Thursday, 31 October 2013

How to Look Like a Model -- New-York Fashion Week Special

Why not we transform you into a celebrity for this weekend?
Our best pick for this Halloween costume fashion – we have this very decent, very upper-class stylish wear in tribute to Victoria Beckham slim-fit leather jacket for ultra-modern ladies.
Yes, the very Victoria looks will just be yours and yours only. The finer mix will come when we start combing rich brighter notes around it to look more fashionable star and a ramp-model.
So do you fit in that ramp-walking category? Or are you better?
Let’s start with a brighter note of having yellow -- which is a very difficult colour to combine with any other. So what I’m offering is this yellow tunic – not so fitting and not so very loose. But a daring contrast will loosen you up while you comfort yourself – the tunic has an inner attraction and romantic style to make your looks a rich business. Gathered by the shoulders is simplicity refined with added iridescent buttons (buttons which change colours). Magical, breezy and simply stylish – will lift well with Victoria Beckham slim-fit leather jacket. What’s more – perhaps Victoria might notice you and that can get you invited to prestige parties.
Mix the yellow tunic with a blazing blue pencil skirt? Is that what you were thinking? Right? You’re a super-star.
How about this little-revealing and not-so revealing laced pencil skirt?
Does it look like working – it does, as black Victoria Beckham slim-fit leather jacket will perfectly get lifted up with the lacy display beneath. Perfect 10 on this.
So what are you wearing this winter? Is it something that sets on fire? Blue and black is the new fire ladies. Fire the tracks behind you.
And ladies, do check out the blue leather jacket for ladies from UK Leather Factory that will outsell your style and have your friends asking you of the rich combinations.
So what are you playing with tonight – Blue, Black or just black?
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