Monday, 21 October 2013

Stylish Fashion Tips – How to Look Like Brad Pitt and Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel

1st – Workout, cut the fats, hit the gym and pay the membership in full for the next whole year to pinch you to go to the gym.
2nd – Pick up the nearest club, bar, snooker table or a community centre to show off your well-defined 6 pack-abs or 8 if you’ve extensively worked out. Sweat it out before choosing your Christmas fashion designs.
3rd – Start saving. And if you haven’t, then start earning. Fill up your bank balances before you step out to choose your favourite fashion combination – my tips will not be expensive but in case your girlfriend is a daughter of a senator then your bank balance will be juiced and milked heavily.
4th – Choose the right apparel – the list should be long. I love loading my wardrobe with every elegant and stylish outfit that justifies my style. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be scantily equipped. What for is life for. Enjoy it to the max.
5th – Choose a designer leather jacket in just pure leather. Pure leather I say for a reason. Pure leather grows on your body and reshapes itself for your signature style you so dearly want to be recognised with.
6th – What Designer Leather Jacket for Men will Suit You -- pick a slim-fit leather jacket for men. UK Leather Factory makes some very indelible and impeccable range of pure cowhide leather jacket for men for you to pamper yourself. If you’re looking for formal wear combination with safari shirts and khakis – pick the distressed light brown leather jacket for men, which is a treat for the eyes and for your supreme feeling. Highly comfortable and yet looks very settled and trendy. Or you could try this new retro-outfit leather jacket, made from designer collections – made for the seniors who embellish a sideburn and grey hair like George Clooney.
Get the Indiana Jones or the Russian spy’s look in the retro leather jacket. Create a buzz, look different, get experimental, try trendy wear.
7th – if you’re looking for semi-formal casual checked shirts in blues and reds and striped greens – pick up bomber’s leather jacket or try the award winning Vin Diesel leather jacket if you’re planning to look rough and tough like Sylvestor Stallone.
8th – Pick a pair of dusty coloured khakis, grey trousers, denims and mix it with high-styled Bruce Willis distressed leather jacket, which is a rave. Simplistic yet very serious in boosting your persona. I suggest picking a red striped T-Shirt for you to look dazzlingly different yet sombre. A corduroy light brown or a little darker brown trouser will make you look apart from the crowd hence a centre-stage of attention. Walk into a French restaurant and feel the ambiance swivelling at your authority. Make sure you are accompanied with friends smoking a cigar like that of Hang Over II’s Alan. His choice of shades for you will work magical wonders. The Parisian touch and the romantic appease.
9th - Let’s get a little rougher now – pick up a durable cotton shirt with epaulettes in whites and darker blues. The ones which come decorated with marble styled buttons or simply put on a denim cotton shirt that blend well with rough looking Longmire Leather jacket which can pull any attention from miles away. The very officer’s look is just what you’re waiting for. Or simply conclude with Ralph Lauren Black Shirt – enough said, impression made.
10th – Be and feel original. Anything out of the circle is just a blunder and an accidental hysterical laugh waiting to happen around you and that’s the last thing you want to see happening with you this Halloween.
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