Friday, 17 January 2014

5 Ways to Trendy Wear in 2014

Add colours to the tone first – Mild Pinks, Yellow Tone, Fuchsia, Blues and Emerald Green.

Now how would these add up to a trendy outfit combination, we’ll discuss that later in this commentary. 

Don’t forget black and slim-fit to adorn you this year. Now what comes first with black – its mild pink. How about a mild pink leather pouch bag or a purse with a golden coloured chain that is lengthier to speak and add to the tone of the overall outfit. Add a shade of decent brown and you have a natural projection of fashion trend. Brown speaks softly and all around you like humming the positive vibes.

Black or brown is the slim-fit leather women’s jacket on sale. UK made. Premium designer fit and ultra-comfortable from the inside, while on the outside is equally impressive and instantly attention grabbing.

What goes with black and mild pink? A little off-white to show the subtleness in its entirety. Gorgeous looks are not easy to get by – instead it is achieved with a little care.

Off-white free flowing satin knee long skirt will just add up the flavour to the entire essence. Feeling preppy? You should.

A little bit of faded straight-fit denims will speak volumes of your tasteful elegance and sheer beauty. Pair up the black or coffee-brown leather women’s slim-fit jacket on sale further with a white T-Shirt or a printed upper in off-white mode. Denims, T-Shirts and leather jackets on sale is just the perfect casual outclass standard that will catch the competitors off the guard.

CAUTION - Matching lipstick with pink will work when you’ve added a little subdued rough pink to your lips but that might attract unwanted attention. So go with mild-rich red to stay originally in place and upright. The fashion sense shouldn’t spill-over around you or your investment is done.

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