Sunday, 24 November 2013

How To Look Like Bane of Dark Knight Rises – Tips on Winter Men’s Fashion

Bane– the towering Tom Hardy in Dark Knight is dominating throughout, making a surreal Batman series look even more dramatic.
Rich-looking but Cheap Leather Jacket - Beauty is indeed eye-catching with Bane Leather jacket made of genuine high-quality leather.
Suede Leather Style Winter Boots – the sexy pair of suede-leather boots from Armani is just a fine treat and spoiler for the Bane Leather Jacket. UK Leather Factory recommends suede leather boots which perfectly match your style and sense.
Urban Cowboy Style - Deep brown, lush feel of suede-leather with Armani logo embossed so richly – you’ll come out astonishing like a hefty boss out of his limousine. Just imagine.
No need to mix the Bane mask which is unnatural in our daily lives but this combination will just make many fall over and trip on the pavement when you step out with dark brown shades.
FIRE TRAIL - Already feeling perked up and warmed up? Indeed when you walk around the pathways, you’ll pick up the instant attention. So instant, you’ll feel like being invited for a hot hot coffee. You’ll be leaving the fire trail behind you.
Feeling it..? Feel the weather, the shades, the suede-leather boots and the Bane leather jacket talking rich about your aura. Aura, that will be built in solid-confidence. Walking tall, walking big.
SOLID STEEL Uniform Vs. Wannabe – the industrial look of a rebel Bane Leather Jacket gives is a supremo achieved in just purely genuine leather. Faux leather can’t achieve but a wannabe look. That’s like replacing the logo on the scooter with Ferrari’s that doesn’t make it look one.
Get industrial which is only possible in originality. Originality is just a separate league in men’s fashion.
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Boys, are you looking Rebellious this Winter then..??

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