Monday, 17 February 2014

How to Mix Satin Jackets with Fashion Combination

Picking up a satin jacket is central to mixing it up with a revered fashion combination you’re so looking forward to. Picking up a satin celebrity jacket of Ryan Gosling from Drive movie requires special homework to do with your wardrobe.

Mixing white satin jacket from Drive movie of Ryan Gosling will give you the surreal experience and if not done right, will be bizarre, so special caution is needed.

Driver’s Outfit - Black always looks in one piece and in one place if mixed with darker blends. Pick up a grey cargo pant or a khaki trouser if you’re taking the black satin jacket to a cinema, evening party, a walk down the shopping lane or just dropping by the favourite coffee house.

Leader’s Black Connect - If you’re coaching a team, black satin will work superb. Being a project manager or a leader of the pack – black is supreme and royal to put you in that position of authority.

Black and grey go formal in your way to get that respect needed to get things moving forward. A light-pale dusty khaki will work best as well. For an office setting, though the scorpion embroidered back of the satin jacket might take away some of the formality – that is the necessary weapon for you to blend in semi-informally with people around.

Mix it with light brown dusty coloured formal shoes and you’ve just an orchestra of supreme fashion

combination. Seal the deal with light brown navy belt and you’ve just signed up for the evening dinner gala by the beachside.

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