Monday, 27 January 2014

GRAND SLAM Top 3 Men’s Spring Fashion Shopping List

Why Leather? Leather is intelligent, never grows tired, never grows old but grows gracefully. Leather creates a bond which is unparalleled with just any other outfit.

What is topping my list of fashion shopping from the online brands – well pretty much is dominated by colour, trend, texture, looks and the inner feel that will go a long way out of your wardrobe.

Use-And-Throw Vs. Investment - Leather comes with a durability tag while others are use-and-throw label to keep the industries rolling, hence a slow movement with leather. But leather is man’s best friend after all.
And leather is the best mirror of one’s taste and class of niche fashion signature. Pure leather is priceless precious investment money can acquire.

Leather Quality – any other competitor doesn’t come near to leather in feel, touch and long-lasting essence. CAUTION – picking up a leather outfit, you should be adept enough to understand what your physical appearance will be projected and affected when leather endorses you.

All leather is not for everyone, nor should everyone wear leather, like Rolex which is not made for everyone. Leather is niche; leather is premium outerwear which demands respect.

Pick of the Week # 1 – Grand-Slam HOT pick of the month – Valentine shopping special custom made pure leather motorcycle jacket for women – the gift she will just not wait to have it and wear it the year long.

Precious as its pure leather that’ll last for a lifetime like your love. Carry a heavy bike chopper and give this to her and she’ll melt for that perfect moment.

Pick of the Week # 2 – Since you’re agile, young and energetic – how about going with something less warmer, less thicker but equally stylishly impressive.

Black slim-fit pure leather winter jacket for men on BIG SALE - with casual finishing for that boy’s look – relish the boy-zone on the road.

That is something for the university boys ready to experiment the sentiments of February.

What about the older boys on the block?

Pick of the Week # 3 – Stylish, masculine, power statement, authoritative and yet very trendy, supreme commander look in custom-made pure leather military winter jacket for men on sale. Calm in its upper expression, while the mild or middle expression is of natural outlook for a tourist adventurer.

Mild brown leather coats for men – just to say that you’re touchy and elegant as men’s class should be.

Wearing Wingtips + Flannel off-white trousers with glossy black wingtips will just add the sheen.

Walk into a cinema and get the heads turned. Don’t forget to wear the checked blue and white shirt that goes to explain the power of pure leather covering the checks.

Sound neat isn’t it..?

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Men’s Valentine Season Special-Motorbike Season Fashion Tips

Planning for Valentine’s Day? Either you should be a good cook and stay home to invite her over for a special candlelight small party.

But that will sound too budgeted. 

Series # 1 – Grab a Yamaha shown here – the 2013 World Supersport Championship title winner. Get it on rent. Buying it means you’re doling off 100 grand to get it. But we’re doing it for a day right. And what good is a bike if it gets rusted and pick up speed for the time you have it.

So pick up a neat slick piece from the market for a day or for the weekend. That is the 1st part.

Series # 2 – Preparation for Valentine – you won’t ride this Yamaha in a towel draped around your waist. So the classic motorcycle jackets for men on online sale are a sensible and sensuous appeal if you look like Mark Zuckerberg. Sporty and ultra-sexy out.

The lemon green Ben 10 custom made varsity jacket is a youthful projection that you and your valentine will love to hang around with, such a lemony valentine. Isn’t it..?

What comes next..? Blue shaded cotton denims or khakis will just be a stellar deal maker. Looking for match-making combination? Get a tuxedo with a 100 grand in your bank account and propose directly. That will be 2 stepped-fix-it lovely ceremony but monotonous, nothing that’ll go viral.

Don’t worry about the black chopper Ben 10 is wearing – if you’re the chopper guy, get a helmet and a men’s winter coats and custom leather jacket. All black and lemon green will be magical.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Valentine’s Day Shopping Special – Mustang, Heart Shaped Jacket and Military Outfit

The season of RED and Whites is upon us. Keep the whites for the Church for the big day, ‘after’ Valentines.

Today, we’re showcasing something different – A PLAN for the Valentine’s Day. A Big One..!!

Valentine’s Shopping List

Now this is the interesting part. If you’re looking to conquer the day and end it special – go directly to rent out a white Mustang. White..? Logic..? Wait till you get to the end.

Sporty, super, muscular, SEXY and very very mean..!! White Ford Mustang is just what you want to win her / him. If ladies are good drivers, then makes sure everyone around you wears a seatbelt. White Mustang is just so sleazy for a Valentine’s Day. It surely will catch up a lot of attention for your untraditional pick.

Black rims and a good horsepower. Believe me, your valentine date will melt when she hears the engines roaring at her, when she steps out.

Valentine’s Shopping List – Must Have # 2

A very neat, custom made designer valentine shopping leather jacket with a big big heart bravely showing at the front – win your valentine’s heart with this lifelong and durable pure leather custom winter jacket.

Now whatever you want to mix up with this Mustang + Valentine Heart Leather jacket – that is purely your pick.

But the next pick is a killer and deal stealer. Seal the deal with this stylish and rave, brand new designer military winter jacket on sale. Premium selling UK brand REVEL Leather is just rolling out the uniforms of the soldiers of Valentine’s Fashion Festival.

So a soldier dating on Valentine’s Day..? How’s the deal..?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Designer Fashion Wear Trend 2014 Contrasting Sports Outfits

Mix white and black – track pants and cricket knits are making their mainstay. Off the field and on to the work, sports outfits are always a smart fit, pretty much adds to the outlook. Minimalist plus trendier HOT.

Long maxis are just very attractive and welcoming. Upholding the decency in place, a perfect party wear and formal dressing cannot be ruled out if you’re walking with a maxi. But watch your foot when crossing the road. Avoid busy roads please.

A bit of showing the leather scraps being dealt nicely all around you – will be a neat smart move to make. Walk into a boardroom or to an interview or attend a seminar – you’ll catch quite a lot of attention.

Softer colours like petal pink, lavender and pistachio give a truly magical display. Bold yet calmed down tone in dressing. Truly one of the best dresses online to shop and wear.

Designer dresses will just have a plentiful to speak and spread the aroma of sensible designer dresses – the addition of pure durable designer leather motorcycle jackets on sale.

SHOPPING FOR VALENTINE (for HIM) – the best gift you could extend to a man is his masculinity and an outfit that matches the style and attitude. Speaking of towering personality – don’t miss on the Batman Leather Jacket on sale.

If you’re a leather enthusiast and a collector of vintage designer leather jackets – do check out REVEL leather website – source of designer leather jackets online. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

What to Wear in 2014 – Bright, Ebullient and Stronger Fashion Sense

As the spring season is setting in – sporty wear and casual outfits will be coming in soon.

But if you’re in Russia or the northern Mongolia – winter still has some surprises awaited in store. The chill bite is still going strong. Love the winters, love the colours and the brighter tones shown besides.

Overs and pullovers and furs are just some of the embellishments that you should take care of.

Add a little bit of leather and you’ll have a permanent family member which grows with time and grows graceful as it gets older. Sign of pure leather.

So what’s coming in 2014 – colours, blended well and made of a family will just perfectly blend in. But diversity and talented mixing will be the secret. Maroon will be the colour that will rule the fashion scenery.

Spring Fashion 2014 – add a little pure leather coats available online for sale. REVEL Leather carries a distinctive mark of giving premium UK brand online leather jacket fashion shopping store which showcases only designer made leather jackets for men and women.

Pure Leather – it grows and it ages with time developing some timeless wrinkles around the bends making it look more natural and more comfortable. Pure leather jackets on online sale carry complete impression on their own.

And by the way – if you’re looking for Tips to Look HOT – we’ve picked up Joseph Gordon Levitt – the evil who looks good in just anything.

Friday, 17 January 2014

5 Ways to Trendy Wear in 2014

Add colours to the tone first – Mild Pinks, Yellow Tone, Fuchsia, Blues and Emerald Green.

Now how would these add up to a trendy outfit combination, we’ll discuss that later in this commentary. 

Don’t forget black and slim-fit to adorn you this year. Now what comes first with black – its mild pink. How about a mild pink leather pouch bag or a purse with a golden coloured chain that is lengthier to speak and add to the tone of the overall outfit. Add a shade of decent brown and you have a natural projection of fashion trend. Brown speaks softly and all around you like humming the positive vibes.

Black or brown is the slim-fit leather women’s jacket on sale. UK made. Premium designer fit and ultra-comfortable from the inside, while on the outside is equally impressive and instantly attention grabbing.

What goes with black and mild pink? A little off-white to show the subtleness in its entirety. Gorgeous looks are not easy to get by – instead it is achieved with a little care.

Off-white free flowing satin knee long skirt will just add up the flavour to the entire essence. Feeling preppy? You should.

A little bit of faded straight-fit denims will speak volumes of your tasteful elegance and sheer beauty. Pair up the black or coffee-brown leather women’s slim-fit jacket on sale further with a white T-Shirt or a printed upper in off-white mode. Denims, T-Shirts and leather jackets on sale is just the perfect casual outclass standard that will catch the competitors off the guard.

CAUTION - Matching lipstick with pink will work when you’ve added a little subdued rough pink to your lips but that might attract unwanted attention. So go with mild-rich red to stay originally in place and upright. The fashion sense shouldn’t spill-over around you or your investment is done.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

*The Fashion It List*: 44. i've got that summertime sadness

*The Fashion It List*: 44. i've got that summertime sadness

Movie Fashion Review - Rubric of Debris – Gravity and Straight Cut Jacket

Lots of debris and lots of dizziness and a gripping Sci-Fi storyline of 2 astronauts surviving a space-craft explosion in space and left to tackle the survival’s next phase which is near to impossible in space is the gripping adventure highlighting the high-risk and high-fatality-possibilities of space ventures.

Even though technology advancements have gained considerable assurances but chances and odds can turn up against anyone at any moment.

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play the leads while they grapple with out-of-life situation to come out alive. Two astronauts are left to fight for each other and understand each other while make plans to come out alive in one piece to tell the story.

Gravity is a glimmer of new ray of hope in the line of Sci-Fi films which are dominated by the already-so-colourful and technology gravy-full movies like Hulk, Avengers, Iron-Man and what not.

Gravity is about the senses springing to action to find out the route and hint to survival. Without Oxygen, but how is it possible? Simple, you just take a break from the movie studio.

But nonetheless, the storyline, the action, the cinematography, the stunts, the technological prowess all stand in symmetry to give Gravity a fine score of making 2013 the year of Gravity.

What’s HOT in Fashion?

Gravity was indeed palpable and impressive. If you’re stepping out in this receding winter, then adorn this finer piece from moto leather jackets for men collection from the UK. Fine leather and finer finishing. Slim leather jacket on sale from premium UK online leather jackets store – REVEL Leather.

Black combines the best with cobra print hats. Now that was with a pinch of salt.

What are you wearing with black today?

Friday, 10 January 2014

How to Mix Colour Combinations in Fashion – Finesse Styling Tips

Colouring combinations are natural best to wear and show around. You’re stepping out as a star and not as a colour palette which is just a collection of rainbow waiting to be painted.

Trying on every other colour just all the time isn’t a good option which could label you as a fashion amateur open to every experiment which is so WRONG..!!

Stylist or Simplicity – so are you looking to get the stylist makeover or do you want to keep it simple? If you’re open to mixing colour, diligently and intelligently, you must know the colour wheel which identifies the colour family.

Rule # 1 – Analogous Colour Scheme – mix a family of colours together. Like Blue with Violet-Blue (Purple Blue) and Purple.

Orange with Red-Orange and Yellow-Orange.

Fashion Tip – make sure the colours complement each other instead of killing each other.

Men’s Styling – Mix and match lightly hued orange toned or orange-yellow toned trousers with Orange designer branded leather men’s bomber jacket on sale. Off-white and black are natural best to mix and blend with any other colour, only if you desire to keep it simple and single-toned. Black and White are universal colours.

Rule # 2 – Mixing Complementary Colours – Mix colours which are totally the opposite of another on the colour wheel. Like Blue with orange, Violet (purple) with yellow.

Men’s Styling – Mixing bright blue with Italian designer men’s orange bomber navy pilot leather jacket from UK will come out very neatly.

REMEMBER that REAL men’s trouser tips just fall over the edge of the shoe and doesn’t fold over. Real men never falter when it comes to suiting.

Rule # 3 – the T shaped Colour formation – Violet, yellow and red-orange make a T formation on the colour wheel. Men’s Fashion shopping list should have these combinations. Either mix the shirts with trousers and designer leather jackets on sale or mix the ties with shirts with men’s bomber leather jackets on sale. Idea is to match the best persona and colours together.

Valentine’s Day Fashion Tip – make sure the colours combinations are bright enough to catch attention but not too much to make it impossible to digest.

More to come to design you as original YOU..!!

Movie & Fashion Review - Lone Survivor & Cobra Commander Leather Jacket

Imagine, being alone, you’re low on diet with no support of a backup and a dwindling supplies of bullets and ammo necessary to keep you alive and kicking. Environment so hostile, anything will bite but the dust.

The chill factor is always more obtrusive and we’re in the middle of Afghanistan and waiting for miracles to happen where water too is unremarkably scant.

This is a story of patriotism, nationalism and dying spirit of surviving the odds in Afghanistan where attack is easier than defence. Being pushed to the wall with nerve-wrenching wreck of emotions and mind escaping the strategy mind-set, the alternates are losing ground fast.

Valour, chivalry, injury and soul piercing war of no purpose. With the relentless Taliban on the trail – life escapes your spirit as fast as a blind bullet exits the barrel. Uncertainty grips your creativity senses.

This is Lone Survivor. The storyline shares the background that of Behind Enemy Lines as war looms in the region. Question is how the designs are faked to enable an escape. Lone Survivor features Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana. How far one can go to discount valour for life?

How long?

Fashion Sense – if you’re a military enthusiast, settle for a designer class pure leather genuine men’s bomber jacket on sale or if you’re feeling flimsy from the fashion end – Jacket tribute to Paul Walker is the best apparel you’ll carry around and get the favour of the luck.

Movie Prediction is – 83% for cast and background score of demonic demographics.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Places to Visit in 2014 – HOT Vacation Spots and Fashion Tips

Vietnam should top your list. Brazil next. Both these places are poles apart. So make that million dollars this year and head to these places. Keep the rest 700K for the world-cup in Brazil.

Then comes in Venezuela – God knows I love Latin America since I was 5, don’t know since but I do. That’s the attraction of original retro Latino.

People head down to lesser developed regions compared to well-developed regions like Singapore and Dubai – reason is development has its natural streak which is common to be found and recognised, shared between every developed city.

Retro looks reflect the originality of settlements and the sentiments attached

Austin Texas is next destination if not a big one. Offering spa resorts and organic food health resort will be good reason to join Austin and its revelries. What’s more Ryan Gosling and Natalie Portman are shooting Hollywood’s next epic flick. Book a room for $175 or less in Austin and enjoy your weekend with your family. Austin will be quite serene and soothing in the coming days.

Turkey has its own flavour and blend that touches almost everyone. Ancient houses in Izmir, the Greek settlement dating from the Ottoman empire will take you by surprise for sure. Turkish delicacies are another treat you can offer yourself by the street-side under the open skies. Hygiene is always top-class for Turkish people. Enjoy and add some healthy calories to your diet. Kose Kahve is a must in Izmir for a bright enlightening coffee, wakes you up.

Speaking of winter wear while touring around – get pure leather jacket for men and women on sale. Plenty of stylish options are abound and available – men’s fashion shopping best comes with fine quality leather.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What’s HOT in Fashion and Food Reviews – 2014 in Perspective

Probably the first thing is you’ll get an overcoat and head down to the nearest patisserie or that bistro featuring finest menus in town.

And I’m feeling strongly hungry today. That’s what we live and work for, isn’t it gentlemen and ladies? Good food is better health for just looking best in your natural outfits.

I’m not so particularly concerned or phobic about the calories as I work out like a phobic and a freak to look like a celebrity. Work out means you can just gobble up anything you like. Diets and measurements are illegal..!!

Fashion and Food – the latest buzz is food coming with fashion. If IKEA can do it why not Tommy Hilfiger and Urban Outfitters features scallops with preserved lemon which is already mouth-watering for me. What’s more – Urban Outfitters has a specialty on the house – duck with bruleed strawberries.

What’s more a mega 15,000 square foot steakhouse is coming up at Brooks Brothers in New York. Steaks are just lovely and just for the greedy. Food for fashion adds more spice and purchase time at the retail store.

So what to eat and what to wear?

Chicken – starting with the bird as able and celebrated chefs will be marinating and spicing up the bird on all ends and 2014 will be the year of the bird.

Fishy Fish – the oily Spanish anchovies in salt-packed tins called bocquerones are coming back and fast. Sardines are next with mackerel. So get prepped up for white meat. Healthy, hungry and ever impressive dining is on its way.

Go touring and pick the best dining spot and enjoy yourself to a rich succulent and well spiced up dinner of fresh fish and white meat selection with certain hand-picked fresh pressed beverages like Jamba Juice which is going mainstream very soon.

Haute Couture – picking up the best designer is always expensive. Why not look like rich with affordable designer made slim-fit leather jackets on sale for men and women? The hot item in fashion is fur – designer cut plush genuine fur leather jacket for women is just a richly treat for the fashion conscious. Don’t forget to pick up your shades from Givenchy.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

What to Wear in January 2014 – Hot Fashion Tips for Men and Women

Off to a great start – and lots of fireworks, 2014 is poised to bring quite a lot of fervour, activity and energy. Looking forward to the greatest ever sporting event of history – FIFA World Cup is what we should be preparing for. Brazil is the next stop.

But let’s stop and start about what is going to the chic trendy men’s fashion shopping topping list this year leading to the summers.

Fashion Statement – fact is, time runs out and you’ll grow old. Sooner you accept it, the better – so as time passes, you must get ready to prep yourself and establish a brand of your own. People should remember what you wear and wore.

Tip # 1 - Start investing in yourself. Set aside a budget every month that will go in selecting fine selection of apparel – make a list before diving in. no need to go for branded products – but something that speaks highly of your tone and frequency. Mercedes looks Mercedes, hence recognisable. What do you look like? Have you endeavoured to look just you.

Tip # 2 – what makes you look You..?

Mirror Mirror on the wall – your list will have some items what are most-wanted, some which are unwanted, some inevitable. For me, the French cap just makes my day almost any day.

Men’s Fashion Shopping List - Include what you like best – starting with colours – blends of blues, bright greens, shades of grey, pitch black classic white.

Men’s fashion shopping list should be long, classy, tasteful and attractive.

Leather - Starting with uppers and jackets – make genuine pure sheepskin designer leather jacket for men a must. A designer is much more brandished and established than a branded one. Chinese Zara leather jacket will not give the legendary fit as its Chinese. Designer from Vietnam or UK will command though design. So your own brand should be commanding

Next is Suits – Navy suits are a must for Men’s Fashion Shopping. A navy suit is an investment like a Rolex. So study options wisely. Again, no brands.

Next Shoes – well polished shoes means complete personality makeover. But shoes need a bit of investments. From leather loafers to wing-tips to black and brown shades, to camel brown hues – shoes deserve respect and upkeep to balance your persona.

Feeling confident already..? Wait – Ties – silk ties, cotton ties but braided, floral designed, simple, straight minimalistic ties – you should have a drawer ust reserved for ties rolled up neatly.

Every evening before heading to an important meeting the next day – open up this drawer and have a look at your collection of ties. That aristocrat will come alive and you’ll walk tall to the business meeting, significantly impacting your body language.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fashion & Movie Review - 2 Guns – Massive Explosive Action and Performance Delivery

Massive explosive intelligent and slightly to moderately and extremely twisted plot of two inside-men are out to investigate a con network which went seriously wrong but that comes with of each of their ignorance of the fact both being undercover agents, one working for the naval intelligence while the other is a regular police undercover officer.

The chemistry weaved together by Denzel is always worth watching for. Mark Wahlberg adds up the flavour for the film to be watchable that garnered positive rating for a more-toward-traditional action film type of a movie which carries an inherent cunning-script-writer’s twist of both being intelligent yet can’t figure out the backgrounds and are working together.

Denzel sometimes gives the impression that of a maternal uncle when working undercover – advisor, helper, risk-taker, keeping your back covered – Mark then outshines the plot and the ending seems to be quite predictable, if not edge of the seat experience is delivered.

2 Guns will never disappoint – being of 2013, the script will be crispy with leading protagonists bringing quite a lot of experience and muscle work to the whole scene, the current Hollywood trend is leaning towards more script intensive plots, such action sequence demands a powerful combination of script and characters and Denzel Mark Wahlberg franchise pulls it nicely.

Movie Adventure Advice - For such movie adventure (MovieVenture) you need a group of adrenaline ‘high’ friends, a basket full of popcorns, a wide-screen theatre and just lots of post-movie crazy reviews to talk on for hours.

Cinematic Apparel – watching an officer type movie, you have to get that undercover kind of a feeling – I would definitely pick a designer cut leather jacket for men on sale. Being the holiday season I’ll lay my hands on camel leather which runs smooth overall and the blessed touch of it just sends the supple feelings of touching it again.

Men’s fashion shopping of this pure camel leather jacket for men on sale will take your friends off-guard. Keep it a secret. Get the fashion sense.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HOT 2014 Fashion Trends – Men Fashion Shopping + Women’s Fashion Shopping

Just lots and lots of positive vibes have been sent by 2014 before even it began. As we enter into 2014 we must change.

Shopping List for Men

The very must haves for men in 2014 could be unlimited but for men living on earth should be simple, impressive, stylish, modern, upper-trendy and in-form
The list goes like this –

1.Desert Boots in Suede – Blue or light-camel brown will just perfectly match the Khakis and pants.

2.Sneakers that are damned to mix and match well with denims and khakis and cargos and what not – sneakers are just a good few reasons not to frequent your formal wing-tips that often. Sneakers will ensure you’re hanging around exploring in 2014.

3.Leather Watches – make any man come down to knees and go beyond the window shopping. Men’s fashion shopping will just get more interesting. Picking up a nice watch – try out Tissot, Jovial and retro watches from Etsy

4.Navy Suit – a must an essential. Not only for the interviews but for jut any occasion if you’re looking for someone to drop dead gorgeous. Make yourself look like an entrepreneur. That’s my first resolution for men, of course.

5.If formal is just too distancing you from your PR, get the grey sport coat which simply work well and fit best with khakis and shirts beneath. Let the apparel get revealed.

6.Designer Leather Jacket for Men on Sale – impeccable, pure genuine leather is always a close friend in the wardrobe. Press it, crush it, throw it – it’ll never leave you like your partner. It gains more attraction and graceful looks with wrinkles that develop with time and use. Command the prestige and take control of your impression. And don’t smoke.

7.Wingtip Formal Shoes –in light brown or chocolate brown or light-camel-brown will just match your navy suit perfectly and will be a definite eye-catching and deal-closing. Always comb your hair, you’re not replacing Bill Gates yet.

Aren’t we just done enough yet – still wanting me to list some more and keep you glued – step out and get the best leather to communicate your aura and your navy should seal the deal.

What to Wear With Elegant yet Affordable Pure Leather Hooded Jacket

Out of ideas and 2014 is just about to begin and it must’ve in Japan already. Winter’s just got new chilly teeth which transform into jaws in the night. Full moon or no moon, the season’s getting ruthless and we feel to tuck in the warmer blanket layers to feel that softer warmth.

The same warmth comes across neatly in this affordable and smart black leather hooded jacket for women, which stays warmer in the killing freeze. Lined up with cool stuff and yet the designer leather jacket from REVEL is just the punch you’ll pack up at winters.

What Goes 2nd Best with Hooded Leather Jacket For Women

Woollen essentials – Maxis for that fun loving look.Denims and woollen sweaters if you’re living in Norway and wishing for the sun to come out and praise your attire.

2nd Option – Long styled free-flowing pink skirts in floral prints will work best if you’re staying inside and enjoying the hot cup of frothy coffee or enjoying your new year’s eve at the restaurant bar with a cosy fireplace all fired up and country music just enlivening the surrounding. The sweet melody and trance colour combination of pink raising the allure of pure leather hooded jacket for men. Elegance has to come simple.

Thick yet elegant piece of a Sweater – in matching blend with smooth running will just perfectly match the occasion.

All covered up – just don’t forget some mittens and a woollen cap to conclude the fashion show.

Happy New Year..!!