Monday, 4 November 2013

How to Get Hollywood Icon Style – Sylvester Stallone Week

Tip # 1 – Wear your confidence, wear a sporty fragrance first
      Tip # 2 – never do hair colour – natural is always best and better.
Tip # 3 – Pick up a French cap from Mr Porter, some classic touch in French caps, preferably in checks and in grey-toned hues. That will get you the Sherlock Holmes look. The classy retro-look – you will easy blend with the Sylvester Stallone glossy leather jacket which is quite economical. Cheap leather jackets don’t come this far. UK Leather Factory is promoting the ICON for the Christmas season shopping festival.
Tip # 4 – Pair up with a genuine-cut dark grey or light grey executive style trouser to achieve the extreme ravishing looks, that will not go missed in style.
To brighten the day up – mix the style with a bright yellow woollen muffler. My choice of the day is this extravagantly looking rich one with fringed pattern from the 60’s style, proudly displayed by Rubylane, and that which comes cheaply. Looking stylishly rich is quite affordable to have.
Tip # 5 - That when sets the tone – step into some formal executive class shoes, in shiny glossy black or just plain black to get into that simplistically formal yet sophisticated style and mood a genuine gentleman will be known for.
Tip # 6 – Get some boxing gloves in red to hang around in your car, to show you’re from the boxing club and nobody else gets past you unanswered. Keep it straight.
Tip # 7 – Look straight into the eye when you speak – your confidence will conquer the negotiations.
Last – walk instead of driving this week. I bet you’ll catch quite a lot interest in town. Make sure to experiment with brown shoes and belts with the style, you’ll come out as a vintage hero.
UK Leather Factory showcases some of the neat and premium leather goods for men to look stylish with discounted leather jackets.
NOTE – Hot season sales are on for Bane Leather Coat, Clark Kent Superman Leather Jacket, Khan Benedict Superman Leather Trench Coat.
Treat yourself to supreme style and spirit. Walk out alone and gather a crowd. Create your own brand. So are you wearing your style today..?

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