Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How to Look Like Jason Statham in Fast and Furious 7 Leather Jacket

Get that fitful and strong look – what we’ll suggest is Jason Statham’s latest upcoming flick in Fast and Furious 7 leather jacket which has stumped just everyone. The sombre, the serious and quite smart look that will invite more gazes and local reviews – you can be an instant gossip topic. But make sure you choose and pick up the best combination for Jason Statham Leather jacket or you just miss the train with the girls.
Pair of Pure Denims or Dark Grey Khakis – the blazer like Fast and Furious 7 leather jacket demands respect. So give it the due respect with a similar looking sober pair of jeans. Make sure the dark blends and hues will pick up the frequency that matches with the ravishing Jason Statham’s leather jacket.

Boardroom Attire - The dark blends in black and darker-but-faded grey khakis will balance and look upgraded. Straight fit denims and well-pressed stiff khakis will add the darker glimmer to the overall structure. Walk into a boardroom that you so want to control – present your strategy and step out of the room with success and much-needed attention.
Ambitious Look for Informal Interviews - You will be seen as a serious smart contender for that higher position. For your next media interview with a technology company or a start-up, the attire will make you look different, poised and ambitious.

Perfect Wimbledon-like Combination – the Fast and Furious 7 leather jacket for men will get a fitting with a green-braided-like printed semi-formal shirt with a leather navy belt with a golden buckle to get that aristocratic Wimbledon visitor look. Casual, trendy and desirous look comes along with this complete outfit we suggest. Walk out confident, different and like a winner every time.
Attend a conference, walk into a fashion show or a museum – let your style be a magnet around you. You will get that natural smile with the confidence of pure leather. With the iconic Jason Statham leather jacket, you will make many fall and some blaze on fire with pure jealousy.

For the night time outfit, replace the sober looking grey khakis or denims with dust coloured or light brown khakis paired with powerful and imposing maroon-mode caterpillar shoes. Then you’ll experience the comfort and much wanted discussion about yourself. Get picked for this niche selection of signature outfits for that young celebrated business gem of the town that is YOU.

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