Thursday, 3 April 2014

Best Places to Visit Before You Go to Jail

If you’ve been ever involved in illegal takeovers or drug cartels and your calculator says, you still have time before the cops run out of cash and scamper around to find and lay their hands on – you better plan something quick and fast and use that black-to-white money at some good place.

If you had something in Crimea to do with Putin & Co, better let it stay in Vegas and head off to the most pleasant surprises that await you in Europe and elsewhere.

Here is a list of places that you shouldn’t miss – and if you’re accompanying your better half, the travelling experience will be rejoicing.

Best Places to Visit – MADAGASCAR

Mark this place, the 4th largest island of the world, on your calendar – which offers the otherworldly surprises kept in good secrecy, still, for you to wander and explore this hospitable island off Africa.
Before the travel agents dot and pinpoint this place, ensure you’ve already touched upon the serenity of this country.


Travelling to the farthest end in sight is Caribbean islands of Dominican Republic, the land of sun, the shores, the sand and quite a lot of surfing. Expect the sun tans to greet you early on – but who cares and notices you in the flip-flops you’ll wear around.


Explore the Istanbul tradition, which is already inundated with tourists and packs and travel agents. Head off to the south-west and south-east of Turkey to explore fine dining, old remains of city of Mardin and Midyat. 
Enjoy and relish the lip-licking flavours of Gaziantep, while you don’t forget to visit the historical ruins of Göbekli Tepe near Sanliurfa. Experience Kurdish touch in these places, experience the novel and fresh unexplored culture of the Kurds. Be the first ones to accomplish it.


If you’re planning a budget trip anywhere in Europe – make sure Slovakia is the next destination for you. Covered in nature’s best scenery, a country which is shedding off the perception of being nasty in the past. Part of the EU zone, Slovakia is now focusing the tourism sector of its industry – who knows you’ll be princely treated in East of Europe.

Budget vacations or planned lavish holiday hideouts – the choices are just so much more – REVEL Leather wants to unearth some of the best possibilities for its customers to experience and be memorable.

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