Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Daniel Craig Cut -- Fashion Theme of 2013 Christmas

Today’s hot pick is Daniel Craig. The rough cut, the squared chin and angular face makes him look hot favourite with females. So what are you wearing today to join his league or create your own?
If you’re grungy looking, angry middle-aged man with lots of happening around you -- then Daniel’s fine talented piece from Layer Cake is a romantic must if you’re experimenting around with scents to hook with someone.
Layer Cake was a 2004 flick of the dark underworld -- lots of guns, goons and naturally the women. Where it is drugs, women are not left behind. Both come as addiction and expensive.
So I’ve picked up his layer cake leather jacket – distressed and finely cut angles make it a favourite with woman. And today I’ll get to pick your favourite scent to match the moods and pitch the ladies with style and attitude.
Denims are hot and give mobility. So if you’re packing up for Paris or Norway or heading off to Canada, denims and Daniel Craig Distressed Leather jacket for men is a fine combination.
Next is collarless or rounded-collar t-shirts -- best that work with leather jackets. Highly esteemed distressed leather jackets carry their own aura. And so does this distressed leather jacket of Daniel Craig.
Now comes in the favourite scent I’ve been searching around for men. Scents not too powerful are not meant for the weak-hearted. Scents too mild will not establish your worth. If you mean business, go for something that is unusual.
So my pick is Eros from Versace -- the fragrance of pure love but with a rusty feeling that doesn’t get picked up in the first attention but gets deeper enough to bring the hidden resolve from within. A scent that will make you explore the gentle yet strong side of yours.
My second favourite on the list is – this new hot favourite of 2013 by Davidoff, The Game – equipped with a stylish poker chips-shaped flask, the scent comes with a background of woody aroma that mixes well with Juniper Berries which reveals with its faded texture when released into the air will leave back a trail of many thinking and inquisitive minds. Embrace the dark woods that will follow with the mystery it garbs. Love the rough side of life.
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