Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Killer Combination Valentine’s Day Gifts – for HIM and HER

Preparing for Valentine’s Evening candlelight dinner? This is the classy outerwear that’ll capture her senses and win her in the first impression.

First impression wins right? Wrong. This is just the first step to being the stalwart with a fine sense of fashion but what about the finer sense of humor that you so crave about.

Nothing to worry about it – social happenings globally are just the perfect masala you’ll need to keep her entertained.

Talk about a movie, talk about personalities, talk about how business is done, talk how a car works and how a chopper runs. Get your gigs from wherever you can – try out Google+, try out Twitter and read it on the CNN and BBC.

Talk crazy about China, the Chinese wouldn’t know if you’re not dining at one of their restaurants. If you are in case, talk about how Italians think about the world.

The classy combination comes with a neat sense of dubbed colors just done right. Natural browns just take anyone by surprise. Combine it wisely.

Now comes in the KILLER combination #2 – that’ll just leave men gasping and bewildered and force them to pay your dinner bill. Guaranteed..! The macho-woman like dress-up is just not the idea it is the lace evening gown that goes down every place, elegance will define mastery of fashion sense. So choose and wear wisely and appear confident.

This is a neat treat to men’s eyes – superiorly elegant and simple long flowing fall of the lacy evening dress just makes you look like a princess fairy without the diamond crown.

Who wants a diamond when you’re already looking stunningly gorgeous. With that creamy brown lacy dress, make sure you don’t overdo the makeup but add a little spice with a pink shaded lipstick that’ll just close the deal and put you both at ease with a splash of flattery and immense emotional justification.

Now both of you are ready – so what are you taking? A taxi or the bus..? Wrong – neither of these – but ask your man to take you on a ride on this voluptuously powerful chopper – classic and retro styled valentine will be hard to forget even for the paparazzi.

Done with the styling and gasoline power artillery? Almost done. Now if men aren’t so easy with the formal look – get your evening style in this formal custom made valentine’s day kick-ass distressed black leather jackets for men on online sale – designed with inspiration from Daniel Craig from Layer Cake. Now that Bond guy is just an inspiration here.

The distressed custom made black leather formal jacket is straight, poised and show of utter sheer confidence. 100% genuine leather will just put you in the driver’s seat – that’ll make you feel important, in one place, straight and very masculine. Decorated with horizontally running 3 white-thread embroidered stripes – adding the touch of sophistication of a pure expert golfer – the elegance retouched strong-hearted designer made distressed leather jacket has a red lining underneath the button lineage to make you perfectly fitting for the valentine’s day icon of the moment.

So are shining as an icon on the night of emotional affinity..?

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