Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Thing about Navy – How to Get that Sexy Look with Navy

The signature colour of bold men – Navy. Be it a suit, or just the jacket, the magical flow and touch of a navy picks up a man from the crowd instantly, noticeable miles away.

The thing about Navy is the style and appeal that it brings forward – the colour that blends with all the colour hues, makes it a perfect match for every combination lying in your wardrobes. Business suits for men are a priceless collection and connection men would want to make. 

Businessman’s Touch - Just imagine, you’re a businessman, given the gigantic task of rebuilding a dilapidated and unpopulated industrial town and you are walking in the middle of it in the afternoon in one of navy business suits collection and that is captured neatly, with a grey white background in grungy mode while you are centred in navy blue business suits collection.

Universal SEX Appeal - A universally loved hue in men’s style – UK Leather Factory is sharing some fashion tips for men to groom well and decently that puts the competition into a defensive mode.
Navy blue gets a versatile touch in blending with unique design and texture – its necessary to learn and unlearn older methods of showing up shoddy in the traditional colours. 
Cast the old colours to the island where Tom Hanks was self-exiled for 4 years – making him lose his wife. Similarly shoddy colours take away your business and girlfriends from you.

STYLE TIP - New Trend – is being picked up everywhere with the tagline, ‘all Navy Everything’, dominated by the colour – giving a monochromatic change to your overall looks. The palette is not broken up with a contrasting sky-blue, cobalt or aqua or turquoise. The secret is ALL NAVY EVERYTHING.
Challenge – is mixing up the different shades of ALL navy together to get that sharp and neatly chic look – which altogether is a learning experience. Sophistication requires an insight how you want to be perceived.

Subtle – keeping things simple and straight – remember well that fit, texture and palette have to balance each other – separating you from the rest of the masses. After all mens navy blue jackets and suits are not the only things in this world to get you that dream deal and dream girl – read on.
STYLE TIP – Adding Texture – different fabrics with a detail of contrast demands care.

Mix Navy flannel trousers with Oxford cloth shirt, or you could look more intricately sophisticated with raw denim jeans, plus a classic nicely fitting jumper, an astounding retouched tweed jacket and silk polka dot silk scarf. That’ll keep many wondering and on the toes. 
This combination will land you on instagram’s favourite hot personality of the week.

REFINED Touch – to get the level of sophistication, keep navy close to all other combination – the casual in which look very subtle and advanced, which result in a very chic and comfortable and unbeatable look.

You hit the jack pot with a neat varsity jacket + navy chinos with navy knitted polos – pack a punch right into the block hole of your competitors.

Occasions – overly monochromatic is not suggested for the daylight rendezvous or even the offices. Casual evening wear makes the monochromatic season and combination ideal.

Brown and Navy – the combinations hits a home run all the time – the blend and marriage is quite natural – either you introduce the brown in the belt, the buttons of the blazer / coat, even brown shoes, just complement and heighten the neat edgy resounding impression navy will display to the opposite person. 
The remarkable impact will be long-lasting.

Even a watch strap can do magic wonders if it is in brown shade mixed with navy domination.

UK Leather Factory produces some of the finest custom made leather jackets of your choice and styles to suit your position, needs and occasion. UK Leather Factory supports men styling at their best, all the time. 
Mastering bespoke leather jackets to adjust with your navy combination is the finesse of UK Leather Factory for 2 decades.

If you’re looking for a neat combination – talk to one of our designers and you’ll come out a gentleman.

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