Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cheap Fashion Tips -- From Hollywood Studios -- Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wardrobe

Lush and very plush – Gwyneth Paltrow’s very own tribute style – rich yet subtly simple – Gwyneth Paltrow Distressed Slim-Fit leather jacket for women.
Curvy, trendy and quite retro-stylish, this will never get old. Zip it, unzip it the double-breasted looks is quite officer style. Step into a plane or walk into a fashion gala – the style will pick up notice and quite a lot of credit.
Feeling starry yet?
Wait the silk combination will just take you to the next level. Today’s code is pink. Polished and suave yet very spoilt pink. Pink delivers the emotions in a carefree style. Add some floral and you’ve just enhanced the rich elegant taste of your wardrobe – giving a fresher look for the winters.
The pink and purple combination is always a princess-looking sophistication every woman would want by her side to look promising and a woman of higher taste. The flowers are gentle expression for a cloudy weather.
Answer it with beauty and sheer flowery brightness.
Feel positive already? Wait for my next suggestion that will just make you stump over and over again.
Combine the purple and pink combination – starting with these set of trousers from White House / Black Market – offering sheer elegance and designer clothing for young and energetic women.
Or you could just get into pure pink passion with this silky skirt and gold-colour buckle belt to set off the complete statement in fashion.
Setting the tones right with pure leather requires some rich taste and a bit of homework. Leather jackets for women are designer clothing picks with a unique taste to build upon.
Conclude the overall with pink pumps and high heels. The collections are just priceless and countless. Cheap leather jackets for women are on offer at UK Leather Factory to spoil yourself like a star. Get to know Gwyneth Paltrow and live like a celebrity.
So are you turning blue or pink tonight? Why don’t you step out, take pictures of yourself, tweet those and send them to Celebrities to copy you? Easy tips will get you in the limelight.
Are you experimenting with colours today then?

How to Look Like a Model -- New-York Fashion Week Special

Why not we transform you into a celebrity for this weekend?
Our best pick for this Halloween costume fashion – we have this very decent, very upper-class stylish wear in tribute to Victoria Beckham slim-fit leather jacket for ultra-modern ladies.
Yes, the very Victoria looks will just be yours and yours only. The finer mix will come when we start combing rich brighter notes around it to look more fashionable star and a ramp-model.
So do you fit in that ramp-walking category? Or are you better?
Let’s start with a brighter note of having yellow -- which is a very difficult colour to combine with any other. So what I’m offering is this yellow tunic – not so fitting and not so very loose. But a daring contrast will loosen you up while you comfort yourself – the tunic has an inner attraction and romantic style to make your looks a rich business. Gathered by the shoulders is simplicity refined with added iridescent buttons (buttons which change colours). Magical, breezy and simply stylish – will lift well with Victoria Beckham slim-fit leather jacket. What’s more – perhaps Victoria might notice you and that can get you invited to prestige parties.
Mix the yellow tunic with a blazing blue pencil skirt? Is that what you were thinking? Right? You’re a super-star.
How about this little-revealing and not-so revealing laced pencil skirt?
Does it look like working – it does, as black Victoria Beckham slim-fit leather jacket will perfectly get lifted up with the lacy display beneath. Perfect 10 on this.
So what are you wearing this winter? Is it something that sets on fire? Blue and black is the new fire ladies. Fire the tracks behind you.
And ladies, do check out the blue leather jacket for ladies from UK Leather Factory that will outsell your style and have your friends asking you of the rich combinations.
So what are you playing with tonight – Blue, Black or just black?
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Affordable Trendy Winter Wear - Hi-Style Winning Combination with Bomber Leather Jacket

Bomber leather jacket is superiority class in the league of leather jacket. PREMIER priced at £159.99 for the special season – bomber leather jacket is a prized collection for that superior impression you want to carry along.
What Goes Along with a Bomber Jacket
Pair of Police shades and the famous Ray-Ban shades delivers powerful impression balancing with a bomber leather jacket.
Clothing Combination that Rocks Hard - Dark brown tan bomber leather jacket requires different designer clothing combination.

Do you wear to impress? Or do you wear just for the sake of wearing?

If you’re looking for the best combination to attract, impress and kill with the looks -- then get a pair of camel coloured khakis. Plus, add some real fresh coloured checked shirt. Big checked shirts in brighter notes like yellow and turquoises and purples will just stand out magnificent.

Impression made --?

Now add some denims to the conclusion – dark blue denims with faded thighs will just add the magical tough – the French finesse. The elegance that delivers the notes of gorgeousness.
Feeling Elevated? Not yet.
Add the spice with plain leather jacket in brown. Strictly brown. Match the belt with the boots and the boots should match the boots with colour of the jacket.

Impression made..? Somehow yes. So are you dating today?

Do check out some of the amazing additions in the leather line at UK Leather Factory and REVEL Leather – unique designs from celebrated designers.
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Are you dating tonight?

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Honouring Peter Fonda Retro-Fashion and Style -- Bring the 50’s and 60’s Back with Harley Davidsons

Ride the Flag. And what a sight it will be when you ride the countryside on Harley Davidson with Peter Fonda (Easy Rider) Leather Jacket for men. UK Leather Factory is celebrating the Hollywood season, remembering the heydays of Peter Fonda and reminiscing the Harley Davidson culture. Choppers and helmets and a set of snooker clubs with a band of friends.
So today I choose the model that you’ll ride on rent, if you don’t have one of these choppers. The helmets that will look good as patriots and a large contingency of fuel will be needed.
The helmet shown above rides high with Peter Fonda Leather jacket. Pure and sheer passion comes from the wrinkled pure leather. Riding experience will be rich. Don’t forget to pick up your DSLR this time.
The stone printed texture of Peter Fonda Easy Rider leather jacket is experience and a difference that is impossible with fake or polyester jacket. The feel of real and pure leather with riding a Harley Davidson should be original, handmade and purely passionate. Experience patriotism, the ride on the countryside this winters and the honour to Peter Fonda. My pick of Harley Davidson jackets is Peter Fonda from Easy Rider.
Feel the exhiliration of riding from town to town on this retro-looking Harley Davidson.
If you’re looking for a change the next day from retro looking Peter Fonda Leather Jacket – get your hands dirty with Smallville Superman blue Leather jacket or the Smallville Superman red leather jacket. The change will give you the energy in slim-fit jacket.
Break the tradition this time – take a vacation and bring back the combination of retro and new style.
How’s the fashion tip this time? Countryside style is hip nowadays. Get trendy. If you have a black Harley Davidson – then adorn the Bane Leather jacket which is going on HUGE DISCOUNTS up to 40%. Discounted Leather Jackets will never go this cheap ever.
Bane leather jacket on the Harley Davidson will look powerful, commanding and a sign of dominance.
Are you breaking the silence of the countryside with your chopper in green, red and blue..?

Friday, 25 October 2013

Weekend Blast -- Will-Smith Vs. Cigar Smoking Retro Fashion

IRobot – the officer’s nightmare when someone is overtaken by Robots – the very imaginative possibility of giving too much liberty and responsibility to the unnatural, this is what happens, even if you give out too much control to your wives even. Things go down under and raw.
So either you grow up to be a Will Smith – get the officer’s touch this Monday with Will Smith IRobot real leather coat. The finesse and the elegance is in the length of the leather coat for men. Long sleeves, stone print leather coat is made for the stylish retreat.
Pick up a vacation for Portugal or Egypt or Spain – wear the coat with serious cotton denims in dark grey tones and round necked T-Shirts or V-Necks – you’ll be partying in Europe in style. You’ll be welcomed and taken seriously. Walk to a formal wedding party and nobody will say you’re out of sync.
My next favourite pick for the day is retro leather coat from REVEL Leather co – manufacturing rich tradition of premium quality leather, with bigger pockets which suit the executive style boss looking forward for a Golfer’s day – pick up your cigar and smoke all the way down the highway and don’t forget to add the French cap – the dusty coloured will look natural and render you as a retired general. Tee around in style, be seen as a trend.
Mix corduroys and formal khakis to go with army styled leather jacket for men.
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Avail 40% before UK Leather Factory expires the offers. Are you waiting for it to get more cheaper? Cheaper than this will be your liability and the remorse, that’ll come free till next Halloween.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Create Your Signature Fashion -- Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) Signature

Looking good is your right today -- it's a MUST for you to be in-line, informed, and impressive to be noticed at the mall.
Tip # 1 – Always start with the colour of your tie when shopping for outfits and outerwear. Match the ties with trousers. So if you’re taking a day’s out just for a tie, you’re not saving, you’re just wasting the tie to die an undignified death. So double your expense but step out like a celebrity.
Tip # 2 - Today’s article is not on mixing fashion tips for your interview. We’ll save it for the rainy days. Rainy days..? Yes, who searches for a wardrobe or apparel once you have a job?
Tip # 3 – Today’s favourite is Tom Cruise from Jack Reacher. The distressed leather jacket is a fine piece of signature suiting. Since its coming from Hollywood’s best written scripts revolving the war games America is known for – Tom Cruise Jack Reacher Leather jacket is a prized collection for intellectual guys around here. Why intellectual? Reason -- they just don’t want to mess with clothing and mixing and will not waste time drilling meaninglessly.
A fine taste of collection will find Jack Reacher distressed leather jacket a must-have for the wardrobe. A leather jacket for men which is made for signature style -- so if you’re a sophomore in clothing fashion, start learning from Tom Cruise.
Mix it with Denims and Woollen Shirts -- the Merito Music T-Shirt is a good combination to start with. Formal dark coloured woollen shirt stock will be handy if you’re driving around or planning a break-away ride around the industrial towns on the weekends. DON’T – curse the Tom Cruise leather jacket with bright colours. Learn to be a decent gentleman. Seriously, NO bright colours – it’ll take away the spirit of distressed leather jacket altogether.
DENIMS -- will work perfectly with the distressed leather jacket. Finer denims from Levi’s will be a tribute to the overall impression. Conclude with rough looking leather boots.
DON’T -- buy longer denims longer than your ankles, which look like the denims are about to fall. Denims just kissing the start of the laces of your shoes with just one fold or bend at the end will be a killer’s combination outfit.
Go and impress the world. Make your brand come out more eager. UK Leather Factory has launched the Bane Shearling Leather Coat from Dark Knight on OFFER – it is the last week running for it to be 40% OFF. So go for the grabs.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Gamer’s Ultimate Outfit -- Either You Win Today or You Kill Today

N7 from the Mass Effect is on FIRE – released and ready to kill the audiences. I’m talking of the leather jacket of the gamer’s imagination from Mass Effect – love the game. If you’re the Sci-Fi freak, this game is a must-play for the hard-game rockers.
Nifty and novel in graphics and display – the gaming experience is different and supreme on Xbox 360 --- live the experience of Sci-Fi and see the wonders of riding on the moon.
N7 Leather Jacket is futuristic yet minimalistic – so here is what you have to mix and look trendy, rave, intelligent and intellectually occupied in strategy gaming. After all roaming on the moon should be a joy’s ride.
What goes best with Gamers Leather Jacket – trendy, outstandingly casual, bright, thematic, angry, loud outerwear will just seem perfect to match and fit the occasion.
My pick of the day is -- this bright red T-Shirt which is definitely exclusive, not yet out there at the corner shop, will get you the instant attention, keep your energy boosted at the gamer’s den.
Peek-A-Boom is from Jinx -- mix, blend and revel with your new look. Smarty boy looks are easy to get by. Share your looks on my blogs.
While you’re testing my tips on your wardrobe – experiment the shortcut keys on your gaming skills and also check the Bane Shearling Leather Coat is a must when you win a tournament.

Affordable Fashion Tips for Men Who Style with Hollywood -- Brad Pitt Style

Remember the brutally violent Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly? The Hollywood flick was a stylish feature of Brad. He delivered his finesse, though his outfit makes ladies fall.
Brad Pitt Leather Jacket is my pick for today – a display of extreme determination and simply made for the ones who ride around the town in old Cadillac or a Buick. Made for the middle-aged project managers who want to keep their style in the evenings while their minds at work and strategy all the time.
Pick up a V-Neck shirt and a pair of fine straight denims from Levis is a treat for the eyes. Mix the pure leather jacket for men with blues and turquoise. Casual yet powerful impact -- killing them softly designer jacket is a blockbuster of your wardrobe. Keep a pair of T-Shirts and denims to mix exclusively and match Brad Pitt.
But please don’t use the combination while shopping with a baby in your arms and you’re pushing the cart -- that will be utter disrespect to the attire and Brad Pitt will be very very disappointed.
This Uber-Style fashion trend will keep you noticed -- if you adorn Brad Pitt’s hairstyle, all straightened to the back – you’ll be looking much younger, ageless and sleek. The goatie will make you look as an inventor and an experienced engineer. No need for business cards, your leather jacket will do the talking and introduction.
Combine the outfit with a rented BMW -- if you haven’t got one. A grey shaded BMW, 3 series from the early 2000’s will just match the personality of the corporate world -- spoilt, ultra-important and yet very strategic. Show and display the love of money.
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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Daniel Craig Cut -- Fashion Theme of 2013 Christmas

Today’s hot pick is Daniel Craig. The rough cut, the squared chin and angular face makes him look hot favourite with females. So what are you wearing today to join his league or create your own?
If you’re grungy looking, angry middle-aged man with lots of happening around you -- then Daniel’s fine talented piece from Layer Cake is a romantic must if you’re experimenting around with scents to hook with someone.
Layer Cake was a 2004 flick of the dark underworld -- lots of guns, goons and naturally the women. Where it is drugs, women are not left behind. Both come as addiction and expensive.
So I’ve picked up his layer cake leather jacket – distressed and finely cut angles make it a favourite with woman. And today I’ll get to pick your favourite scent to match the moods and pitch the ladies with style and attitude.
Denims are hot and give mobility. So if you’re packing up for Paris or Norway or heading off to Canada, denims and Daniel Craig Distressed Leather jacket for men is a fine combination.
Next is collarless or rounded-collar t-shirts -- best that work with leather jackets. Highly esteemed distressed leather jackets carry their own aura. And so does this distressed leather jacket of Daniel Craig.
Now comes in the favourite scent I’ve been searching around for men. Scents not too powerful are not meant for the weak-hearted. Scents too mild will not establish your worth. If you mean business, go for something that is unusual.
So my pick is Eros from Versace -- the fragrance of pure love but with a rusty feeling that doesn’t get picked up in the first attention but gets deeper enough to bring the hidden resolve from within. A scent that will make you explore the gentle yet strong side of yours.
My second favourite on the list is – this new hot favourite of 2013 by Davidoff, The Game – equipped with a stylish poker chips-shaped flask, the scent comes with a background of woody aroma that mixes well with Juniper Berries which reveals with its faded texture when released into the air will leave back a trail of many thinking and inquisitive minds. Embrace the dark woods that will follow with the mystery it garbs. Love the rough side of life.
Make sure you check out stronger fragrances if you’re in the shopping mood for Bane Leather jacket. UK Leather Factory is rolling out FREE offers and gifts on Bane Leather Coat for men. Distressed leather jacket stock has just been recently updated with some very remarkable designs to suit any outfit and size. Designer leather jackets are a masterpiece to behold.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Stylish Fashion Tips – How to Look Like Brad Pitt and Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel

1st – Workout, cut the fats, hit the gym and pay the membership in full for the next whole year to pinch you to go to the gym.
2nd – Pick up the nearest club, bar, snooker table or a community centre to show off your well-defined 6 pack-abs or 8 if you’ve extensively worked out. Sweat it out before choosing your Christmas fashion designs.
3rd – Start saving. And if you haven’t, then start earning. Fill up your bank balances before you step out to choose your favourite fashion combination – my tips will not be expensive but in case your girlfriend is a daughter of a senator then your bank balance will be juiced and milked heavily.
4th – Choose the right apparel – the list should be long. I love loading my wardrobe with every elegant and stylish outfit that justifies my style. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be scantily equipped. What for is life for. Enjoy it to the max.
5th – Choose a designer leather jacket in just pure leather. Pure leather I say for a reason. Pure leather grows on your body and reshapes itself for your signature style you so dearly want to be recognised with.
6th – What Designer Leather Jacket for Men will Suit You -- pick a slim-fit leather jacket for men. UK Leather Factory makes some very indelible and impeccable range of pure cowhide leather jacket for men for you to pamper yourself. If you’re looking for formal wear combination with safari shirts and khakis – pick the distressed light brown leather jacket for men, which is a treat for the eyes and for your supreme feeling. Highly comfortable and yet looks very settled and trendy. Or you could try this new retro-outfit leather jacket, made from designer collections – made for the seniors who embellish a sideburn and grey hair like George Clooney.
Get the Indiana Jones or the Russian spy’s look in the retro leather jacket. Create a buzz, look different, get experimental, try trendy wear.
7th – if you’re looking for semi-formal casual checked shirts in blues and reds and striped greens – pick up bomber’s leather jacket or try the award winning Vin Diesel leather jacket if you’re planning to look rough and tough like Sylvestor Stallone.
8th – Pick a pair of dusty coloured khakis, grey trousers, denims and mix it with high-styled Bruce Willis distressed leather jacket, which is a rave. Simplistic yet very serious in boosting your persona. I suggest picking a red striped T-Shirt for you to look dazzlingly different yet sombre. A corduroy light brown or a little darker brown trouser will make you look apart from the crowd hence a centre-stage of attention. Walk into a French restaurant and feel the ambiance swivelling at your authority. Make sure you are accompanied with friends smoking a cigar like that of Hang Over II’s Alan. His choice of shades for you will work magical wonders. The Parisian touch and the romantic appease.
9th - Let’s get a little rougher now – pick up a durable cotton shirt with epaulettes in whites and darker blues. The ones which come decorated with marble styled buttons or simply put on a denim cotton shirt that blend well with rough looking Longmire Leather jacket which can pull any attention from miles away. The very officer’s look is just what you’re waiting for. Or simply conclude with Ralph Lauren Black Shirt – enough said, impression made.
10th – Be and feel original. Anything out of the circle is just a blunder and an accidental hysterical laugh waiting to happen around you and that’s the last thing you want to see happening with you this Halloween.
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Monday, 14 October 2013

Time To Look Young - Create Affordable Fashion Buzz with Distressed Leather Jacket

The bomber style distressed leather jacket from the movie Lockout is simplistic yet very impressively made with a pilot’s signature look I can feel all around it.
Young men can take up the style, firstly in contrast made by the zipper and then the flapped pockets styled diagonally on either sides.
What will make you look different in this distressed leather jacket for men? – I like the looks, the grungy effect it shows off, the neatly styled effect it leaves and elevates with its simplistic features. The shoulder pads make it look the uniform of Star Trek fleet. Futuristic and trendy
Summary – in short this is a classic fit for the least bothering, care-free pampered lads who go about the neighborhoods and hang around in something comfortable and showable.
Although Lockout is a half-hearted attempt from Hollywood to fill a slot for upcoming movies, the storyline is traditional and predictive. A vagabond unruly paroled intelligence detective supremo is sent to save the President’s daughter aboard a starship penitentiary which just got marauded in hostile takeover. The intellectually retired detective is already opposing the call of duty but it seems the director was out of heroes. But the selection of the apparel but matches the inter-galactic theme somehow. One cannot expect a Tom and Jerry costume might work out there to fix the suspended heavily wired satellite out there in the space. That would be expensively childish move. But the hero pulls it off, his escapade capsule is enough for the hero and heroine to make back in time to celebrate valentine and new year together. Viva..!!
What to Wear with Distressed Leather Jacket–simply mix jeans and denims to experiment with the rough looking leather jacket.
I recommend it to wear while travelling and while playing rough with machinery. Drive town to town, testing various coffee shops and doughnuts on the way, make sure you have dark blue denims, rusty cotton trousers and a couple of sneakers.
This lockout Aiden Pearce distressed leather jacket is a treat for the outdoors. The affordable leather jacket for men is a classic addition in designer clothing.
Try these rusty trousers or you could pack up Levi’s corduroys in brown shades that’ll work best with suede leather casual shoes.
And if nothing works, then UK Leather Factory is packing up some surprising discounted leather jackets deals – pick up Bane Leather coat + any other leather jacket like Superman Small Ville black leather jacket for men and get a discounted deal on the third one.