Saturday, 25 January 2014

Men’s Valentine Season Special-Motorbike Season Fashion Tips

Planning for Valentine’s Day? Either you should be a good cook and stay home to invite her over for a special candlelight small party.

But that will sound too budgeted. 

Series # 1 – Grab a Yamaha shown here – the 2013 World Supersport Championship title winner. Get it on rent. Buying it means you’re doling off 100 grand to get it. But we’re doing it for a day right. And what good is a bike if it gets rusted and pick up speed for the time you have it.

So pick up a neat slick piece from the market for a day or for the weekend. That is the 1st part.

Series # 2 – Preparation for Valentine – you won’t ride this Yamaha in a towel draped around your waist. So the classic motorcycle jackets for men on online sale are a sensible and sensuous appeal if you look like Mark Zuckerberg. Sporty and ultra-sexy out.

The lemon green Ben 10 custom made varsity jacket is a youthful projection that you and your valentine will love to hang around with, such a lemony valentine. Isn’t it..?

What comes next..? Blue shaded cotton denims or khakis will just be a stellar deal maker. Looking for match-making combination? Get a tuxedo with a 100 grand in your bank account and propose directly. That will be 2 stepped-fix-it lovely ceremony but monotonous, nothing that’ll go viral.

Don’t worry about the black chopper Ben 10 is wearing – if you’re the chopper guy, get a helmet and a men’s winter coats and custom leather jacket. All black and lemon green will be magical.

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