Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kiss of the Women’s Fashion Style – The Rule of Royal White

Situation #1 – you’re out of options and winter shopping is already done and displayed to your peers and colleagues.

Situation #2 – the stylish woman has already tried all the stuff in the wardrobe and it needs a serious overhaul.

Situation #3 – the budget’s squeezed and no friend is answering their phone to lend you to buy and try Armani

Situation #4 – you’re left with leftovers of last night’s party and some over $500 to spend either on food or your designer clothing.

Question – what should you spend on? Clothing or food..? Well you can live a week without food, 3 days without water. But clothing? Seriously, necessarily, what are you thinking?

Well food can be sponsored for 3 days – if you have 10 friends, you’re up for a month of food chain supply unhindered. Problem SOLVED..!!

Now what to do with that $500? – Grab the stylish woman leather jackets – pure 100% premium leather white zipper biker jackets for women. Class, elegance, added with a niche touch of sporty woman reflecting from the inside.

Dubbed white without the gloss adds grace – that’s the magical formula

What goes  best with a sporty biker jacket – pinks? Blue shades or bright blue slim-fit denims. Pure indulgence. Feel rich..!! Look even more richer and brighter.

Women’s Fashion Tip – add this little grungy style to your braided styled soft-white leather jacket. Pink workout trousers that leave you overall looking rejuvenated with hope and energy.

Grab your best sneakers and joggers in black or pinks to get the tone perfect.

Workout ready, impression priceless. Budget <$500.

How’s the deal?

REVEL Leather is a fine leather jacket company, making and stitching some of the finest and best leather jackets including vintage leather jackets and bomber navy leather jackets.

With supreme designer looks – you’re bound to stay ahead and above the crowd.

What’s your take – are you saving the $500 note bill or are you letting yourself to take the next day by storm in strong colours?

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