Friday, 25 October 2013

Weekend Blast -- Will-Smith Vs. Cigar Smoking Retro Fashion

IRobot – the officer’s nightmare when someone is overtaken by Robots – the very imaginative possibility of giving too much liberty and responsibility to the unnatural, this is what happens, even if you give out too much control to your wives even. Things go down under and raw.
So either you grow up to be a Will Smith – get the officer’s touch this Monday with Will Smith IRobot real leather coat. The finesse and the elegance is in the length of the leather coat for men. Long sleeves, stone print leather coat is made for the stylish retreat.
Pick up a vacation for Portugal or Egypt or Spain – wear the coat with serious cotton denims in dark grey tones and round necked T-Shirts or V-Necks – you’ll be partying in Europe in style. You’ll be welcomed and taken seriously. Walk to a formal wedding party and nobody will say you’re out of sync.
My next favourite pick for the day is retro leather coat from REVEL Leather co – manufacturing rich tradition of premium quality leather, with bigger pockets which suit the executive style boss looking forward for a Golfer’s day – pick up your cigar and smoke all the way down the highway and don’t forget to add the French cap – the dusty coloured will look natural and render you as a retired general. Tee around in style, be seen as a trend.
Mix corduroys and formal khakis to go with army styled leather jacket for men.
Plus – pick up the huge offers going strong for 1 more week at UK Leather Factory on Bane Shearling Leather Coat and Khan Benedict Cumberbatch leather trench coat for men.
Avail 40% before UK Leather Factory expires the offers. Are you waiting for it to get more cheaper? Cheaper than this will be your liability and the remorse, that’ll come free till next Halloween.

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