Monday, 14 October 2013

Time To Look Young - Create Affordable Fashion Buzz with Distressed Leather Jacket

The bomber style distressed leather jacket from the movie Lockout is simplistic yet very impressively made with a pilot’s signature look I can feel all around it.
Young men can take up the style, firstly in contrast made by the zipper and then the flapped pockets styled diagonally on either sides.
What will make you look different in this distressed leather jacket for men? – I like the looks, the grungy effect it shows off, the neatly styled effect it leaves and elevates with its simplistic features. The shoulder pads make it look the uniform of Star Trek fleet. Futuristic and trendy
Summary – in short this is a classic fit for the least bothering, care-free pampered lads who go about the neighborhoods and hang around in something comfortable and showable.
Although Lockout is a half-hearted attempt from Hollywood to fill a slot for upcoming movies, the storyline is traditional and predictive. A vagabond unruly paroled intelligence detective supremo is sent to save the President’s daughter aboard a starship penitentiary which just got marauded in hostile takeover. The intellectually retired detective is already opposing the call of duty but it seems the director was out of heroes. But the selection of the apparel but matches the inter-galactic theme somehow. One cannot expect a Tom and Jerry costume might work out there to fix the suspended heavily wired satellite out there in the space. That would be expensively childish move. But the hero pulls it off, his escapade capsule is enough for the hero and heroine to make back in time to celebrate valentine and new year together. Viva..!!
What to Wear with Distressed Leather Jacket–simply mix jeans and denims to experiment with the rough looking leather jacket.
I recommend it to wear while travelling and while playing rough with machinery. Drive town to town, testing various coffee shops and doughnuts on the way, make sure you have dark blue denims, rusty cotton trousers and a couple of sneakers.
This lockout Aiden Pearce distressed leather jacket is a treat for the outdoors. The affordable leather jacket for men is a classic addition in designer clothing.
Try these rusty trousers or you could pack up Levi’s corduroys in brown shades that’ll work best with suede leather casual shoes.
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