Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What’s HOT in Fashion and Food Reviews – 2014 in Perspective

Probably the first thing is you’ll get an overcoat and head down to the nearest patisserie or that bistro featuring finest menus in town.

And I’m feeling strongly hungry today. That’s what we live and work for, isn’t it gentlemen and ladies? Good food is better health for just looking best in your natural outfits.

I’m not so particularly concerned or phobic about the calories as I work out like a phobic and a freak to look like a celebrity. Work out means you can just gobble up anything you like. Diets and measurements are illegal..!!

Fashion and Food – the latest buzz is food coming with fashion. If IKEA can do it why not Tommy Hilfiger and Urban Outfitters features scallops with preserved lemon which is already mouth-watering for me. What’s more – Urban Outfitters has a specialty on the house – duck with bruleed strawberries.

What’s more a mega 15,000 square foot steakhouse is coming up at Brooks Brothers in New York. Steaks are just lovely and just for the greedy. Food for fashion adds more spice and purchase time at the retail store.

So what to eat and what to wear?

Chicken – starting with the bird as able and celebrated chefs will be marinating and spicing up the bird on all ends and 2014 will be the year of the bird.

Fishy Fish – the oily Spanish anchovies in salt-packed tins called bocquerones are coming back and fast. Sardines are next with mackerel. So get prepped up for white meat. Healthy, hungry and ever impressive dining is on its way.

Go touring and pick the best dining spot and enjoy yourself to a rich succulent and well spiced up dinner of fresh fish and white meat selection with certain hand-picked fresh pressed beverages like Jamba Juice which is going mainstream very soon.

Haute Couture – picking up the best designer is always expensive. Why not look like rich with affordable designer made slim-fit leather jackets on sale for men and women? The hot item in fashion is fur – designer cut plush genuine fur leather jacket for women is just a richly treat for the fashion conscious. Don’t forget to pick up your shades from Givenchy.

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