Monday, 7 October 2013

Ride the Honour with American-Flag Leather Jacket for Men

America built history – so would you with national-flag-inspired Victor leather jacket for men commemorating the national spirit and honouring the bravery of the heroes who laid down their lives.

If you’re looking for a perfect Christmas gift for him this December, make sure you ride the spirit and gift the national flag vintage leather jacket for men, exclusively made by UK Leather Factory in limited edition stock.


What to Wear with American-Flag Leather Jacket?
The best combination that hits my mind is – either the light blue faded denims from Levi’s to complete the colour combination of the American flag. Walk in Alabama and ride the Disneyworld with this combination. Get the appreciation and wear the stars with pride. The darker blends of blue denims might not work with the black shades that would eat up the impression of the darker denims.

Contrast the American-flag leather jacket with lighter blue hues in denims.

Secondly, mix cowboy leather boots in brown suede finish or dark toned blue leather suede boots, to give that finesse touch to your personality. The rugged, the hard and the spirited striders look will accompany with the leather suede boots. You would love the roughed and rugged looks of the bluish leather boots. I personally prefer these for such jackets. Look wild and look like the lone traveller.  The boots will give you the vintage look. Personally speaking the Longmire leather jacket for men is the vintage leather jacket for men perfectly suiting these set of boots. Do try one of these with rugged and Designer Leather Jacket.

If you want you can add the cowboy hats if you’re driving a ford mustang coupe in the wild rugged west. Group together with friends with the choppers and ride the countryside from East to West this Christmas to make it memorable.


What Shirt Fits Best with American-Flag Leather Jacket for Men?

I will give you 2-3 best options to mix the victor American-flag leather jacket for men.

First, add the turquoise checked shirt indicating the freshness of the morning and the early youthful appeal. The shirt also gives the industrial business look to the overall personality. The turquoise is an Engineer’s choice.

Second on the list is Ben Sherman’s, bold and fast bright blue checked shirt to mix with the American-flag leather jacket. The young and fresh graduate type blue colour denotes fast and deft styled attitude. The agility in decision making is quite supported with blue shade. Wear this shirt for that cosy and smart looking gentleman.

Last is this addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for an easy way out. J.Crew’s cotton red checked shirt will blend easily with the rest of the arsenal. Pick yourself a vacation and a chopper. Get the ride ready and pull your energies together – honour America it deserves to be. Mix pure leather with your rugged attitude and ride the country.

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