Sunday, 5 January 2014

What to Wear in January 2014 – Hot Fashion Tips for Men and Women

Off to a great start – and lots of fireworks, 2014 is poised to bring quite a lot of fervour, activity and energy. Looking forward to the greatest ever sporting event of history – FIFA World Cup is what we should be preparing for. Brazil is the next stop.

But let’s stop and start about what is going to the chic trendy men’s fashion shopping topping list this year leading to the summers.

Fashion Statement – fact is, time runs out and you’ll grow old. Sooner you accept it, the better – so as time passes, you must get ready to prep yourself and establish a brand of your own. People should remember what you wear and wore.

Tip # 1 - Start investing in yourself. Set aside a budget every month that will go in selecting fine selection of apparel – make a list before diving in. no need to go for branded products – but something that speaks highly of your tone and frequency. Mercedes looks Mercedes, hence recognisable. What do you look like? Have you endeavoured to look just you.

Tip # 2 – what makes you look You..?

Mirror Mirror on the wall – your list will have some items what are most-wanted, some which are unwanted, some inevitable. For me, the French cap just makes my day almost any day.

Men’s Fashion Shopping List - Include what you like best – starting with colours – blends of blues, bright greens, shades of grey, pitch black classic white.

Men’s fashion shopping list should be long, classy, tasteful and attractive.

Leather - Starting with uppers and jackets – make genuine pure sheepskin designer leather jacket for men a must. A designer is much more brandished and established than a branded one. Chinese Zara leather jacket will not give the legendary fit as its Chinese. Designer from Vietnam or UK will command though design. So your own brand should be commanding

Next is Suits – Navy suits are a must for Men’s Fashion Shopping. A navy suit is an investment like a Rolex. So study options wisely. Again, no brands.

Next Shoes – well polished shoes means complete personality makeover. But shoes need a bit of investments. From leather loafers to wing-tips to black and brown shades, to camel brown hues – shoes deserve respect and upkeep to balance your persona.

Feeling confident already..? Wait – Ties – silk ties, cotton ties but braided, floral designed, simple, straight minimalistic ties – you should have a drawer ust reserved for ties rolled up neatly.

Every evening before heading to an important meeting the next day – open up this drawer and have a look at your collection of ties. That aristocrat will come alive and you’ll walk tall to the business meeting, significantly impacting your body language.

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