Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What Gets Noticed the Loudest with Red Leather Jacket for Women

Rouge (shown on the left) is a real leather jacket for women looking for stylish and high-trendy wear. Red commands emotions and a perfect combination of finer colours and textures.
Colours – Paler and lighter hues like Turquoise, lemon green, lemon yellow, baby pink and blues, brighter and active blues, lighter purples work best with Rouge real affordable leather jacket for women.
Rouge is biker’s very own choice – zipped and snap-tab collar. So don’t worry ladies, the bikers aren’t going fast this time – unpin your hair and let the colours follow you.
A dark and bright turquoise will look quite bawdy and vomiting – a negative and a no-no. A fine blend and mixture of colours will be magical so to say. This selected turquoise blouse by Diane Von Furstenberg available at is a masterpiece to tame the courageous and energetic red. Or you could mix this red leather slim-fit jacket for women with this glossy-silk blouse from Polyvore, a classic choice for the corporate lady, a perfect Christmas gift for your female friend.
I’ll keep the trousers ready for this combination in decent faded blues and preferably in stripes if it doesn’t go out of the league. Or you could experiment with burgundy colours to play around or just dabble with black skirts to make it a fine point – once said will be enough. More colours might just spoil the centre-stage which is you. So complete the overall impression with blacks and blues. No greys please, the winters are already so monochromatic. Let’s play outside.
Don’t forget your men in this competition – your fairer counterparts can woo you with this Bane leather jacket for a man which is going very very cheap this time. UK Leather Factory is premiering its production line globally – lucky for me the Bane leather jacket for William is just the perfect masculine statement I was looking for.
Look as a couple – a strongly bonded one. No one dares to come near, take an appointment for that then. See you with snowflakes.

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