Thursday, 3 October 2013

What to Wear with Boys Biker Leather Jacket for Men

Nature of Leather – the Friendship Fabric -Pure leather carries a special bonding with the owner. Own it, throw it, toss it, wrap it, roll it, age it – it stays loyal and collects more beauty with its lustre fading away. Pure leather is here to rock.
Today’s pick was a bit challenging for I have covered the biker leather jacket more so often previously. But this is a new edition happening on the racing circuit.
The Benjamin button like feel is possible with this Leonardo Biker Leather jacket for men from UK Leather Factory. A unique piece of craftsmanship, though you will get a tinge and rush of looking like Leonardo Di Caprio with this leather jacket for men.
Once you’re prepped up with a stylish hairdo like Brad Pitt’s – you are for sure in for some action in the town. Wear the pitch-black biker leather jacket for men and some localised flavour of denim if it is too cold and you’re planning an activity this Sunday on the outskirts of the barren city or going for some kite flying with friends. Or you can mix up some camouflage cargo pants to go with the biker leather jacket if you’re touring a new city. Put on a raving French cap in grey colour to look complete bachelor. Or you could mix the dust coloured cap and look suave and natural with the easy and approachable vibe you shall give.
Mix the combination with an impressive set of cotton twill trousers in dark faded blue shades which give you the serious and sober man’s look. But if you’re looking for a more amazing expression – then get colourful and add a matching khaki coloured trousers.
But our favourite remains this combination of pink and blue checked shirt with bright and alive blue mode corduroy pants that simply makes one stop to notice it twice at least. Think twice, walk free..!!
Pure Leather jacket blends so smoothly with the smartly covered and suited man. So be the man in the house.
Get the gentleman in the morning and a better man for the evenings with our award winning combinations.

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