Friday, 4 October 2013

Making Lady Celebrity – Mixing Sports, Fashion and Leather

Winter closes in and so the does the monotony that comes along with it. It is high time to be prepped up for the winter closing in fast. But what style are you wearing this winter?
What are you planning to stuff your closet with..?
UK Leather Factory and I have joined together to bring a feast of iconic fashion tips mixing great colours and fabrics together. Since it is winter, we’re planning to go colourful, light but not compromising on temperature control.
Selecting a Fine Leather Jacket - First things first – our choicest pick today is this biker leather jacket for men and women from UK Leather Factory which keeps you from going into monotone colours. The multi-purpose leather jacket for women and men is a stylish wear for evening parties and for hanging out. Pick your best size and head off to a coffee spot and see new relations stepping into your domain.
Best of Finer Inner Climawarm Jacket – our pick of the week for this weekend is Adidas Climawarm Jacket for the sporty look and a trendy colour combination that which will reveal itself. The brighter sea green and yellow lining gives a best fresh combination and indicates activity and life radiating positive vibes around you. Feel and let other feel the positive frequency you would be giving out. The red combination of the leather jacket and the sea-green will cancel out the noisy combination in winters to counter the chill of the winter.
Or you would want to mix and go louder than red and black combination of Carpe Diem Biker leather jacket – then mix the lemon yellow Climawarm Hoodie from Adidas again giving a total shift from pressed colours to vibrant and flamboyance in an instant. The bright lemon yellow accentuates the red biker leather jacket as well. With the Adidas logo emblazoned on the front – the ready-to-sport feel will give a different experience and impression about you – being overly sporty and agile and active.
The Shirt Selection – though the lime yellow hoodie will blank out the shirt selection for you – if you’re going with the sea green jacket option then add in this shirt to go softly nice about your persona – the navy blue shirt for women which colour combination triangles spread all over the shirt will give you a special touch of being approachable and easy going person. Settle yourself in this shirt for the special reunion with your loved one after a long time or meet a friend you haven’t met in a long time and see how the comfort levels will be high.
The range of colours mixed is for extreme winters when you would want to be in style and still keep the chic modern styling statement carrying with you.
Get colourful, get brighter and connect with happier friends this winter to make it a memorable one.
UK Leather Factory shares modern and contemporary fashion styling techniques and knowledge to help people fall in love with pure original leather jackets.

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