Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to Get the Aviator’s Look with Distressed Leather Jacket

Distressed leather is so sexy..! The longer it stays with you, the better it looks. The longer it lives with you, the wrinkles have a lot of story to tell, making the curves and bends softer and mixing the faded lustre within the folds. The sex appeal of leather is in its lustre fading out – the best part of distressed leather jacket.
Leather always remains loyal. So what are we wearing today to match with our distressed leather jacket for men? The unique piece of distressed leather from UK Leather Factory is a rare collection of pure original cowhide leather – no compromises on the quality.
Ray-Ban Aviators–the golden shaded burnt Ray-Ban Aviators with leather texture gilded and reformed for that ultra-refined mature look every gentleman can get. Even better, the stubbly face will add the courageous touch to overall. Experiment the shades.
Trousers – Go Golden and Sunset Yellow- the British Khaki trousers are what I like combining the best to go with to the barbican party in the Caribbean. Mix it with burgundy coloured or dark brown boots like in the khaki’s picture and you’re set to buy an island for yourself or seal a deal at the corner restaurant somewhere in the middle of Calgary.
Enjoy the embracing real leather which leaves the imprinted wrinkles growing on your distressed leather jacket to tell the stories of long-lasting bond leather builds with your physique. Pick up a masculine rough scent that gives out a faded touch of lavender or violets and you would be coming off as an attraction magnet very soon.
Don’t forget to check out the offers running for a very short time on UK Leather Factory with Bane (Dark Knight) Leather Jacket – a mega discount of 40% on real leather stuff.
See you in the Caribbean with those shades. Are we meeting though..?

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