Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Affordable Fashion Tips for Men Who Style with Hollywood -- Brad Pitt Style

Remember the brutally violent Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly? The Hollywood flick was a stylish feature of Brad. He delivered his finesse, though his outfit makes ladies fall.
Brad Pitt Leather Jacket is my pick for today – a display of extreme determination and simply made for the ones who ride around the town in old Cadillac or a Buick. Made for the middle-aged project managers who want to keep their style in the evenings while their minds at work and strategy all the time.
Pick up a V-Neck shirt and a pair of fine straight denims from Levis is a treat for the eyes. Mix the pure leather jacket for men with blues and turquoise. Casual yet powerful impact -- killing them softly designer jacket is a blockbuster of your wardrobe. Keep a pair of T-Shirts and denims to mix exclusively and match Brad Pitt.
But please don’t use the combination while shopping with a baby in your arms and you’re pushing the cart -- that will be utter disrespect to the attire and Brad Pitt will be very very disappointed.
This Uber-Style fashion trend will keep you noticed -- if you adorn Brad Pitt’s hairstyle, all straightened to the back – you’ll be looking much younger, ageless and sleek. The goatie will make you look as an inventor and an experienced engineer. No need for business cards, your leather jacket will do the talking and introduction.
Combine the outfit with a rented BMW -- if you haven’t got one. A grey shaded BMW, 3 series from the early 2000’s will just match the personality of the corporate world -- spoilt, ultra-important and yet very strategic. Show and display the love of money.
If you’re looking for more stylish leather jacket -- do check out the Bane Shearling Leather Jacket on display and on HOT OFFERS..!!

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