Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How to Get Gentlemen Look – Cheap Affordable Men Fashion Tips

Just imagine – you have a pink 1960’s Cadillac all made and brushed up and cleaned nicely to look that president’s own car. Vintage look and driveway along the coastline – a gentleman’s fine pick of a vacation plan and hideout.
Pick any city to roam around in winters.
Just the Correct Apparel – featuring the very plush and artistically designed Michael Phelps dark brown distressed leather jacket made simply for men who carry a perfect stature and attitude. The President’s look.
Pure genuine leather crafted upon with real meaning of stylish fervour will give you the gentleman’s finer performance. Elevate your standard this Christmas.
MIX and MATCH – navy trousers in worsteds charcoal grey print will be magical and opulent with your style. Simply that will put you in centre of attention at any gathering. Make sure the evenings are marked as unique with your stylish experiment.
Mix a pink fresh shirt cotton with crispy touch and look – something that displays brighter and subdued note will be preferable.
Brown distressed leather jacket will work best with dark brown or cherry brown formal shoes. Slick and neat. The President’s cut.
Dark Tan Reddish Brown Shoes (or Black) – the Club pick of formal shoes, the wingtip oxford shoes are a flattery of the entire attire description. It is just like the prince graduated and ready for Cinderella. Very pampering. Neat and sober, comes down pretty balanced without losing the touch of elegance and richness which should be just about you.
Feeling just the right combination that speaks so well about you at the events and dinner galas, you will instantly get picked up for the next conversation and the business deal waiting to be signed off at the coffee table.
Paint the town with the blemish of the archetype fashion model. Add some shades, which should match style and extreme filthy rich opulence.
Who knows and who is checking what your bank balance it – appearances count and appearances kill.
So who are you killing tonight with your looks?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

How To Look Like Bane of Dark Knight Rises – Tips on Winter Men’s Fashion

Bane– the towering Tom Hardy in Dark Knight is dominating throughout, making a surreal Batman series look even more dramatic.
Rich-looking but Cheap Leather Jacket - Beauty is indeed eye-catching with Bane Leather jacket made of genuine high-quality leather.
Suede Leather Style Winter Boots – the sexy pair of suede-leather boots from Armani is just a fine treat and spoiler for the Bane Leather Jacket. UK Leather Factory recommends suede leather boots which perfectly match your style and sense.
Urban Cowboy Style - Deep brown, lush feel of suede-leather with Armani logo embossed so richly – you’ll come out astonishing like a hefty boss out of his limousine. Just imagine.
No need to mix the Bane mask which is unnatural in our daily lives but this combination will just make many fall over and trip on the pavement when you step out with dark brown shades.
FIRE TRAIL - Already feeling perked up and warmed up? Indeed when you walk around the pathways, you’ll pick up the instant attention. So instant, you’ll feel like being invited for a hot hot coffee. You’ll be leaving the fire trail behind you.
Feeling it..? Feel the weather, the shades, the suede-leather boots and the Bane leather jacket talking rich about your aura. Aura, that will be built in solid-confidence. Walking tall, walking big.
SOLID STEEL Uniform Vs. Wannabe – the industrial look of a rebel Bane Leather Jacket gives is a supremo achieved in just purely genuine leather. Faux leather can’t achieve but a wannabe look. That’s like replacing the logo on the scooter with Ferrari’s that doesn’t make it look one.
Get industrial which is only possible in originality. Originality is just a separate league in men’s fashion.
Check out more on Bane Leather Jacket from UK Leather Factory’s Facebook page and UK Leather website
Boys, are you looking Rebellious this Winter then..??

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mila Kunis Designer Wear – Winter Fashion Tweaks and Tips

Time for a makeover ladies – Mila Kunis is fashion icon for ladies in fashion world. Smart and intelligent as Mila Kunis - Slim-fit light brown motorbike leather jacket inspired from and dedicated to Mila Kunis.
Shades & Trousers - The smart and trendy casual is here to stay and not to fade out. But remember, combine the best parts and pieces – shock the audience with large shades and equally balancing straight trousers, denims or long pencil skirt in pitch black.
Idea – is to give the slim fit look to yourself so make sure you’re shedding off that little extra fat. Get vegetables for 10 days before the Christmas gig is on.
So the best part is this – neat pencil skirts in black and contrasted with light candy-pink scarfs around the neck. How’s the combo here? The light brown shade then compensates the both blending well with toned down area for the pink addition.
VANILLA MAGIC - A light pale off-white scarf or vanilla brown scarf will be magical. The brown will elevate with the pale vanilla. The pale vanilla will not rob the scheme and spirit of the slim-fit brown motorbike leather jacket
DENIMS - #2 Choice – mix denims but then again, denims fit everywhere making these as versatile but volatile simultaneously. The monotone of mixing denims everytime isn’t just the right ingredient for any fashion expert.
Mix Vanilla base in trousers and in eye shades. No other colour really fits and blends well with vanilla but black.
FORMULA is – Brown + Vanilla + Black and then Vanilla Eye Shade again.
Got the idea? Chemical formula too will make you a ROCKSTAR
A little about the inner shirt – make it simple this winter. Embroidered loose prints will work best to work the colour synchronously. This shirt is from Modnique – very unique.
Nobody will miss the attention.
Or do you want to miss the attention yet again, ladies?
ALTERNATE – is this Fur Leather Jacket for Women neatly woven by hand from UK Leather Factory, classy jazz for me – a class that exceeds all other standards. Mixing sober colours will keep the message intact and you will look rich class.
Feeling rich already ladies?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Motor-Biking Season is ON Ladies – Get the Fashion Statement Race Around

Enter Mila Jovovich and the demons halt in Resident Evil. Yes, the same Mila Jovovich, the blue eyed mistress who kills with her looks.
Dedicated to her bravery and outward boldness – Mila Jovovich has a rich scheme wardrobe that I am revealing today.
Light brown distressed motorbike leather jacket is a unique flavour of sports, fashion, trend and outdoor adventure. Pick up the trendy short-sized, not yet mini, distressed motorbike leather jacket and pair it up with fitting jeans in dark blue or faded dark blues or simply pitch-black jeans and you’ll look like the ramp model.
Party-Time Styling – pick up light-pink glossy lipstick to wear on with a plush scarf around your neck.
Secondly get a pair of dusty coloured jeans or light brown faded jeans to match the occasion. The pink has to rise ladies, so keep the other things simple but not so much that pink gets dissolved for that matter. Too much of attention and pink goes down, too less of balancing and pink fades away again.
Make the apparel direct the outerwear to your pinkish gloss. That’s the magic and idea. What’s more – pink will resemble the calming winters heading down to Christmas.
Pick up some fair faux-fir high-heeled leather boots to give you enough boost to walk the confidence. Make sure the fir boots are high-heeled and match well with the jacket – preferably in light brown tone will set the best uniform in town.
Ride and Shine in fur. Complete fur is rich luxury experience.
So are you wearing pink or the light brown today?

Monday, 11 November 2013

Winter Shopping Tips – What Leather Jacket will Shine

Sandra Bullock Deep Brown Leather Coat for Women
I’ve just fallen for Sandra Bullock’s hair locks – fabulous and yet so young. I’ m dedicating a tribute to her Oscar winning performance for the Blind Side (2009) with Sandra Bullock Tribute Leather Coat for women. Simply taste of classic serenity.
Add a little affordability or much beyond that, you have a class act within yourself ladies.
Party Will Be Blown Away - The leather coat for women is a fine treatment to your fashionable taste. Men will be blown away. Conduct the ease of richness and elegant style with the deep brown or deep red leather coat for women. A touch of class and sophisticated equipment will indeed make you look daunting, daring and classy upper-club woman.
Hats off Aristocratic Chic Wear - Wear a hat, that you oft see at horse races and you shall see yourself being treated as an aristocrat at a famous restaurant or the chic club you so much so want to see this Christmas
Tips for the Star of the Winters - Mix and Match the Burberry’s - Getting down with the winters shouldn’t be daunting this time. Mix and match the signature checks of Burberry London. Either in blouse or trousers but both combinations will make you look like a star.
Golden Words for Styling - Add some broad high heeled boots, if you’re experimenting in Boston and Vancouver this winters – splash broadways and the walkways with this stylish combination and make sure the suede boots match up with black glossy handbag with a golden chain.
Best 10’s SEASON’S OFFER - So how are the tips so far? Make sure to send me your pictures with the combination and I’ll be featuring your poster here. Make sure your pictures are not TROLLING you from the background. Get classy ladies, thousands will be watching you this November. Buzz me at with your Oscar winning shoots. So who’s styling this winter?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to Leather – Difference between Real Leather and Faux Leather

Do you usually get confused when trying to identify FAUX leather and Authentic Leather? Real and faux leather are miles apart and separate in just everything, starting with the price. The differences between the two are expertly removed to sell FAUX leather at the price of the authentic one.
Today, I’ll share my experience – what makes both different. You’ll master the tips to identify genuine leather and never get misled in choosing FAUX over the authentic leather.
1. Authentic and genuine leather is made from animal skins of cattle, goats, sheep, etc.
2. 3 types of authentic leather are categorised
A. Aniline Leather – unprocessed and unfinished – prone to absorbing stains and liquids, the purest leather with no external addition to protect it. Can fade in the sun if exposed for extended time.
B. Semi-Aniline Leather – pigmented or semi-finished with a coating to adjust the durability and increase the longevity and protects from stains and spills to be absorbed. Surface coating ensures colour consistency
C. Pigmented Leather – finished with thicker layer coating to retain permanent colour finish with glossy and shiny look. The leather has lesser natural appearance.
Used in furniture and upholstery.
FAUX Leather
1. FAUX Leather is made from fabric base – processed using various waxes, dyes and polyurethane for colouring and textures.
2. FAUX Leather is available for exceptionally lower costs.
3. Most common of FAUX Leather is P Leather. Others are leatherette and vegan leather.
Spotting FAUX Leather
1. Quality and Durability are the main factors that separate authentic leather from FAUX leather.
2. With the advancement in processing and trends – spotting the differences between the two is a challenge, as both textures look similar. The finishing is worked upon quite deftly. But nonetheless, there are several techniques to identify the differences
A. Look at the Labels – pure leather products will identify openly about the genuineness of the leather used.
B. Labels saying, ‘manmade materials’ will mean you’re probably checking FAUX leather.
C. Authentic leather has rough-around-the-edges look while Faux has plastic or foamy type edges.
D. PORES – FAUX Leather has consistent pore texture while authentic leather has inconsistent pore placement and sizes
E. Real leather feels to be coarse or smooth. Leather is also flexible and soft. If the leather feels to be very smooth and feels like plastic, it is FAUX leather.
F. Faux leather stretches more than real leather.
G. Real leather products have a unique smell as a sign of genuine leather, which cannot be replicated by FAUX leather.
NEXT INSTALLMENT – Comparing Real and Faux Leather
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Monday, 4 November 2013

How to Get Hollywood Icon Style – Sylvester Stallone Week

Tip # 1 – Wear your confidence, wear a sporty fragrance first
      Tip # 2 – never do hair colour – natural is always best and better.
Tip # 3 – Pick up a French cap from Mr Porter, some classic touch in French caps, preferably in checks and in grey-toned hues. That will get you the Sherlock Holmes look. The classy retro-look – you will easy blend with the Sylvester Stallone glossy leather jacket which is quite economical. Cheap leather jackets don’t come this far. UK Leather Factory is promoting the ICON for the Christmas season shopping festival.
Tip # 4 – Pair up with a genuine-cut dark grey or light grey executive style trouser to achieve the extreme ravishing looks, that will not go missed in style.
To brighten the day up – mix the style with a bright yellow woollen muffler. My choice of the day is this extravagantly looking rich one with fringed pattern from the 60’s style, proudly displayed by Rubylane, and that which comes cheaply. Looking stylishly rich is quite affordable to have.
Tip # 5 - That when sets the tone – step into some formal executive class shoes, in shiny glossy black or just plain black to get into that simplistically formal yet sophisticated style and mood a genuine gentleman will be known for.
Tip # 6 – Get some boxing gloves in red to hang around in your car, to show you’re from the boxing club and nobody else gets past you unanswered. Keep it straight.
Tip # 7 – Look straight into the eye when you speak – your confidence will conquer the negotiations.
Last – walk instead of driving this week. I bet you’ll catch quite a lot interest in town. Make sure to experiment with brown shoes and belts with the style, you’ll come out as a vintage hero.
UK Leather Factory showcases some of the neat and premium leather goods for men to look stylish with discounted leather jackets.
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Treat yourself to supreme style and spirit. Walk out alone and gather a crowd. Create your own brand. So are you wearing your style today..?