Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to Leather – Difference between Real Leather and Faux Leather

Do you usually get confused when trying to identify FAUX leather and Authentic Leather? Real and faux leather are miles apart and separate in just everything, starting with the price. The differences between the two are expertly removed to sell FAUX leather at the price of the authentic one.
Today, I’ll share my experience – what makes both different. You’ll master the tips to identify genuine leather and never get misled in choosing FAUX over the authentic leather.
1. Authentic and genuine leather is made from animal skins of cattle, goats, sheep, etc.
2. 3 types of authentic leather are categorised
A. Aniline Leather – unprocessed and unfinished – prone to absorbing stains and liquids, the purest leather with no external addition to protect it. Can fade in the sun if exposed for extended time.
B. Semi-Aniline Leather – pigmented or semi-finished with a coating to adjust the durability and increase the longevity and protects from stains and spills to be absorbed. Surface coating ensures colour consistency
C. Pigmented Leather – finished with thicker layer coating to retain permanent colour finish with glossy and shiny look. The leather has lesser natural appearance.
Used in furniture and upholstery.
FAUX Leather
1. FAUX Leather is made from fabric base – processed using various waxes, dyes and polyurethane for colouring and textures.
2. FAUX Leather is available for exceptionally lower costs.
3. Most common of FAUX Leather is P Leather. Others are leatherette and vegan leather.
Spotting FAUX Leather
1. Quality and Durability are the main factors that separate authentic leather from FAUX leather.
2. With the advancement in processing and trends – spotting the differences between the two is a challenge, as both textures look similar. The finishing is worked upon quite deftly. But nonetheless, there are several techniques to identify the differences
A. Look at the Labels – pure leather products will identify openly about the genuineness of the leather used.
B. Labels saying, ‘manmade materials’ will mean you’re probably checking FAUX leather.
C. Authentic leather has rough-around-the-edges look while Faux has plastic or foamy type edges.
D. PORES – FAUX Leather has consistent pore texture while authentic leather has inconsistent pore placement and sizes
E. Real leather feels to be coarse or smooth. Leather is also flexible and soft. If the leather feels to be very smooth and feels like plastic, it is FAUX leather.
F. Faux leather stretches more than real leather.
G. Real leather products have a unique smell as a sign of genuine leather, which cannot be replicated by FAUX leather.
NEXT INSTALLMENT – Comparing Real and Faux Leather
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