Monday, 7 April 2014

What To Do When Vacationing in Iceland

Iceland – nature’s very own white necklace - The treeless country of Iceland, yes no one tree can be found there, so forget shades and embrace the hot springs in the icy cold Iceland. The Scandinavian country has much to offer if you’ve marked Iceland on the list.

Explore, hike, ride a bike, go on a Land-Rover and be a lover of pure ecstatic and untouched, still, nature of Iceland. Opening up to the tourist side of the commerce – Iceland may well be one of the most frequented places in the coming times, if markets don’t crash and the world-cup in Brazil is not delayed.

How To Get to Iceland - Though the Island is cornered somewhere towards the north and covered mostly in ice, 3 international airlines manage to Iceland. Seasonal air flights are offered by other airlines – regular ones are easy to book. So get your backpack set and get ready to spend some pollution-less nights of Iceland.

Schengen Advantage - Schengen Countries are exempt from procuring the visas. Others pay cash and trust God. Visas are not difficult to procure.

What To Do in Iceland – Hiking, Biking, Riding and walking. Taking a taxi is expensive. So book a car and ride around Iceland. Hire a tent and go hitchhiking. Icelandic people are not so keen in giving a lift to hitchhikers. Buses are expensive too.

Get maps and understand the villages names and hilltops – go selfie. Get instagram and post videos. You may well become the brand ambassador for Iceland. Who knows.

Secondly, get to see the Whale-watching spree. The Elding Whale Watching is a sensation anyone would want to invest in. Iceland is just one of those untouched nature’s beauty where many places, just around the capital, still remain untouched by man, still today.

Natural Swimming Pools – unwind relax and submerge in Iceland’s very own hot water springs, boiling at neat 40 degrees, to give you the nature’s spas to treat you regally. With abundant hot water springs to be found, one thing is, Scandinavian countries have public bathrooms, open for all. Make sure to dip in the warmer swimming pools of Reykjav√≠k, where natural water used for heating the buildings is casted away, though pure and clean, into the sea, forming a natural lagoon to take a quick swim.

Meet the Puffins, Eat the Puffins – the bird is offered as a delicacy in Iceland. When whale watching – make sure to spot these, which are found in plenty of places. Not everyone would find it so pleasing to the palettes but trying it will be an experience to share.

What to Wear in Iceland – lots of warmer clothes. Include one or two best leather jackets preferably custom made leather biker jackets to keep you warm and make you look trendier for the pictures you’ll snap at places around.

Iceland is a country where angels descended and rested – then engineered the rest of the world. Serene, cold and very artistically impressive in its beauty – Iceland reserves some of the best secrets one would only wonder in fantasy world. A MUST SEE.

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