Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mila Kunis Designer Wear – Winter Fashion Tweaks and Tips

Time for a makeover ladies – Mila Kunis is fashion icon for ladies in fashion world. Smart and intelligent as Mila Kunis - Slim-fit light brown motorbike leather jacket inspired from and dedicated to Mila Kunis.
Shades & Trousers - The smart and trendy casual is here to stay and not to fade out. But remember, combine the best parts and pieces – shock the audience with large shades and equally balancing straight trousers, denims or long pencil skirt in pitch black.
Idea – is to give the slim fit look to yourself so make sure you’re shedding off that little extra fat. Get vegetables for 10 days before the Christmas gig is on.
So the best part is this – neat pencil skirts in black and contrasted with light candy-pink scarfs around the neck. How’s the combo here? The light brown shade then compensates the both blending well with toned down area for the pink addition.
VANILLA MAGIC - A light pale off-white scarf or vanilla brown scarf will be magical. The brown will elevate with the pale vanilla. The pale vanilla will not rob the scheme and spirit of the slim-fit brown motorbike leather jacket
DENIMS - #2 Choice – mix denims but then again, denims fit everywhere making these as versatile but volatile simultaneously. The monotone of mixing denims everytime isn’t just the right ingredient for any fashion expert.
Mix Vanilla base in trousers and in eye shades. No other colour really fits and blends well with vanilla but black.
FORMULA is – Brown + Vanilla + Black and then Vanilla Eye Shade again.
Got the idea? Chemical formula too will make you a ROCKSTAR
A little about the inner shirt – make it simple this winter. Embroidered loose prints will work best to work the colour synchronously. This shirt is from Modnique – very unique.
Nobody will miss the attention.
Or do you want to miss the attention yet again, ladies?
ALTERNATE – is this Fur Leather Jacket for Women neatly woven by hand from UK Leather Factory, classy jazz for me – a class that exceeds all other standards. Mixing sober colours will keep the message intact and you will look rich class.
Feeling rich already ladies?

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