Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Designer Fashion Wear Trend 2014 Contrasting Sports Outfits

Mix white and black – track pants and cricket knits are making their mainstay. Off the field and on to the work, sports outfits are always a smart fit, pretty much adds to the outlook. Minimalist plus trendier HOT.

Long maxis are just very attractive and welcoming. Upholding the decency in place, a perfect party wear and formal dressing cannot be ruled out if you’re walking with a maxi. But watch your foot when crossing the road. Avoid busy roads please.

A bit of showing the leather scraps being dealt nicely all around you – will be a neat smart move to make. Walk into a boardroom or to an interview or attend a seminar – you’ll catch quite a lot of attention.

Softer colours like petal pink, lavender and pistachio give a truly magical display. Bold yet calmed down tone in dressing. Truly one of the best dresses online to shop and wear.

Designer dresses will just have a plentiful to speak and spread the aroma of sensible designer dresses – the addition of pure durable designer leather motorcycle jackets on sale.

SHOPPING FOR VALENTINE (for HIM) – the best gift you could extend to a man is his masculinity and an outfit that matches the style and attitude. Speaking of towering personality – don’t miss on the Batman Leather Jacket on sale.

If you’re a leather enthusiast and a collector of vintage designer leather jackets – do check out REVEL leather website – source of designer leather jackets online. 

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