sense of humor that you so crave about.

Nothing to worry about it – social happenings globally are just the perfect masala you’ll need to keep her entertained.

Talk about a movie, talk about personalities, talk about how business is done, talk how a car works and how a chopper runs. Get your gigs from wherever you can – try out Google+, try out Twitter and read it on the CNN and BBC.

Talk crazy about China, the Chinese wouldn’t know if you’re not dining at one of their restaurants. If you are in case, talk about how Italians think about the world.

The classy combination comes with a neat sense of dubbed colors just done right. Natural browns just take anyone by surprise. Combine it wisely.

Now comes in the KILLER combination #2 – that’ll just leave men gasping and bewildered and force them to pay your dinner bill. Guaranteed..! The macho-woman like dress-up is just not the idea it is the lace evening gown that goes down every place, elegance will define mastery of fashion sense. So choose and wear wisely and appear confident.

This is a neat treat to men’s eyes – superiorly elegant and simple long flowing fall of the lacy evening dress just makes you look like a princess fairy without the diamond crown.

Who wants a diamond when you’re already looking stunningly gorgeous. With that creamy brown lacy dress, make sure you don’t overdo the makeup but add a little spice with a pink shaded lipstick that’ll just close the deal and put you both at ease with a splash of flattery and immense emotional justification.

Now both of you are ready – so what are you taking? A taxi or the bus..? Wrong – neither of these – but ask your man to take you on a ride on this voluptuously powerful chopper – classic and retro styled valentine will be hard to forget even for the paparazzi.

Done with the styling and gasoline power artillery? Almost done. Now if men aren’t so easy with the formal look – get your evening style in this formal custom made valentine’s day kick-ass distressed black leather jackets for men on online sale – designed with inspiration from Daniel Craig from Layer Cake. Now that Bond guy is just an inspiration here.

The distressed custom made black leather formal jacket is straight, poised and show of utter sheer confidence. 100% genuine leather will just put you in the driver’s seat – that’ll make you feel important, in one place, straight and very masculine. Decorated with horizontally running 3 white-thread embroidered stripes – adding the touch of sophistication of a pure expert golfer – the elegance retouched strong-hearted designer made distressed leather jacket has a red lining underneath the button lineage to make you perfectly fitting for the valentine’s day icon of the moment.

So are shining as an icon on the night of emotional affinity..?

Monday, 27 January 2014

GRAND SLAM Top 3 Men’s Spring Fashion Shopping List

Why Leather? Leather is intelligent, never grows tired, never grows old but grows gracefully. Leather creates a bond which is unparalleled with just any other outfit.

What is topping my list of fashion shopping from the online brands – well pretty much is dominated by colour, trend, texture, looks and the inner feel that will go a long way out of your wardrobe.

Use-And-Throw Vs. Investment - Leather comes with a durability tag while others are use-and-throw label to keep the industries rolling, hence a slow movement with leather. But leather is man’s best friend after all.
And leather is the best mirror of one’s taste and class of niche fashion signature. Pure leather is priceless precious investment money can acquire.

Leather Quality – any other competitor doesn’t come near to leather in feel, touch and long-lasting essence. CAUTION – picking up a leather outfit, you should be adept enough to understand what your physical appearance will be projected and affected when leather endorses you.

All leather is not for everyone, nor should everyone wear leather, like Rolex which is not made for everyone. Leather is niche; leather is premium outerwear which demands respect.

Pick of the Week # 1 – Grand-Slam HOT pick of the month – Valentine shopping special custom made pure leather motorcycle jacket for women – the gift she will just not wait to have it and wear it the year long.

Precious as its pure leather that’ll last for a lifetime like your love. Carry a heavy bike chopper and give this to her and she’ll melt for that perfect moment.

Pick of the Week # 2 – Since you’re agile, young and energetic – how about going with something less warmer, less thicker but equally stylishly impressive.

Black slim-fit pure leather winter jacket for men on BIG SALE - with casual finishing for that boy’s look – relish the boy-zone on the road.

That is something for the university boys ready to experiment the sentiments of February.

What about the older boys on the block?

Pick of the Week # 3 – Stylish, masculine, power statement, authoritative and yet very trendy, supreme commander look in custom-made pure leather military winter jacket for men on sale. Calm in its upper expression, while the mild or middle expression is of natural outlook for a tourist adventurer.

Mild brown leather coats for men – just to say that you’re touchy and elegant as men’s class should be.

Wearing Wingtips + Flannel off-white trousers with glossy black wingtips will just add the sheen.

Walk into a cinema and get the heads turned. Don’t forget to wear the checked blue and white shirt that goes to explain the power of pure leather covering the checks.

Sound neat isn’t it..?