Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How to have Champion’s Look with a Helmet and Honda Leather Jacket

Compete with Yamaha and Kawasaki league of racers with Honda replica leather jacket which outshines on the circuit.
Racing starts with a hobby and ends up in the professional league – picture yourself walking amidst the fleet of techno savvy team working the gadgets behind the large automated screens to control your logistics while you are equipped with blazing gear, the strikingly blue and red leather jacket for men bikers. You have a yellow shaded speed bike and a splashed glowing glossy helmet – you’re already starting like a PRO. Walk the aisle that leads you to the testing battlefield – your favourite gritty dream place which is your circuit.
So how should you dress up at the circuit day..? Like a winner..? Like a Grand Prix champion who seeks exhilaration, who breathes acceleration and feels the success on every mile being clocked.
Helmet Selection – sturdy, safe, comfortable and airy are the foremost elements you should take care of. For the designs, I’ll tell you what helmets will show you the widescreen of your success to you and the world.
Warrior’s Grit - We have selected some real grungy helmets for that young blood who see the circuit as a source of adrenaline. The yellow and black combo of evil is just the correct ride for the brave of the road and for the warriors of the demon. The contrast with the replica Honda leather jacket will fit well with black which gives complete serious and larger-than-life posture of the biker.
Kindergarten Chubby – the M&M helmet may not guarantee you the top slot at the winner’s podium but it will be a rave hit with the females who are seen the drivers. Get the cuter gazes and some more fan following and you’ll be soon sending autographed flowers to your date on the circuit floor. Burn the tyres and attract the females around you dancing in joy while you enjoy the looks.
Superman Mode Helmet - Our second favourite combination in helmets is this funky looking hoodie-type helmet which goes very perfectly well with the jacket colour code – feels like the superman goes biking this time. The blue red helmet expects a lot of attitude and stylish expression and display of flamboyance on the racing circuit. But the jacket and the helmet might leave you unnoticed as the colours will involve the audience. But you’ll get the attention after the racing gear is well adorned. So you’ll have to have a good height, bulky muscles and an impressive racing track record. But don’t wear this combination to more than one race consecutively that would render monotony.
With the superman colours done on one race, mix it with lemon green and lemon yellow kit next time. Make sure you choose the correct leather jacket from a range of wider selection available at UK Leather Factory website. Treat yourself to plush and expensive selection of leather jackets for women and men.

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