Saturday, 22 February 2014

HOT Fashion Tips - What to Wear with Red Leather Jackets

Fashion Combination #1 – Wear H&M handbag with a leather skin finish (faux) don’t put the alligator in much trouble, they’re already too few and some of them on strict diet due to global warming and global cooling – fish shift with minimal overheads but crocs have to govern the rivers.

So a niche handbag in black will contrast with sexy red leather jackets will set the tone apart. Red and black are a  sensuous combination for the evening party wear.

Fashion Item #2 – Chinese Laundry red suede works best as it matches with the vintage leather jackets in red colour. Vintage in the sense as the outlook of the best leather jackets grows the vintage looks. And so will you when you out different and trendy.

Tip on Leather – Real pure leather ages and looks graceful. The lustre goes away, which reveal the exact elegance of pure leather. Hence keep leather separate in your budget and you’ll love the way you’ll walk around and get the attention.

Fashion Item #3 – Adorn yourself with a rave aqua green or turquoise stone or marble bracelet.

That just puts you in the focus. Nobody will steal their gazes when they talk to you. Turquoise over rich red leather jackets is indeed magical and exudes higher elegance of your fashion taste. Display and express your budget fashion taste that will not be forgotten that easily. Be the topic of the day and even weeks.

Feel the attention that you’ll win at the gatherings. Pick up that song tune and play it at the club house – grab the guitar and let the mood sway to your advantage.

Fashion Item #4 – planning an outing in the next city? Driving to the nearest bay port area or planning a weekend to saunter at the Florida beaches – don’t forget to carry a carpet Jaffar back-pack that’ll bring back your youthful days back and give you the kick of freedom and energy.

So let the mood get colourful bright and every young. Plan the holidays, take the break, travel, eat and take pictures.

What else is life for..? Saving..? Do it the next time..?

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