Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Places to Visit in 2014 – HOT Vacation Spots and Fashion Tips

Vietnam should top your list. Brazil next. Both these places are poles apart. So make that million dollars this year and head to these places. Keep the rest 700K for the world-cup in Brazil.

Then comes in Venezuela – God knows I love Latin America since I was 5, don’t know since but I do. That’s the attraction of original retro Latino.

People head down to lesser developed regions compared to well-developed regions like Singapore and Dubai – reason is development has its natural streak which is common to be found and recognised, shared between every developed city.

Retro looks reflect the originality of settlements and the sentiments attached

Austin Texas is next destination if not a big one. Offering spa resorts and organic food health resort will be good reason to join Austin and its revelries. What’s more Ryan Gosling and Natalie Portman are shooting Hollywood’s next epic flick. Book a room for $175 or less in Austin and enjoy your weekend with your family. Austin will be quite serene and soothing in the coming days.

Turkey has its own flavour and blend that touches almost everyone. Ancient houses in Izmir, the Greek settlement dating from the Ottoman empire will take you by surprise for sure. Turkish delicacies are another treat you can offer yourself by the street-side under the open skies. Hygiene is always top-class for Turkish people. Enjoy and add some healthy calories to your diet. Kose Kahve is a must in Izmir for a bright enlightening coffee, wakes you up.

Speaking of winter wear while touring around – get pure leather jacket for men and women on sale. Plenty of stylish options are abound and available – men’s fashion shopping best comes with fine quality leather.

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