Thursday, 24 October 2013

Create Your Signature Fashion -- Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) Signature

Looking good is your right today -- it's a MUST for you to be in-line, informed, and impressive to be noticed at the mall.
Tip # 1 – Always start with the colour of your tie when shopping for outfits and outerwear. Match the ties with trousers. So if you’re taking a day’s out just for a tie, you’re not saving, you’re just wasting the tie to die an undignified death. So double your expense but step out like a celebrity.
Tip # 2 - Today’s article is not on mixing fashion tips for your interview. We’ll save it for the rainy days. Rainy days..? Yes, who searches for a wardrobe or apparel once you have a job?
Tip # 3 – Today’s favourite is Tom Cruise from Jack Reacher. The distressed leather jacket is a fine piece of signature suiting. Since its coming from Hollywood’s best written scripts revolving the war games America is known for – Tom Cruise Jack Reacher Leather jacket is a prized collection for intellectual guys around here. Why intellectual? Reason -- they just don’t want to mess with clothing and mixing and will not waste time drilling meaninglessly.
A fine taste of collection will find Jack Reacher distressed leather jacket a must-have for the wardrobe. A leather jacket for men which is made for signature style -- so if you’re a sophomore in clothing fashion, start learning from Tom Cruise.
Mix it with Denims and Woollen Shirts -- the Merito Music T-Shirt is a good combination to start with. Formal dark coloured woollen shirt stock will be handy if you’re driving around or planning a break-away ride around the industrial towns on the weekends. DON’T – curse the Tom Cruise leather jacket with bright colours. Learn to be a decent gentleman. Seriously, NO bright colours – it’ll take away the spirit of distressed leather jacket altogether.
DENIMS -- will work perfectly with the distressed leather jacket. Finer denims from Levi’s will be a tribute to the overall impression. Conclude with rough looking leather boots.
DON’T -- buy longer denims longer than your ankles, which look like the denims are about to fall. Denims just kissing the start of the laces of your shoes with just one fold or bend at the end will be a killer’s combination outfit.
Go and impress the world. Make your brand come out more eager. UK Leather Factory has launched the Bane Shearling Leather Coat from Dark Knight on OFFER – it is the last week running for it to be 40% OFF. So go for the grabs.

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