Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HOT 2014 Fashion Trends – Men Fashion Shopping + Women’s Fashion Shopping

Just lots and lots of positive vibes have been sent by 2014 before even it began. As we enter into 2014 we must change.

Shopping List for Men

The very must haves for men in 2014 could be unlimited but for men living on earth should be simple, impressive, stylish, modern, upper-trendy and in-form
The list goes like this –

1.Desert Boots in Suede – Blue or light-camel brown will just perfectly match the Khakis and pants.

2.Sneakers that are damned to mix and match well with denims and khakis and cargos and what not – sneakers are just a good few reasons not to frequent your formal wing-tips that often. Sneakers will ensure you’re hanging around exploring in 2014.

3.Leather Watches – make any man come down to knees and go beyond the window shopping. Men’s fashion shopping will just get more interesting. Picking up a nice watch – try out Tissot, Jovial and retro watches from Etsy

4.Navy Suit – a must an essential. Not only for the interviews but for jut any occasion if you’re looking for someone to drop dead gorgeous. Make yourself look like an entrepreneur. That’s my first resolution for men, of course.

5.If formal is just too distancing you from your PR, get the grey sport coat which simply work well and fit best with khakis and shirts beneath. Let the apparel get revealed.

6.Designer Leather Jacket for Men on Sale – impeccable, pure genuine leather is always a close friend in the wardrobe. Press it, crush it, throw it – it’ll never leave you like your partner. It gains more attraction and graceful looks with wrinkles that develop with time and use. Command the prestige and take control of your impression. And don’t smoke.

7.Wingtip Formal Shoes –in light brown or chocolate brown or light-camel-brown will just match your navy suit perfectly and will be a definite eye-catching and deal-closing. Always comb your hair, you’re not replacing Bill Gates yet.

Aren’t we just done enough yet – still wanting me to list some more and keep you glued – step out and get the best leather to communicate your aura and your navy should seal the deal.

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