Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Affordable Fashion Mix and Tips with Men's Brown Leather Button Style Jacket - UP TOWN

The dark brown distressed slim-fit leather jacket for men is a creative art in wearing supreme quality leather that will leave an imprint as you age the use of brown leather button style jacket.
To summarise the style – the jacket is stylish for sophisticated and trendy young executives who are frequent travellers. Consultants, flight instructors, doctors, sports enthusiasts will love the distressed look that adds finesse to the personality. Add a French cap in grey and you would be looking as a Golf-pro commentary and expert analyst.
The appeal of the brown leather is global – the more you wear it, the more it grows in distressed look. A distressed looking leather jacket is a prized collection to have which carries the promise of lasting for a lifetime. So choosing a distressed leather jacket for a lifelong bonding is important to have in pure and original leather skin.
Fashion Tips #1 – Add Pink or a Grey-shaded Sweatshirt
Experiment with gentle colours and today I’m making you fall for pink for gentlemen. The dark brown blend with pink from Ealuxe will adjust beautifully and settle down further in sobriety. The finer touch is much diversified with the addition of sober lighter brown trousers matched with expensive looking light brown shiny shoes made for the occasion.
Walk into an event with this combination and shine like a star. For formal evening dinner, the combination will be a five star killer fashion getup. Get the iconic appreciation with what I say. Not everything your teacher told you was wrong.
For the boys though – the grey sweatshirt will be a start. The contrast is just the warming up part of the entire getup. The sweatshirt from Stone Island is indeed a treat for the eyes. Walk at the airport with the brown distressed leather jacket and this sweatshirt – you will get noticed specially. Get the starry eyed looks.
Pair it with khakis and twill trousers or denims to go that extra comfy but I would suggest going with Khakis and dark brown rugged shoes or a finer pair from Sebago of Sierra Trading Post, that will take you places, hotels and of course the interviewer’s room, if not his hotel’s. Or you could improve with a better killer combination with Suede Leather from Sierra Post again. But these ones are pure indulgence. Loving them like chocolate.
Keep checking back my blog, I’ll teach the boys how to grow up. Check REVEL Leather website to check out for prestige and richly elegant leather jackets for women and men. But if you’re looking for cheaper leather jacket with no compromise on quality – UK Leather Factory has put up Bane Leather jacket up for SALE up to 40% heavy season’s discounts. Its running down fast.

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