Monday, 18 November 2013

Motor-Biking Season is ON Ladies – Get the Fashion Statement Race Around

Enter Mila Jovovich and the demons halt in Resident Evil. Yes, the same Mila Jovovich, the blue eyed mistress who kills with her looks.
Dedicated to her bravery and outward boldness – Mila Jovovich has a rich scheme wardrobe that I am revealing today.
Light brown distressed motorbike leather jacket is a unique flavour of sports, fashion, trend and outdoor adventure. Pick up the trendy short-sized, not yet mini, distressed motorbike leather jacket and pair it up with fitting jeans in dark blue or faded dark blues or simply pitch-black jeans and you’ll look like the ramp model.
Party-Time Styling – pick up light-pink glossy lipstick to wear on with a plush scarf around your neck.
Secondly get a pair of dusty coloured jeans or light brown faded jeans to match the occasion. The pink has to rise ladies, so keep the other things simple but not so much that pink gets dissolved for that matter. Too much of attention and pink goes down, too less of balancing and pink fades away again.
Make the apparel direct the outerwear to your pinkish gloss. That’s the magic and idea. What’s more – pink will resemble the calming winters heading down to Christmas.
Pick up some fair faux-fir high-heeled leather boots to give you enough boost to walk the confidence. Make sure the fir boots are high-heeled and match well with the jacket – preferably in light brown tone will set the best uniform in town.
Ride and Shine in fur. Complete fur is rich luxury experience.
So are you wearing pink or the light brown today?

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